Sheila asks Fred who Telema Soldiers are? He explains that they are Telema’s fans, who think that Dan is a hero by killing Varere. She wonders why they will then disturb Dan’s brother’s business. He says he will go and find out. She asks him to take Amaka along but he does not want to disturb her on her special day.
Soji & Bimpe are tied up in Ene’s bed sheet as she berates them for “doing it” in her flat. Bimpe reminds her that they did not “do it” on her matrimonial bed. Soji meekly begs her to help him fetch his clothes from half-way across the room. She picks the cloths & hurls them at him. He now begs her to turn around so that he can dress up. She looks the other way but still keeps at scolding them. Bimpe reminds her that they have apologized but she wonders if that is supposed to make things better?  He finishes dressing up & Ene is not happy that she will have to scrub her floor & disinfect her beddings. Chuks comes in & asks what happened? Ene tells him what she caught Soji & Bimpe doing. Chuks says that such things happen. Ene could not believe that Chuks is taking it that easy. He tells her that they are adults. Ene tosses the beddings at Bimpe & Soji & says that she dashes them the bed sheet. She reminds Chuks that Bimpe & Soji were getting down on their floor. As a shame-faced Soji & Bimpe leaves, Chuks tells Herr that she will be less stressed if they do the same thing once in a while. Ene find that hard to believe & reminds Chuks that she works. As they argue, Soji & Ene bolt from the room!
Salewa is with Afi when TTk comes into the sitting room & asks her to join them in the dining room & mix with family. Salewa will have none of that. Amaka comes out & when Salewa finds out that Toochi is upstairs with his nanny, she runs upstairs to be with them.
Harriet calls Sheila to empathize with her about Dan’s trial. Se tells Sheila that some people are of the view that the Ade-Williams are not empathizing enough with Dan & that will hurt his chances at the trial. Sheila tells her that she has no comments & drops the call. Harriet bites at Frank for bringing her drink late. Frank apologizes & blames that on TTK taking Afi away to serve drinks at the Ade-Williams!
Soji & Bimpe are cuddling in Bimpe’s flat & hearing Chuks & Ene still arguing. He cannot believe that they are still arguing about their issue. Bimpe confirms that this is the longest they have argued but says that they will stop after a while. Soji says that he has never been that embarrassed. Bimpe laughed at how he looked like a naughty school boy when he asked Ene to fetch his clothes. He suggests they get frisky again but Bimpe is hungry & they head out to hunt for food.
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Harriet calls Sheila back about Dan’s trial but Sheila has no comments. She tells Sheila about Dan’s plan to grant an interview from prison but Seila thinks it is a joke. She gets off the call as a sour-faced Freddy comes home from school & goes to his room. Sheila calls Fred to tell him about the proposed interview.
Soji is worried at how long Chuks & Ene has been arguing for. Bimpe thinks they will resolve their issues but Soji is still worried. She tells him that she has an idea to make things up.
Everyone is sitting at table in Fred’s house but he is not there. Phillip asks after him but Sheila says that he has to take care of something. They explain to Freddy the reason for the dinner & he asks Amaka if she is not too old to be adopted? Sheila gasps but Amaka takes her time to explain to him how important it is for her after she lost her parents as a child & had to be adopted by Fred. They ask Freddy to eat his food but he stalks away from the table!
Soji & Bimpe knock on the door & Chuks & Ene argue about who will get the door. He eventually opens & let’s them in. They give Ene & Chuks a new bed sheet & invite them to join them for lunch that day. It is going to be their treat & a way to apologize. Ene & Chuks stalls but eventually agree.
Salewa asks Cosmo after Freddy but Cosm has not seen him. Freddy comes in & Salewa tries to talk to him but he is not interested.
Fred visits Dan in prison & tells him that granting an interview in prison is not a good idea.Dan asks if he is bothered about the potential slur on the Ade-Williams’ name? He tells Dan that he is bothered about his brother. Dan reminds him that he is the only one in jail & he has decided what he believes is the best thing to do! He is going ahead with the interview!
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Phillip informs everyone at the dinner table that he has secured the financing and rights to the film. TTK seeks for a role in the movie. Amaka asks Phillip if Tare will be a part of the PR team for the movie? Phillip reminds her that Tare has already left for Kenya. Amaka is not happy at the news. Phillip proposes a toast to Amaka as Freddy comes back to table with Sheila. Fred makes a speech about how he wished that Monica & Dan were there & says how it has made him appreciate family ties. He welcomes Amaka to the family & leaves the room to attend to something.
The double date between Bimpe/Soji & Chux/Ene goes on with Bimpe & Soji having fun while Chuks & Ene hold tightly to their issues. Ene was going out of her way to spoil the afternoon for everyone!
Phillip follows Fred to his study & asks if he is okay? Fred confirms that al, is well. Phillip asks if Fred thinks that he is a failure for his not making Black Ananse work? Fred says that he is not. He admires Phillip’s ability to always bounce back. He knows that Phillip will get out of this one too. As Phillip leaves, he puts a call through to the television station to tell them that he will be very disappointed if they interview Dan!
Soji & Bimpe are having fun with their dessert while Chuks & Bimpe have barely touched theirs. They eventually decide to leave early & to Soji & Bimoe’s surprise, they get up & walk awkwardly away. The two lovers shrug out of it & as they embrace in the whole restaurant, a lady comes in & recognizes Soji. She says that she has been a long standing fan. She asks him when he will get back with Telema? That completely spoilt the atmosphere!
Sheila hands Freddy a cup of tea & goes ahead o ask him he reason for his sour mood that day. He confirms that it has nothing to do with bullying in school, etc. Sheila makes him a deal to also add biscuits for his tea before he tells her that it is hs mum that keeps sending people to greet him!

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Fred & Phillip discuss Dan’s case. Phillip suggests that An may be trying to satisfy his conscience. Fred tells him that there is something called negative publicity!