Salewa asks TTk what she is expected to do with the tambourine? She is to use it to back TTK up when she is singing at the re-launch of the bar! She says she will not do that. TTK is not happy, & accuses her of being in a hurry. Whitney Houston started as a back-up singer, she informed Salewa. Salewa is not interested & reminds TTK that TTK is not even a singer before leaving the office.
Everybody in Fred’s house (Fred, Sheila & Brenda) is happy Masters has been caught. Sankey asks them not to be happy yet as Masters had been arrested before & he came out smelling like roses. She talks to Segun on progress. Things are going well & Sgt. Mukeme is handling the case. She says she will come in to see how things are going but Segun informs her that Sgt. Mukeme will not like it. He will be briefing her. Fred tells her he waited to hear who will testify against Masters before he made the call. Sankey will be getting the call right about now! Someone high enough to recall Sankey calls, & asks her to report back to work.
Phillip arranges to transfer money to Ghana. He tries to reserve a room somewhere but sees distressing news on his laptop.
Sankey is happy that she is back on the case. She remarks at how important power is & Fred tells her that her bosses think she is the right person to handle the case because of her passion. She heads back to work but runs into Emile on her way out. He asks if it is true that Masters has been arrested? Sheila confirms the news. He asks after Angela & they tell him that the police are doing all they can to find her & Sankey is back on the case. He does not believe that the police & Sankey can do any good with the case. Fred asks him to mind his mouth or he will be asked to leave. Emile asks who can make it possible for him to see Masters? For what? They ask him. He wants to talk to him. Sheila tells him that it will be Sankey & he goes after her.
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Kwame meets Joan at Ziggy’s. He wants to know the outcome of her meeting with Phillip. She is not ready to tell. He tells her he is not the enemy. He is not the one that informed her husband about them. She is not happy that he did not warn her. Instead it was Phillip that warned her. She is holding up well under the circumstances, she says. He asks how her meeting went? It went well. Phillip agreed to give up 20% of the shares.
Salewa gets home & complains to Carol about TTK. Carol hopes that TTK has not sacked the waiters again! She is happy when Salewa confirms it is not that. Salewa is not sure that TTK is doing the right thing for the bar with all the changes. Someone knocks & she gets the door & it is Toks.
Sankey meets Masters in the police station. He wonders how her superiors will feel if they see her interfering in police work? She tells him that her sack is a misunderstanding. They spar about what he is going to be charged for & she tells him that they have Antoine but he asks who that was? He wants her to keep the details of the case for his lawyers who should be on their way.
Kwame asks why he has a feeling that Joan will renege on their arrangement? She asks him to make her an offer she cannot refuse. He talks about Phillip’s inability to separate his personal life from work. If she allows him run the company, he will raise the company into a company that can crush NM & in the process exact revenge on her husband.
Toks tells Salewa a story about his mistaking another girl for her the other day but she did not find it funny. He gives her a present, His new songs called The S on my chest. She collects it but will listen to it later.
Sankey & Segun are taking when Emile enters. Herequests to see Masters. Sankey asks him to leave. He begs that he may be able to get information that Sankey cannot get from Masters. Sankey asks how he will achieve that? Masters will not perceive him as a threat & will tell him what he will not tell the police. Segun gets up to throw him out but Sankey asks him to take him to Masters even if it is for comic relief!
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Phillip talks to a staff about arrangements for the new film. He takes a call & insists that he wants to be at the audition. Kwame comes in & asks how he is going ahead with the movie? He does not think Phillip is being fair. Phillip thinks it is just like a lot of other things in life that are not fair. He gets up & is about to leave when Kwame tells him about the deal he made with Joan. He now owns 70% of BA shares.
Salewa listens to the single. It is ok but she is not sure she likes it & does not know what it means. Toks tells her that S is for Salewa. She tells him that S could mean anything. It could mean Sola, Sade, or even Shoshana!
Phillip asks Kwame what he means. Kwame explains that he has bought over the 20% shares he sold to Joan to raise money for the film. Phillip asks about the shares Kwame exchanged with Kwabena & Kwame explains that Joan put up the money for that as well. He reminds him that they agreed to make the company work. He is now in charge & he insists that they make the company work.
Titan tells Salewa that he only chatted with Sho to get information about Salewa. Salewa wonders why he did not come directly to her. Shally’s Angel members enter & Sho rushes Titan for a hug. He declares that he wants Salewa & cannot stand Sho as he marches out to the shock of the girls.
Emile meets his mum in Ziggy’s. She asks where he has been? He has been at the police station in search of information about Angela. She forbids him from going to look for her. He refuses & leaves.

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Brenda comes home & meets Kwame there with a bag. He wants to come home!