Brenda asks Fred for details of what Kwame did. He tells her that Kwame used Phillip’s desire to raise funds for his project to get a third party to acquire enough shares in the company to get majority shares. She asks if he is sure? He explains that Phillip is everything but he does not lie. He tells her that her relationship with Kwame is her personal choice but he intends to restrict his access to members of his family.
Eddy meets Dan who is shocked at the treatment he got from Peju. Eddy reminds him that he did not want him to go ahead with the interview. Dan wants to know what is next? They will go ahead with the trial & see the prosecutor over reducing the charge to manslaughter.
Kwame comes home just before Brenda. He tells her that he was hoping to meet her at home so that they talk about the loan. She tells him she has been with Fred & they had an enlightening discussion. She asks if he knew what it was about? He pretends he does not know. She tells him what it was about & he asks if she has concluded that what she heard is the truth? She reminds him that she asked for his version of the story earlier but he did not tell her the whole truth. He asks her if there is anything like the whole truth? She says that she did not understand the details of his partnership with Phillip but was happy that he has at least found some friendship. When he tells her that the way he runs his business should not concern her, she agrees but tells him that he will have to do it from elsewhere as his time in her house is over. He wonders if she is throwing him out agIn & she tells him that he has been sheltering with her & then Phillip. It is time he acts like a grown man.
TTK comes to see Fred & requests that they take over Dan’s case & plead a case of temporary insanity. Fred will not hear of that. She thinks that Dan is bent on self-destruction. Fred agrees that An has taken some wrong decisions but the trial is on & he wants them to see how it goes. He believes that the interview was a matter of conscience for Dan, though he tried to discourage it. TTK asks what use conscience is if Dan is killed? She wants him institutionalized till he is cured. Fred refuses to go on with her. She reminds him that her daughter needs her father alive.
Peju calls Phillip to tell him that she is doing a profile list of new companies. He asks why he should talk to her after the hatchet job she did on Dan? She says she was not trying to make him look bad. She tells him she is calling about their profile. He says he should call Kwame. She insists that her viewers want to hear from Phillip & she can provide publicity for his new project. He agrees but if she mentions his uncle, he will walk off her set & she knows he can do it.
Kwame meets Joan at Ziggy’s to request for a loan. She says no. He asks why she is not even waiting for what the money is for? He needs a place to stay. She asks what he did with his money? He explains that he would not have come to her if he had a choice. She says that she is trying to repair her marriage with her husband so no deal with staying with Kwame. He asks if she can do without her addiction for side dishes? She tells him to use his remaining money, but he wants to invest that in Black Ananse. She asks him to sell his car if he cannot raise money any other way.
Dan refuses to eat his prison food & gives it to another prisoner. The guy asks why he is looking morose? Is it because if the TV interview? The warder told him that the girl dealt with Dan. Dan regrets not listening to others who advised against it. The guy tells him that he had the same problem when his wife advised him against borrowing money from the bank without his boss’s consent. He continued because he wanted to give his family a good time.
Bimpe gayly enters Soji’s house. He comments that she seems happy. Did she get another phone? She says no, that she got connected to humans. She met someone on the way and they talked. He grabs her bag & she says it is a no no. Rule number 48, never look into a woman’s handbag. He still suspects that she has a contraband phone there. She leaves him to look into the bag. He gives her a treat, manicure & pedicure at Mirage Spa.
Kwame enters the bar & tells the waiters that he is there for an event he plans to host. They tell him that the manager is not around. He says he will wait.
Soji & Bimpe get to the Spa & were discussing gayly. He goes to the gents & she turns & sees the Spa girls huddled over their phone giggling. She asks whether they want her autograph & they wonder why they should? Don’t they know that she is the one in the video? She asks. They tell her no, it is Josephine, the girl who mimics celebrities. She snatches the phone away & screams that the girl is stealing her art.
Kwame is still at the bar & the waiters wonder why he is still there? A couple joins him at his table so that they can watch TV. Phillip is on Peju’s show & she asks hi. That they heard that there are issues between him & his partner. He asks her to ask Kwame. Sheer-phrases the question & he tells her that he is no longer a partner in Black Ananse. He is tried dealing with a lecherous and conniving partner who also cheated his own sister. The patrons at the bar wonder who this bad person is? Peju asks him to confirm that he is talking about Kwame Mensah. Kwame sinks lower in his chair!
Bimpe asks TheSpa ladies how many hits the video has? They tell her it is over 100,000. She screams for her phone to stop the girl. Soji comes out & wonders what is wrong with her? She needs her phone but he left it at home. She snatches the girl’s phone but there is no call credit on the phone. She asks if they sell call credit at The Spa but they do not!
Eddy meets Dan to tell him that he is still on trial for murder.

Next on Tinsel
Brenda tells Barrister Ovie that she hopes that he is in her office to sell her back her shares now that Alhaji Abubakar is on trial. He says he is not there to represent Alhaji Abubakar. He is there as Angela Dede’s lawyer!