The waiters and Chuks discuss the falling Ziggy’s pictures. Chuks had arranged it before and it is sitting well. Frank says that the picture is okay now and Obiora tells them to wait and see what will happen when TTK comes in. Chuks asks if it has anything to do with TTK? TTK enters and at the mention of Titilacious, the picture crashes to the ground. She asks why they did not fix it as she said and Chuks confirms that he fixed it. He puts it up and at the next mention of “Titilacious”, t come crashing down again!
Kwame tells Phillip that things need to change around there. They need to draw new contracts, etc and legislate against sell of shares. The movie in Ghana is no more on the cards. Phillip says no. He is still going ahead with the movie in Ghana.
Barrister Eddy meets Dan and tells him that he is trying to get the case to move faster but things got called off at the last minute. He is trying to keep the buzzards at bay. Dan does not agree with that. Eddy thinks that it will prejudice the court against their case. Dan still wants to have his voice. Eddy agrees to see what he can do.
Kwame tells Phillip to get the chips off his shoulders and join him in trying to save the company. The movie in Ghana will not be shot. Phillip tells him that he has some packing to do. Kwame asks if he has not been listening? Phillip tells him not to think that his getting his hands on some documents gives him the power to dictate what happens in the house. He actually sold his shares to Joan knowing that it will end up in the wrong hands like Kwame’s. He used it to test Kwame’s loyalty and it turned out as he expected. Going forward, there is no more partnership and friendship. He asks Kwame to pack and leave as he does not want him behind while he is away. Kwame complains that he just paid the house rent but Phillip reminds him that he owes a lot more than that for all the time he has spent there. Kwame has put all his money in the company and the rent! Phillip promises to share whatever he has left after his movie is shot for old times’ sake.
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Salewa comes to meet Maami and TTK in the bar. She has lost the tambourine. TTK is not finding it funny but says she will replace the tambourine. She refuses to sing back-up to TTK. Maami begs her and tells her that she will soon be leaving but will love to see Salewa live at peace with TTK. Maami asks her to put on the TV. Titan is on TV talking about his new song The S on my chest and that the S is a girl he cares so much about, Salewa.
A warder comes to the cell to give Dan his pile of letters. He asks why there are so many? The man says that people receive letters there but not that many. He tells Dan that it looks like some people are hailing him for killing someone! Dan is horrified that the warder has been reading his letters. The warder asks how he will know that Dan is not planning a jail break with someone outside! He tells Dan that all these letters are making his hands itch. He needs money to buy ointment. Dan asks whether his lawyer have not been seeing him? The warder walks away muttering about stingy rich men.
Phillip watches as Kwame is about to leave. Fred calls to inform him that Toochi’s adoption is through and Amaka’s change of name. He wants Phillip to attend the ceremony tomorrow. Phillip agrees to attend. Amaka speaks with him and he assures her he will be there.
Chuks asks Frank so he has been the cause of the falling picture? He says that the nail went bad first but he also added to it but his efforts did not move TTK. TTK comes in and asks if the press men are there yet? They are still not there. As theye were talking, the press people come in and TTK opens the bar while under the spotlight. The patrons come in and as she speaks, a patron asks for the strippers! She tells him that the bar is a responsible bar. Harriet asks her what she means by stimulating in a bar named “Titilacious”? she struggles to explain that it had nothing to do with such. Once she is through with her speech, she tells Chuks to ensure that the “Titilacious” sign is brought down after the ceremony.
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Dan is reading his letters when one of the prisoners snatches the letter to read it out aloud to everyone. Dan protests that the letter is private but the guy reads it out to everyone that Dan is a brave man for killing Varere! The prisoners start hailing him and the warder comes to ask who is causing the uproar.
Brenda is having a meal when Kwame knocks and enters with a bag. She asks if he is travelling? He says no, he wants to come home. She asks what happened? Two of them were getting in each other’s ways. Brenda asks why he is not getting himself an apartment? He says that he has his money tied up in the partnership.
TTK introduces Salewa to the whole bar and she starts to sing. Maami sits and smiles contentedly in her corner.
The warder calls Dan and the man that snatched his letter to come forward. Dan protests that he is sitting quietly when Sunday, 47 came to snatch his letter. The warder asks if he thinks he is a role model? He agrees that he is not and the warder blames him for giving the wrong example. He concludes by saying that they will all end up there so that there will be work for warders.
Kwame says that he did not realize how much he missed John’s cooking. Brenda asks him to confirm that things are okay between him and Phillip. He tries to say that all is well but Brenda gets the better of him. He confesses that they have been having issues and it has reached a stage where they had to go their separate ways. Brenda tells him that she was actually getting proud of him for starting something and for keeping a friendship. Kwame says that he tried his best and he is determined to make Black Ananse work.
Maami is leaving and Salewa comes out to meet her. Maami asks her to give TTK a hug. They assure her that all is well between them. When she insists, TTK gives Salewa an envelope; she is going for a 4-week music course in UK. Salewa is thrilled and gives her a big hug. Just then, Titan knocks and enters. As the others leave, Salewa gives him her good news. He is downcast & she asks if he cannot wait for her for 4 weeks? He agrees to wait and congratulates her.
Eddy comes to meet Dan and tells him that he has been examining his earlier statements and he can punch some holes in it. Dan tells him that he has been doing some thinking and has decided to go ahead with the interview with Peju. Eddy asks him why? He has decided to tell the world the whole truth!
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