Sheila discusses the email from Adanna with Amaka & Fred struggling to deal with it. The email provided information on those years that she was away from home. Fred is struggling with it while Freddy is on cloud 9. Amaka wants to see the email & agrees that Fred should be protected from this as he is already dealing with a lot. They discuss the trial & Sheila says that Fred does not want her at the trial. Fred comes & hugs Sheila & they discuss Adanna’s visit. He thinks her visit will fill them all in on the gaps in Monica’s life. Amaka & Sheila say it may not be a wise idea.
Dan comes back to his cell & sees Masters & Sunday – 47 discussing. He tries to walk away but 47 drags him back. He tells Masters that he came back to catch a nap. Masters wonder if he had a bad day with the lawyer? Dan says that he learnt so much about how Masters ended up in jail for killing Ziggy. Dan asks what he wants? He tells Dan that intelligent discussion is scarce in the prison. He suggests they bond. Dan wonders what they can be talking about after all he knows about Masters? Masters suggests they start by discussing what they know or think they know about each other.
Chuks & Soji discuss Bimpe’s career & how fickle fans can be if their idol is removed from before them. As they were discussing, Ene calls & Chuks tells her her apology is not accepted before she even talks. Bimpe comes in & sits on Soji’s lap. Ene calls to beg Chuks to assist in buying palm oil from their neighbourhood shop. She will be late to get home due to some activities at work. Chuks says that he will take her advice & save his money before dropping the phone.
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Freddy comes in to meet Sheila in the kitchen and asks if Fred has agreed to invite Aunty Danny? Sheila says that they do not think that it is a wise idea. He struts off indignantly.
Brenda discusses strategy with her accountant on how to deal with the police investigation. The woman has worked out a plan to spirit the policemen to the accounts department once they come to avoid contact with other staff. She however does not think it will last for long as the staff will hear about Alhaji Abubakar’s arrest & piece two and two together. Brenda asks her to go ahead with it. She asks if the company has anything to lose, & Brenda wonders if she is asking whether she has been in business with a murderer and a money launderer? She has nothing to hide. To enable the company run for a hwile, she has asked all the distributors to stop paying money into the company’s account. Brenda tells her to ensure she clears any future instructions with her. She also instructs that Ene should not let in any visitors except the lawyer.
Chuks says Ene’s problem is that she sees him a lot. He will stay in Soji’s house so that Ene will worry when she realizes that he is not going to buy the oil. Bimpe asks if it is not the oil that will be used for the food two of them will eat? He asks her to keep quiet as men are talking. Bimpe gets up to leave & Soji promises to give her the N30,000 shortly. She goes to find what to eat & Chuks tells Soji that he is spoiling this girl with money when he is not a millionaire. Soji tells him that it is a loan which he promised to pay back.
Ene comes in to meet Brenda & she snaps and asks whether she did not hear that there should be no visitors without authorization? Ene says that there is a police man asking to see her. Brenda asks her to go tell the man that she is not around. She says that she had told the man that Brenda is around. Brenda then orders her to go and un-tell the man. She says that she cannot as the stern-looking man is a police man and can get her in trouble if he realizes that she has been learning to him. Brenda gets up from her seat & orders Ene to go & dismiss the man or forget her job.
Chuks & Soji are eating & Soji wonders whether Ene will not be home yet? Chuks says she is delayed in the office which is why she asked him to buy palm oil. Soji asks why he is antagonizing the wife he wanted to celebrate the other day? He says she asked him to save his money which they will need if she stops working at Odyssey. She thinks that he will not be able to make money again. He explains to Soji that Ene is about to go for service. Soji advises that he buys Ene a present. He asks what he should buy but Soji asks him to think of what to get.
Cosmo tells Sheila and Fred who are trying to get cosy that Freddy is not in the house! Sheila runs up to check while Fred questions Cosmo about where he checked.
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Amaka, Sheila, Fred & Sankey discuss Freddy’s disappearance & how to look for him. Sankey says that she cannot officially start a search for him as he has been missing for just a few hours. Fred decides that they should start searching themselves before Freddy comes in. He tells a furious everyone that has been playing with his friends & his phone has been on silent.
Dan is leaving for his trial & some cell mates wish him luck while Sunday & some others openly wish him bad luck! As he was passing, Alhaji Abubakar stads and watches as he is marched out of the cell.
Sheila and Fred discuss before he sets off for the trial. They berate Freddy for making them worry the previous night. He apologizes. They ask why he has been browsing the websites for travel agents? He says he was just trying to help. Who was he trying to help? He says that he was just looking for information for Aunty Danny, in case she decides to travel down.
Chuks finishes eating & commends Ene on the delicious meal. She grumbles that it was made with the palm oil that he refused to buy. He goes to fish out her present & she smiles as she leaves for work. Chuks calls her back to ask where her wedding ring is?
Sheila meets Freddy who is playing an online game with his friends. She wants to talk to him & he pauses the game to listen. She tells him that they have decided that they can have Aunty Dany over. He gives her a BIG hug!
After some consultations, the judge declares that based on the evidence available, Dan is guilty of murder. TTK breaks down in tears while Fred tries to restrain her.
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