Eddy asks for adjournment to plead for allocutus but Dan keeps interrupting his request saying he does not need it. He interrupts enough to have the judge ask the bailiff to escort him into custody.
Kwame calls the Creative Director of Rising Sun Media but the secretary or whoever took the call says he cannot come to the phone and runs before Kwame had time to leave him a message. He calls Peju to request for a spot to tell his own side of the Phillip Ade-Williams story. She puts him on that day’s show.
Ene is looking for her ring and has looked everywhere in the house. Chuks asks if she has looked for it in the loo? Inside the loo! Chuks taunts her with losing the ring intentionally so that she can get down with young boys in NYSC camp? Ene reminds him that he is the one that has been caught a number of times: with his American friend she caught him with on TV and his humongous customer that wanted a little red pant? He says that she is a customer & reminds Ene of Lucky, who he had to wrestle to marry her & her classmate who she just added as a friend on Facebook. She runs out to work.
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Fred comes out of the court to meet Barrister Eddy but he is interrupted by Telema Soldiers and the press who wanted to get his views on the conviction. He thanks everyone that has stood by the family and says that the family will abide by the dictates of the law. The Telema Soldiers guys go wild.
Soji visits Chuks who complains that Ene must have deliberately lost her ring to enable her cheat in camp. Soji advises him to better get himself together and stop disturbing Ene.
Brenda chews Ene for being late and threatens to make her life horrible if she dares come late again. Segun comes in to invite Brenda to the station to help identify the accounts that relate to Masters. He has a car waiting outside. She will only go at a price, & she will not go in a police vehicle.
Peju interviews Kwame and asks for his side of the story. He tries to channel the interview to Black Ananse, the rising star of new media. He is ready to sit it out and when Phillip is ready to work, he will be waiting to work with him. Peju asks what is happening to Bimpe and the company’s website? He says that they are temporarily off and will soon be back. He promises the fans a lot of drama when they are back. Peju asks even if the drama is going to be himself? She calls off the show before a disgusted Kwame could add anything.
The prisoners are having a physical break and one of them approaches Dan and begs him to go and play chess with Masters. Dan refuses but he begs that he goes so that they will not hurt him. 47 signals from where he is to Dan to move it. He joins Masters but tells him that he does not appreciate being coerced into playing. Masters reminds him that he tried the soft touch first. Masters reminds him that he is the one that chose to pay the price for his indiscretion.
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Someone calls Kwame on behalf of Telema and Tare Duke to remind him of the amended marriage annulment contract. He says that he has been busy but he has signed the documents. He asks where he can courier the documents to? She will fly in from Abuja and pick them up from him. He tells her he will leave them in Miss Duke’s apartment. She asks how he can get into the apartment and he tells her that he has access to spare keys!
Soji wonders why Chuks is keeping the phone for too long as he wants to check something online. Chuks says that he is checking out for available shops. Soji wonders where he will get funds to pay if he finds one? He says that he has plans. He suddenly shows Soji a sale being put together by a famous woman. He likes the ring she is selling and the price is quite good. Soji advises against it especially as the ring looks like an engagement ring. Chuks says he will buy it all the same to atone for the wrong he had done of late. Soji advises that he discuss with Ene first.
Kwame is rummaging through his Duke stories when Peju calls him. He had left by the time they finished shooting. She asks him whether there is truly any chance of the partnership reconciling? He stumbles at a picture of him and Telema and tells her that from where he sits, the partnership is over. He drops the call and signs off on the annulment.
Ene comes home to meet Chuks and asks him what it is that is urgent? She had to teake time off work by telling them that it is a family emergency. He smiles & gives her a gift he called a woman’s best friend. She becomes livelier & smiles at him as he hands her a package. She opens it and fishes out an old tiara. She asks him what it is and he tells her that it is a tiara, befitting for his queen. She asks who wears such & he reels out the names of famous women. He wanted to buy her something else but other people had already bought them all. Ene is disappointed that he thinks her that cheap & goes back to work.
Brenda tells Sankey that she has never intentionally received funds from Alhaji Abubakar. Sankey says that she may have received it indirectly. She tells Brenda that they do not intend to hamstring her business but want her to co-operate with their investigation. She asks if it has all been a joke, including the frozen account and court order? Sankey says that the court order and frozen account is unfortunately not included in the joke. They can however tone it down in return for her co-operation as they sift through the company’s accounts to look for leads to Alhaji Abubakar. Brenda asks that she be told if Sankey finds anything.sankey agrees but adds that Brenda should ensure to inform the police before she travels out of police jurisdiction.
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One of the prisoners asks another prisoner who has been friendly to Dan for his tax. The prisoner says he does not owe anything, but as he turns to walk away, the tax collector lifts him bodily off his feet and flings him on the floor!