Angela is talking to Masters when Sankey calls to inform her that they have caught Antoine. He also had weapons on him when they caught him. They can use that to put him away, she tells Angela, excitedly. Angela tells her she will call back. Masters asks her whether it is bad news? She says it is just an old friend. She offers to get Masters a drink but he stops her & asks her “what do they know?”
Kwame asks after Bimpe? She is still not there at work. He wonders what time zone she works in & Zaza says that she works in Bimpe Time Zone. Someone brings a document for Phillip. Kwame tears it open to Zaza’s horror. It turns out to be a script from Ghana. He skims through it & finding it uninteresting, hands it back to Zaza for Phillip.
Chuks demands an answer from TTK about assassination, the drink. As they were discussing, Harriet walking past, overhears them. She stops to talk to them about the rumour that they are not working in harmony. TTtK drags Chuks away. She turns & orders for a drink from Obiora. She also asks him if it is true that TtK & Chuks do jot work as a team? He tells her that he will not call them a team. She asks if she can quite him, but he shies away from it. Maami enters the bar and tells her to ask anything!
Masters asks Angela if the police is coming for him? He has always known that she is working for them. She asks why he did not do anything about it instead of making her a puppet? She tries to fight him but he asks her to get a hold of herself. He asks her what she told the police? She replies that she gave them a name; Antoine!
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TTK explains that she did not mean to disparage Ziggys’ memory by creating the drink. Chuks asks what is in the drink Assasination? Live bullets? TTTk explains that it is milk & a couple of other things. He asks if she created the recipe & she confesses that it was lifted off the internet by Salewa. Chuks scoffs at her lack of originality. He suggests a name for another drink to her; Diva on the rocks. She tells him that she has a name for him; Fashion flop!
Masters asks Angela to get herself together & take her pills. She does not want any pills. He calls his BG Abudu and Malik to come in. he also asks them to tell Hamza to get the boys ready & a couple of cars. The boys run in & she asks what’s next? He tells her that they will leave separately but take her along. He does not want her to be caught in a cross-fire in case Sankey decides to come after them and it results in a cross-fire.
Bimpe simply comes to work. Kwame reminds her that she is late. She asks what she has missed? She almost missed his big announcement. He has devised a new program structure which will have a dressed-up Bimpe as the anchor of a program. Phillip comes downstairs discussing the movie in Ghana on the phone. He finishes the call and tells Kwame he thinks he should go ahead with the program format he overheard him discussing. He asks Zaza if she is still there? She asks if there is anything he wants her to do? He tells her that she is fired.
Harriet asks Maami after the party that TTk is planning. Maami tells her that they are planning a big party with dancers, masquerades, uniforms, etc. She tells Harriet that all the talking is making her thirsty & Harriet orders a drink for her. Frank serves her a bottle of hot drink & she grabs the bottle from him when he tries to pour her a glass! TTK is even going to kill a goat with her bare hands! Harriet could not believe her ears. However, she realizes that all is not well when she sees Frank & Obiora laughing at her. She gets up & tells Maami that he tales must be as spiced up as her food as she stalks out.
Zaza asks if Phillip is serious? Bimpe tells her that she did not see him smiling. She says that she has seen it before in Odyssey but unfortunately, Zaza does not have any other talents. Zaza thrashes the office. She runs to the kitchen and comes out with a knife! Kwame begs her to stop while Bimpe hides behind him. Bimpe laments that she is too young to be killed by the crazy girl. She will sue Phillip for sexual harassment for sleeping with her but Kwame reminds her that it is not sexual harassment if she leaned over him in the hospital! He eventually grabs Zaza & as he tries to pry the knife from her, Bimpe gleefully records the whole thing with her phone.
Masters tells his boys to take Angela away. She asks where they are taking her & he says it is to a safe place. He will decide what to do with her after. She is not going anywhere. He asks what they are still waiting for? As they try to drag her away, he stops them. Grabs her, & plants a kiss on her lips.
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Sankey & Segun are stranded when their car spoils. She says that the phone battery is almost dead & she cannot hear anything again. He asks if she knows if Masters found out about the phone? She is not sure. What is wrong with the car? She asks him. He says that fuel is not being supplied to the injector. She asks of he can fix it, & he looks like he is hiding something.
Masters kisses Angela again before asking his boys to take her away.
Phillip comes back & asks what happened to the house? Kwame reminds him that he dropped a bomb before leaving. Phillip is going ahead to make the movie. Kwame does not think it is interesting but Phillip does not care.when Kwame realizes that Phillip is going ahead with it, he tells Phillip that if it is importNt to him, then it is important to the company. Phillip tells him that it has nothing to do with Black Ananse. Kwame does not find it funny. 
Maami talks to Frank and Obiora about Babatunde & how Babatunde’s spirit kept on haunting the village after he was killed. She says that Ziggy’s spirit is going through the same process as Babatunde. Maami shouts to show them how loud the thunder in the village sounded & Ziggy’s boxing picture fell down as TTk & Chuks comes out from their meeting.
Kwame and Phillip square up. Kwame asks Phillip when he is going to grow out of Fred’s shadows? Phillip reminds him that he gave away a part of his shares so he is now the major partner & he says that the movie has nothing to do with Black Ananse.
TTK asks what is going on in the bar? Maami tells her that Ziggy’s spirit is not at rest & they need to perform rituals to make him rest. TTK tells her to stuff it. Maami reminds her of her relation, who caused rain to fall for 5 days when he died but TTK reminds her that it was rainy season. She tells the patrons that she hopes that they enjoyed the dramatic interlude. As Maami continues her story, TTK offers all the patrons a drink to toast the memory of Ziggy. The picture falls again as Chuks tries to put it back on the wall!
Masters is still in Angela’s house & collects some keepsakes. He eventually finds the still open line & checks through her call log for who called her last.
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Ohakam talks to TTK & others at the bar about seeing a restless Ziggy in his dream. TTK tells him that he must have had more than his fair share of drinks!