Brenda asks what Sankey thinks she is doing? Sankey tells her that she is just doing a job. The prosecutor needs to get more information to hook Alhaji Abubakar. Brenda says that she thought she made it clear that the case no longer involves her. Sankey wishes her luck in running the company without funds. Brenda wonders why the police is blackmailing her? Sankey says that the police is simply ensuring that laundered money does not circulate in society. She wonders why Brenda was very eager when it was Angela that was in harm’s way.
Fred talks to his friend on the phone about when he will be in court. He gets off & tells Sheila that his friends are eager to stand with him in court. He reminisces about the pressure you face when your principles are tried by a problem. It has crossed his mind to spring Dan from prison, but he is Fred Ade-Williams. Cosmo comes to tell them that Freddy refuses to come down for dinner. Fred wonders what the issue is and asks whether he should have a word with the boy but Sheila says she will handle it.
Chuks talks to TTK and is excited at their forthcoming discussion. Ene asks him to help her get a matching button for her blouse. She does not share his excitement at the news about TTK’s discussion about the bar as she does not trust TTK! She runs off to check her burning stew.
Another inmate tells Dan that they are bringing in a new inmate who has letters from his doctors granting him special meals and drugs. Dan wonders why he should be bothered? The man tells him that they may bring the new man into their cell. Dan wonders how they can bring another inmate into the already cramped cell? As they speak, Masters is marched into the cell next to them.
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Sheila talks to Freddy about his not having dinner & not speaking to anyone. He apologizes. He has been reading her emails & Sheila tells him that the emails will keep destabilizing him. He claims that it does not affect him. He still reads the mails and people still write to her. Sheila thinks up something else they should do.
Ene wants to join Chuks for the meeting with TTK. He can handle it alone as she has work to do but she says she can call and come in late. He will go alone but has run out of cash & Ene sorts him out with some after reminding him to be careful to enable her have enough to buy foodstuff with.
Masters is looking at Dan from his cosy cell. 47 wonders why the new don is staring at Dan. He had received word from outside that a big don is coming in and that’s an opportunity for some business. Dan asks why he should be bothered? He reminds Dan that he is still in his dark books and if the new man teams up with him against Dan, Dan will be finished! Masters lifts his eyes from the book he was reading and gives Dan a mock salute.
TTK tells Chuks that things are looking up for the bar. She has hired a lawyer and an accountant to look at the books. She gives him his share of the profits and Chuks is on cloud nine and passes up on the offer to go over the books. He tells TTK that he is also no longer interested in running the bar with her. TTK wonders why he has changed his mind so fast? He says that things have changed and she has also given up on changing things at the bar.
Sheila writes an email in Freddy’s name to all those that have been writing to his mum telling them that his mum is no more and he is doing so much to make her proud of him. She sends the email and an Aunty Danny responds immediately. Freddy is over the moon about her & pesters Sheila to invite Danny to stay with them in Nigeria!
Chuks is happy at the funds he received and Soji tells him to be careful and spend the money wisely as it is Ziggy’s. He will use it to spoil Ene silly. Soji asks him to ask him about his mum & he says that his mum understands the need to treat a wife well. Soji insists that he asks Ene first before he goes to spend the money on a pre-NYSC party for her.
Masters meets Brenda who came to visit him. She asks him why he did it. He tells her that he did it to make things interesting as she and the detective will like. She asks why he did not tell her that he did not want the shares again. He says he did not know that he needed to consult her first for his business decisions! She asks if he did it to avoid the government getting their hands on the shares? He says it is possible he felt like being nice to someone for once! She asks if she is still going to see Angela and he says he does not know, cooped up in his cell.
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Freddy excitedly runs to Sheila to say that some of the people have responded. They are all saying nice things about his mum. Sheila is worried that he went back to his mum’s email. She does not want to come back and see him gloomy. He says that he started a Facebook page for her so that her friends who did not know what happened will get information about her. He assures her that he can handle it all and not let it depress him.
Ene is shocked that Chuks can be thinking about a celebration at a time like this. She is bothered about her work as Brenda has asked her to find a replacement/understudy for herself ASAP. He wonders how it is different from previous plans and she says that an efficient replacement means that Brenda may ask her to stop work earlier than planned. She grabs her bag & tells him that she cannot have lunch as her lunch period is over.
Sheila tells Fred about her discussion with Freddy. He acknowledges that he has noticed an improvement in his mood. She tells him about Aunty Danny, who Fred does not know. Sheila says that she went into Monica’s email and noticed via previous correspondences that she is a good pal of Monica’s and supported her through the dark days of her marriage. She sent a moving email which Sheila handed to Fred to read. Fred reads the email thrugh misty eyes.
The warder lets the prisoners out for a spot of exercise. Alhaji Abubakar corners Dan. He wonders why Dan has been looking at him? Dan reminds him that they have met. They got talking and he says that he saw Dan’s TV interview. Dan says he did not do it to appear as a hero. Masters agrees that it was not an act of chivalry. Dan’s ego was trifled with, and he snapped!
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Dan wonders what Alhaji Abubakar wants? He tells Dan that intelligent conversation is difficult to get around there. Dan cannot believe that he wants them to gist with all he knew about him. He replies that they can start with that. They can share what they know about each other.