Amaka asks for time alone with Angela. She apologizes for her own part in whatever has gone wrong. She cannot even remember which document Angela copied for Brenda which made her throw her out. Angela says she is fine but Amaka does not agree & says that she is really sorry for pushing Angela to Masters. Angela says that a lot had happened since then but Amaka also apologizes for what happened with her father who may have stopped her from getting entangled with Masters. Sankey comes back & says that the name she gave them is turning out to be quite useful. Amaka gives Angela a hug & leaves.
Maami comes back out to the sitting room & Salewa & TTK tease her about the constant calls between her & her husband. Maami wonders where the man has been getting money for call credit from? TTK wonders whether she heard right that her father is coming to stsy with them? Maami says that she has told him that she will soon come back but he insists that he wants to come & see things for himself. Salewa begs her to stay. Maami knows that they are happy that she will soon go. TTK gets up to go & fetch schnapps for celebration.
Kwame brings Phillip’s things to the hospital. He asks why he is the one coming to the hospital instead of Phillip’s night nurse & asks where Tare is? Phillip says that she is ticked off with him when she walked in on him & Zaza. Kwame wonders what is wrong with him? He says there is nothing between him & Zaza. Kwame reminds him that he has been saying the same thing about himself & Tare. They discuss their work issues & agree to make things work between them in Black Ananse.
Sheila hugs Angela & tells her to remain strong as Sheila goes to attend to something else. Angela asks Sankey what they have? Brenda thinks she should better not know the details but Sankey tells her that she contacted her Beninioise counterparts & they know Anthworne. They however do not have anything on him as he takes his craft outside the country. Masters calling him means that he may want him to come and kill Underground Joe & they will be watching him from when he enters the country. If they catch him, they hope he will finger Masters. Sankey does not know how long it will last but Angela needs to continue to play her part. She also gives Angela the recording device back. After Angela leaves, Brenda wonders if Sankey did the right thing by telling Angela what she plans to do?
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A worried Angela gets home & does not know what to do. She sits down on the sofa & contemplates for a while before flinging her earrings away.
Shally’s Angels girls are sitting outside on picnic mats & wondering whether Salewa will show up or not? She appears & they ask why she wanted to see them outside? She tells them that her mum & grand mum are in the house & it will turn to a circus if she had invited them home. They talk about Big Problemz. The other girls think that Sho should apologize to Salewa for telling TTK about Salewa’s secret boyfriend. Sho tells them that Salewa is the one that should apologize to them for lying about a non-existent boyfriend. Salewa says that he is real but Sho tells her that Titan confirmed that he is not real. Salewa wonders where she net him & she tells them that she chatted with him online.
Phillip gets home to meet a surprise party by Zaza & Bimpe. Phillip is not interested & asks for Tare. They do not think she will be coming. Zaza has been calling her but she did not pick. Bimpe called & she said she is busy. Phillip tells them to get her that she has work to do. He is going upstairs to sleep & wants them to wake him up when she comes. Bimpe asks what happened to Tare but no one is ready to talk to her.
Fred comes to Amaka’s house to talk about her adoption. He wonders why she has not gone ahead with it? Even though they met a legal challenge in the state but she should consider checking out other states. She tells Jim that it is not important & she decided to let it rest when she was told that he cannot adopt her at her age. He insists that she pursues other angles as it was important to her when she spoke about it the first time.
Segun comes to call Sankey. She is busy trying to make a call. He calls her Detective Sankey, the DPO wants to see you! That hit her attention. He tells her that they know since she contacted the Beninioise Police. He knew that she has continued her investigation if Masters but swore that he did not tell anyone. Sankey thanks him for not telling anyone but says that she is not going to see the DPO. She begs Segun to pretend that he has not seen her & asks if he wants French bread as she is off to Cotonou!
Fred tells Amaka that adopting her is not a foolish idea. When he thought about it, he realized that it is a good idea and wonders why he did not do that a long while. She reminds him that it is not legally possible, so he should let it rest. He thinks that if the courts will not allow it, they will simply let the world know that she is a member of his family by changing her name to Ade-Williams. If she does not want to go through with it, he can go ahead and adopt Toochi so that there will be no doubt that he considers him a grand-son. She asks him to discuss it with Sheila & Phillip first but he believes that they will nit have an issue with that since they did not complain about her adoption.
Salewa comes home to meet TTK & Maami gloriously drunk & dancing to an old folk song that her father used to love when TTK was a child. Salewa asks TTk what has come over her that is making her drink schnapps instead of brandy? TTK tells her that there is little difference & tells her that she used to look scrunchy as a baby but look how beautiful she has grown to become. She tells her that she loves her so much & she should let no one make her feel less so. She asks Maami to teach her how to make delicious pepper soup & when Maami jumps up, Salewa begs two of them not to in their current state, so that they do not burn down the whole building!
Zaza tells Bimpe what happened between her & Tare. Bimpe asks her to remind her not to introduce her to her boyfriend. Phillip comes down & asks for Tare again. They still ave not been able to reach her. Kwame tries to discuss work with him but he is not interested.  He is going to look for her in her house & asks Kwame to help him fetch her spare keys. Zaza wonders why he is going to beg her as she is not even his girlfriend. She may not be his girlfriend, but she is his friend & you are one of those girls he sleeps with, Bimpe explains to her!
Segun comes to call Sankey. The DPO & DCO know she is around and want to see her now. She packs up & goes to meet them.
Kwame was talking to Bimpe about the new show when Phillip barges in and asks for Tare. She will not pick Zaza’s call so he asked Bimpe to call. She calls Tare & Tare is at the airport on the way to Kenya!
Sankey comes back to tell Segun how her trip went. He asks her what the DPO & DCO said? They have suspended her & will meet to decide her fate. She knows that they will sack her but she needs just a few days to tidy up her case on Masters and then she will no longer need the DPO & DCO. Segun reminds her that if she is removed, she can no longer stay in her office. She tells him that she is waiting for who will come to remove her from the office!
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Angela asks Masters where he has been for the past week? He asks what she has been doing? She tells him to ask her driver as that is his work. She is hungry & gets up to go get food but he stops her from leaving & asks her to tell him what she wants to talk about.