Kwame calls Chima in Reel Studios to ask why the website of Black Ananse is down. He acted on instructions from Phillip Ade-Williams. Kwame tells him that if he has been watching TV, he will know that Phillip is in Ghana. He threatens Chima with a lawsuit if the site is not put up immediately. He asks Kwame to pay him if he wanted the site up. Kwame quietly drops the phone.
Ene admires her tiara & asks Chuks how much he spent on the tiara? She has always wanted something like that since she was a child. She asks Chuks how much of the bar money is left? He spent everything on the tiara. He wants to return it to the seller but she refuses and puts it on.
Zaza comes to meet Kwame & asks where everyone is? Kwame claims that they have all gone out. Zaza tells him that she saw Phillip on TV & asks if Kwame stole both the flat and the company. She asks why Kwame invited her over? He wants to make her a star; the next face of Black Ananse. She calls him cunning but asks what he wants her to do? He gives her a script they were preparing for Bimpe and she can be a star if she delivers on it.
Eddy apologizes to Dan for the outcome of the case. He outlines new plans to have another go at getting him a lighter sentence. Dan tells him not to bother. He asks if Dan has thought of the effect on his family? Dan says that he has. They will get by. Eddy looks surprised.
Zaza tries the script for Magic Body! She reads a script about Body Magic making women look beautiful and concludes that her secret is Body Magic as she swirls around. Kwame drools but tells her that it is not like he intends it. Bimpe does not read things like a paid announcement. She says it off the cuff. She reminds him that she is not Bimpe. He suggests that they try a spoof.
Sheila talks to Fred about beating himself up. He tells her that she needed to be there at the court and seen how those people blamed him for everything and he is beginning to believe that he did not do enough. Dan’s lawyer called him to say that Dan has refused to make any plea for leniency. Sheila suggests that he goes to see Dan.
Kwame asks Zaza if she does not know someone else with talent who he can use? She asks him what happened to his former talent management agency? He says that he does not want an actress. He wants someone with blind optimism; someone with more bravado than talent. She promises to be back.
TTK comes to scream down on Dan for being content with putting them all through torture. He asks what he did & she tells him that his lawyer said that he has refused to appeal the sentence or even allow the lawyer to appeal for leniency. He is lucky that he is behind bars or she would have killed him herself. He says that if a man commits a crime, he should pay the price. She asks what will happen to them; herself and Salewa? He asks if she has spoken with Salewa? She says yes, but they did not talk about his case. He suggests that she speak with Salewa to avoid her finding out on the internet.
Bimpe barges in while Ene was admiring her tiara. She quickly hides it behind her back as she asks what she wants. Bimpe asks her whether she has found her wedding ring? She asks how Ene knew she was looking for her ring? Bimpe reminds her that they live in an apartment with very thin walls. She asks whether Ene was hiding the ring behind her back and makes a grab for Ene’s hands. Ene finally shows her the tiara and she asks what Ene is doing with acrown? Ene corrects that it is a tiara. Chuks gave it to her. She snatches it back from Bimpe as she does not what clumsy Bimpe to damage the tiara!
Zaza comes back to meet Kwame & Kwame asks what she wants? She brought new talent but as he starts complaining that they tried the previous day without success, she brings in four babes in various sizes.
Fred comes to meet Dan and Dan tells him to save his breadth. Fred begs him to forgive him for whatever part he may have played in this since has made up his mind. He tells Fred that it has nothing to do with him. He asks why he feels so guilty that it has to take his wife to convince him to come and see him?
Kwame tells the girls to leave their contact details with Zaza and he will get back to them. They leave and one stays back. As Zaza starts to leave, he asks her where she is going to? She reminds him that she no longer works for him. The remaining babe offers herself to him but he manages to stave her off. She had been to the house previously with her friend the day they auditioned for a commercial. He tells her that he as 99 problems but getting laid is not one of them. As she leaves, he calls Odun.
Dan and his prisoner friend play a game in prison. He advises Dan not to give up as the judge can still be lenient on him. Dan tells him to get on with the game. Some other brute comes to ask his friend for tax. He says he has no tax and as he turns back to his game, the guy drags him back and he takes a swing at the brute but the guy lifts him up easily to loud cheering by the crowd. Dan asks him to stop when he wanted to beat up the guy. He turns on Dan while Masters looks on carelessly. 47 however warns him off! He leaves Dan but gets his boys to descend on Dan’s friend for refusing to pay tax.
Chuks meets TTK in the bar & she asks how much of his share of the bar dividend is remaining? Chuks says he has spent it all. She tells him that he will not be getting anything anytime soon due to changes she just made to the bar. He asks how long that will be & she explains that it will take about 6 months.
the prisoners continue to pummel Dan’s friend while he watches on helplessly. Masters sits comfortably & looks on with a small smile playing at the corner of his mouth while his new group of criminal henchmen led by 47 line up beside him restrained from joining in the fun.
Odun and Kwame meet at Ziggy’s and the waiter serves them carelessly. Kwame asks how things are at Odyssey and Odun says that Brenda has turned up the heat on everyone in the office due to issues around her business partner. Even now that her partner has been arrested, there has been no let up on her pressure on the staff. Kwame tells him that he is looking at setting up Black Ananse as a big player in new media. Odun tells him that he knows what he is talking about. He uploaded the initial video that turned Bimpe into a star. He tells Kwame that he knows the kind of a thing people will want to see and for N5 million, he will shoot a number of spots that people will love. Kwame says that he does not have N5 million as his money is tied up in some ventures. Odun is surprised that he cannot afford N5 million even with whatever venture he is involved in.
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Eddy tells Dan that he had no choice than to bring in his elder brother when he refused to allow him plead for leniency on his behalf. Dan scoffs at him and asks what he thinks his elder brother will do? Spank him for not taking the easy part?