Eddy tells Dan that the prosecutor was going to consider a reduction in charges till recent media events. The judiciary does not want to be seen to be bowing to some people’s pressure. Dan is happy he did not get his hope up too much.
Phillip says he is not interested in Black Ananse again. Kwame can do whatever he wants with the company. People in the bar snigger at Kwame & the couple sitting with him move away. The waiters say Phillip is not someone you want to annoy. Kwame runs away from the bar.
Ene tells Nnenna, the receptionist that she is in the next batch of youth corp members. She did not go for youth service so that she can stay with Chuks after they just got married.
The prosecuting lawyer, Barrister Ahmed is not ready to go ahead with the case if all they have is what they are giving him. Sankey talks about Antoine & the lawyer is not interested in using a witness that can claim that he made his statements under duress. He has not forgotten the experience with Angela. Segun mentions that they have recordings from Masters obtained with Angela’s assistance. Ahmed lost it when he heard Angela’s name. Sankey convinces him that Angela has a stake in the case now. She changed her testimony the last time because Masters threatened her father. She will not allow that happen this time.
Amaka asks Phillip, who is packing his things, to hurry so that he will not miss his flight? He asks how fast she can drive? Toochi still needs his mother. He asks her to say what she has been forcing herself to hold back. She asks him if he has considered staying back to work things out in his company? He says that Black Ananse is finished & Kwame can do whatever he wants with it now. Amaka thinks he should not run away like before but stay and harvest the efforts he has put into building the company. He is not interested & asks her to pass him his laptop bag.
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Brenda tells Ene to say what she wants to say and get out. She tells Brenda that she needs to go for service. Brenda tells her that she should practice her religion in her spare time. She corrects her that it is about her NYSC. Brenda wonders why she has not served. Ene says that she had to defer her service. Brenda agrees to let her serve in the company after she convinces her that she will be allowed to serve if the company gives her a letter. Ovie comes in and tells Brenda that he is there to represent Angela Dede.
Kwame finds his way into Phillip’s flat by tricking the security man into thinking that he forgot his key in the hotel he stayed in Calabar. The securityman tells him that Phillip just left. He convinces the security man that Phillip is aware that he will be staying in the flat while Phillip is away! The security man waits for his tip. Kwame gives him a tiny tip & he leaves.
The receptionist asks Ene if she has taught before or does she want to serve in a government office? Ene says that she has a job already. The receptionist tells her of a new policy that prohibits corp members from being posted to private organizations.
Brenda asks when Angela became her partner? Ovie says that she has been the owner for a while. She has attended two status meetings with Brenda since she became aware of her new status as the owner of 49% of the shares of Odyssey Pictures. Brenda demands to speak with Angela but Ovie says that it is not possible. She says she is not having this again. If Angela is her partner, she will have to come and deal with her herself. Ovie says they expect regular updates from Brenda as Angela’s lawyers. Brenda insists that is not going to happen till Ovie gets a court order.
Kwame calls Kwabena to ask how the equipment import deal is going? It is going well. The equipment arrived this weekend. He offers to swing by and help out with things. Kwabena says there is nothing to do for now. Kwame still offers to help. Kwabena tells him that it will be difficult to deal with him now that he has been publicly disclaimed on national TV. He tries to play that down, & Kwabena asks after the story of his cheating Brenda? He remembers Brenda mentioning that the last time they met. He tells Kwame that it will be difficult dealing with him after all these revelations.
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Ene calls Chuks to discuss her job dilemma. Chuks tells her there may be something else waiting for her when she is through with work. He tells her that she can take care of the business side of the company while he manages the creative side. Together, they can create a company that will out-live them. He gets a smile out of her & she thanks him.
Brenda tells Sankey that they cannot trust Angela. Sankey says that it does not make Angela complicit. She asks what else Sankey wants? Sankey reminds her that Angela made a call and left the line open and allowed them to listen in on Masters’ comments which they are using against him. Brenda says that the whole thing works out for her. Masters no longer owns the shares, Angela has disappeared, and so she does not have to deal with anyone. Sankey reminds her that they are in the case together but Brenda is not bothered. The case is Sankey’s & she hopes that Sankey will do a better job this time. Sankey is not happy and tells her that Angela was right when she said that Brenda thinks only of herself. Brenda walks away with not as much as a backward glance.
The security man comes back to the flat to tell Kwame that the caretaker for the house just called him to say that he saw Phillip on television this afternoon and he said a lot of negative things about Kwame. He thinks that Kwame should stay outside till Phillip comes back. Kwame sells him the story that what Phillip did on TV was to generate publicity for the movie they are shooting in Ghana. The security man does not want to lose his job. Kwame assures him that all is well.
Brenda tells Ene that she will be naïve to think that her job will be waiting for her when she comes back from service. Ene thanks her for allowing her hone her skills in the company. Brenda agrees that she is a major improvement on her previous PA and agrees to give her a reference should she require one. Sankey barges into the office, followed by a protesting Nnenna. When they are alone, she gives Brenda an envelope of reading materials she found interesting. Brenda asks what it is? A court order freezing all Odyssey Pictures accounts and share dealings. Why? The police is investigating the activities of a certain felon who has interests in the company. A certain Alhaji Abubakar!
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Brenda visits Masters in prison. She asks him why he did it? He did it to make things interesting as she and Sankey will want!