Dan asks Masters to break up the beating. He barely looks up from his solitary game of chess and says he does not run the place. He advises Dan to call the wardens if his friend needs help. Dan tells him that the warders cannot do much. Even if they break up the beating now, the goons will re-start in the night. He is not interested. A visibly worried Dan tells him he can benefit from Ota’s rich knowledge of banking. He asks Sunday to break up the fight before he loses his concentration. Sunday sends his boys to attack the goons & scatter them. Ota stands up & collapses again. Dan goes to his aid & asks someone to call the wardens. The wardens come I. & ask what happened?
Hassan Gambo, an editor & film maker calls Kwame to ask for a meeting. Kwame wonders how the guy heard about him. Odun told him Kwame wants to make movies but is low on finances. Kwame agrees to meet.
Soji looks at the clip of the other babe that is imitating Bimpe & found it funny. Bimpe takes offence. He calls her unforgettable & the first Naija babe to start this kind of video. She asks if he means that her time is ver. He calls her a pioneer & she also takes offence, but because she mistakes pioneer for obsolete. He apologizes & asks her to accompany him for a walk. She says no.
Dan tells Masters that the prison clinic says Ota lost a lot of blood but he is still alive. Masters says he is not interested. Dan tells him that Ota might not make it through the night. He tells Masters that he was told that a doctor is coming to see Masters in two day’s time & asks him to ask his doctor to treat Ota. The resources they are using to treat him in prison is limited. He asks why he should do that? He tells Masters that it is in his power & a human life they are talking about. Masters reminds him that it is the same human life he took the other day which is why he is in jail. If he does that, Dan should be ready to offer something in return for the favour some day. Dan demands to know what the favour requires? He insists that Dan must accept his open-ended offer or nothing. Dan reluctantly agrees. He commends his altruism and wonders if he hopes that by saving one life, he will be paying for the one he took.
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Kwame meets the guy who is surprised that he does not have funds to fund a project and could not raise funds from his sister. The guy says he started off in editing and made a short movie which Angela helped him sell to World Movies. Kwame says they used to depend on product placement but nobody will put their money on a company that is about to sink, referring to his rift with Phillip & the loss of Bimpe. Hassan thinks that it is risky backing only one star. Kwame says he is thinking of pay-per-view. The guy thinks it will be difficult with all the free stuff on the internet but Kwame has an idea about how to do it.
Warden Bello comes to meet Dan in his cell. A surprised Dan wonders at the reason for the visit. He quickly asks if Ota is still alive? Warden Bello asks him if he is the one that killed him? Ota is alive & recovering. A doctor that came to the prison treated him.
Soji is in the bar for a meeting. Frank & Afi scope him for gist thinking that he came to meet another babe when he says he was not there to see Bimpe. Ene comes to join him.
Hassan Gambo comes to meet Kwame to make the cheap movie. He tries to convince Kwame that he knows how to make the movie on the cheap. Kwame tells him that he is not interested if it will cost more than N500,000. The guy is surprised at the very low budget & asks how much his fee will be? Kwame tells him it is whatever he can save from the N500,000. He agrees to go along & they go ahead to discuss the production details. There will not be more than two sets. He will make the movie look cheap. There will be little or no dialogue, but immediate action. A hero comes in to save a damsel in distress; they live to date another day. He will need uninhibited actors and actresses for the project. Kwame smiles & says he knows an uninhibited actress.
Ene is surprised that Soji and Bimpe are still together. He asks why she says so? Is he now the player of the year? She says no, but she is surprised they are still together considering how fast they came together. He tells her that they are just having fun. He asks her if there is any new acting project she knows of in Odyssey? She asks why he is considering acting? He tells her that he is looking for a role for Bimpe, not for himself. 
Eddy tells Dan that if he refuses to allow him seek allocutus for him, he will ask his family to step in. Dan asks what his family will do? Spank him? Eddy tells him that they can authorize him to declare Dan mentally incompetent. Dan flares up and tells him that being his lawyer does not give him the right to interfere in his life. He accuses Eddy of trying to win at all costs. Eddy wonders why he is so desperate to lose?
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There will be no script for the film so Kwame does not need to pay for a script writer. Kwame confirms that the girl he is thinking of using for the film is quite cheap. The producer asks about cameras for the shoot but Kwame tells him that he is the one to cater for that. He asks if Kwame can top up the budget but he says no. The worried guy asks of location? Can they make use of the flat? No way, says Kwame. They will need a room with a large bed and dim light. Kwame says there will be a number of options.
Ene tells Soji that things have been slow since the company’s account was frozen for Masters’ sake. Ene asks if Soji thinks that Brenda will allow Bimpe attend an audition in Odyssey? Bimpe calls to complain that a blog is comparing her to the other ladies. Soji tries to calm her down, saying it is nothing. Bimpe flares up. He suggests they meet in his place to discuss. She asks him to buy her something to cheer her up. Ene tells Soji that it is okay. He can go.
Kwame takes the director to Tare and Telema’s apartment. Hassan complains of the pink walls but he will manage. He asks if the owners of the apartment will not mind their using the place for that kind of a thing? Kwame claims that they will not.
Bimpe attacks Soji as he comes in asking him where he has been all these while? He asks her to slow down & stop behaving like a nagging wife. She accuses him of not being there for her in her worst moment. He says he has been there for her but suggests they they re-evaluate their relationship. She asks if he is breaking up with her? She accuses him of kicking her when she is down. He warns her not to ever say that again & hugs her.
Dan visits Masters & asks if he wants to collect on the favour he did him? Masters smiles & asks him whether he wants to play white or black? What do you want from me? Dan asks. Right now? I want you to start playing my game, Masters replies.
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Fred is furious with Dan for infuriating the judge. Eddy wonders why he keeps making things difficult for himself.