Segun asks what Sankey plans to do? She does not want him involved in her sinking ship. She will keep coming to the office till she gets Masters. He offers to assist her when she is out of the office. She tells him that this may be the best time for him to take his annual leave so that when the problem starts, he will not be caught in it. Sankey takes a call & speaks French. She tells him that Antoine is about to enter Nigeria & they plan to arrest him. Segun thinks that they may need to wait and catch him with more incriminating evidence. She does not want to wait. They think he has weapons so they will arrest him for that.
Phillip does not think that Bimpe heard Tare correctly. He talks to Tare himself. Kwame asks if she heard correctly? She wonders why everyone thinks she did not hear right & tells him that she says she is moving to work on a new project with Telema. Kwame perks up when he heard Telema’s name. Tare said that she has been thinking of it for a while. Phillip comes back screaming down the phone at Tare & talks about betrayal for her abandoning Black Ananse for a new project in Kenya but when he wants to fling the phone, Bimpe & Kwame hold him back.
TTK comes back with samples of the new menu. Chuks tells her that the workmen came to install the neon sign but he asked them not to. He does not want them to change the name of the bar. It will lose customers. TTK reels off names of bars that are named after people. Chuks reminds her that she owns no part of the bar. She stalks off to get Dan to give her a written confirmation to manage the bar.
Angela calls Sankey to discuss Masters’ issue. Sankey has not heard anything but she is tracking Antoine who is about to enter the country. Angela ask if they should not arrest him now? She wants to get more facts and arrest Antoine. When they catch him, they hope he will lead them to Masters.
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Kwame meets Phillip in Ziggy’s Bar. He complains that Phillip must have been the first customer in the bar. He thinks Phillip is very predictable. Ziggy’s is the first place he checked. Asks if Phillip is drowning his sorrows in gin? Phillip is drinking water. He tells Phillip that he is not even admitting that he likes Tare. He thinks that if Phillip has managed his anger better & been more civil on the phone the last time, Tare would not have left. Phillip tells him that his drinking a cup of over-priced water in a bar should have told him that he does not want to spend time with him and left.
TTK meets Dan in his cell & asks him what he was thinking the day he proposed to her. He asks her if her reaction would have been different if it was now? She probably would have done things differently, but to prevent him from doing what got him in jail.
Angela runs into Masters as she opens the door to her house. She asks whether he has been standing there waiting for her to come out? She asks where he has been. He asks what she has been up to? She asks him to ask her driver as that is what he is there for. She has been ok. She is hungry but as she gets up to get food, he stops her & asks if there is anything she wants to talk about? Yes, there is, she tells him.
TTK talks to Dan about Salewa. She is okay & good thing is that she has given up on going back to Kwara. He asks what she did to her that is making her want to go back to Kwara? She says it is not her but that Salewa has the most notorious father around. He agrees that it may do her good to be away for a while till the whole issue dies down.
Kwame and Phillip discuss business when Phillip comes back earlier than expected & sober. Phillip tells him to go ahead and do his thing. Kwame says they need to do something about the reminder for the house rent. Actually, he will do something about it. He will pay!
Angela asks Masters if they can have an honest conversation? He asks how they can have an honest conversation when she has not even acknowledged what she is going through? She asks if he is interested in knowing why she tried to kill Amaka Okoh? He says that he knows why but she is convinced that all the psychologists and investigators he employs will not tell him what is in her mind. He asks her why she tried to kill Amaka.
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TTK asks Dan how the lawyer is doing? He tells her that they will know after the next court sitting. She asks him to ask the lawyer to draw up some paper conferring the rights to run the bar on her. Which bar? He asks her? She asks how many bars he owns? He reminds her that they did not agree on anything. She flies off the handle & he asks her to control herself before they throw her out. She says that Chuks came crying to her! She is about to re-launch the bar? Re-launch? He asks. A sign is being put up as they speak. Titilacious. Dan laughs her silly. Titilacious? She gets it & asks Dan to get his mind out of the gutter.
Bimpe asks whether Phillip is back? Kwame confirms he is. Bimpe asks what will happen now? Kwame asks whether she is asking after Phillip? Which Phillip? She is asking after her career. When last did they upload movies about her? She reminds him that Phillip is not good when he is agitated. He either over-works himself, or fights with everyone around him, or sometimes, he disappears.
Frank brings the new menu to Chuks. He asks how a half-drunk customer can pronounce the names of the drinks? Chuks reads through the menu & agrees that they make no sense. He spots a name that riles him & as TTK enters with Maami, he walks up to talk to her. He asks why TTK named a drink assassination? Is that a joke?
Angela tells Masters about her attempt to kill Amaka Okoh. He asks if she would have felt any regrets if she had succeeded in killing Amaka? She says that she does not know but she certainly will not enjoy going to jail. He asks her to pretend that there is no jail. She explains that society does not condone summary execution of people we do not like. He disagrees. The same society watches & does nothing when a petty thief is set ablaze. She says that no one sets another human ablaze without have some for of regret. He disagrees and reminds her of a story he told her previously about someone that was set ablaze. She asks if he was the one that struck the match? She is amazed when he does not say no!
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Masters tells Angela that they need to leave separately. She wonders shy & does not want to be left behind with his security details. He tells her that they will hook up later. He does not want her nearby in case there is a shoot out. Sankey & Segun were listening in on the discussion!