Ohakam tells everyone at the bar that he has been seeing Ziggy in the bar & Ziggy was in the bar telling everyone hei stop, you have had enough! Chuks tells them that Ziggy must have been pointing at TTK’s cocktail list. Chuks asks Ohakam if that is not what Ziggy used to tell him? Maami tells TTK that what they are saying has a lot of implications. She will ask TTK’s dad to arrange a powerful herbalist to cleanse the place. TTK asks Ohakam how many drinks he has had? She tells everyone that Ohakam is experiencing a recollection & not a vision. She asks everyone to extend the same no alcohol policy to Ohakam.
Kwame tells Phillip that he is surprised at the script from Achieve Yaw. Black Ananse needs the project. Phillip tells him that he is no longer a full partner. He is not using his father’s money for the project. He raised the money himself. Kwame tells him that he needs him to ensure that he does not lose his shirt.
Sheila reminds Fred that he needs to make that call. He says that he is not fond of deception. He wants them to use the proper channels of communication. How are they even sure that Angela is abducted? Everyone begs him to re-consider his stand including Amaka & Brenda, who call him dad @ the same time. He calls and reports a kidnPping.
Phillip calls Amadu to pitch the new mob to him. The guy is no help. Phillip takes a call from Joan & agrees o a meeting while Kwame listens in.
Everybody in Fred’s sitting room is guzzling coffee as he comes downstairs in the morning. There is no news yet. Sankey gets off the phone & greets Fred. Everyone says why they could not get enough sleep. Fred asks Sankey what happened to her job? If she can explain what happened to him, he will see how he can help. She tells him it is ok. Bartholomew told her that her big mouth will put her in trouble some day. Fred says he could make some calls but Sankey advises that they stick to one phone call at a time. Sankey receives a call from Segun. They have arrested Masters bu Angela is still no where to be found.
Segun meets Masters who taunts him about the interrogation. Segun tells him that he is being charged for abduction of Angela. Masters says that he is involved with Angela & he has witnesses to prove that. Segun asks why Angela was not with him when he was caught? They were going on holidays & she went ahead of him as he had other businesses to attend to. Segun asks where Angela is & he tells him that Angela wants to surprise him. He is free to look for her. His lawyers will soon come for him.
Phillip meets Joan and pitches the new film to her. She asks why she should invest? He tells her that the movie is a sure winner. She complains about he long gestation period & he offers to give her collateral; 10% of the company. She says that the ship has sailed. 10% is too small. She asks for 20% shares.
Salewa meets TTK in the office. She tells Salewa that she will be performing at the opening night. Salewa is excited & promises not to let TTk down. TTk tells her that they will be performing together. Salewa is still excited & asks about rehearsals & dresses. TTK tells her that she might as well hand over the prize. She gives Salewa a tambourine!
Sankey talks to Segun & tells others that the police is making no head way with Masters. His lawyers are there & things are not going well. Masters might walk! Fred is furious that they got him to make the call. Brenda decides to bring up elephant in the room; how are they sure that Angela will not embarrass them like the last time? Sankey takes another call & tells the rest that the man that killed Ziggy & Bartholomew has confessed to the crime & they have confirmed from ballistics that it is the same gun. They also lied to Antoine that they got Masters & it was Masters that set them onto him. Antoine says that he will nail Masters for good & will give the police what they need including the order for the water side shooting. Fred asks if that will be admissible? She tells him that she is willing to see Masters lawyer his way out of this.