Angela has a session booked at The Spa. As she was getting ready to go in, Sheila comes out to meet her & startles her. Asks how things are going with her scheme & Angela claims that all is well. Sankey calls but she does not speak with her.
Tare asks Kwame to help her bring stuff for Phillip. He says no as Tare knows her way around the bedroom. Tare asks if he is even guilty for putting him in the hospital? He is not only going to bring the stuff, but he is also coming to the hospital with her to see Phillip! Kwame goes upstairs to fetch stuff. Bimpe asks what is wrong with Phillip? He has malaria & needs to rest. Bimpe thought he has a stroke, which is inheritable! Phillip’s dad had a stroke before, she adds. Zaza corrects her & tells her it is hereditary, not inheritable! She thinks that Zaza does not know who the star is in the house because two of them have been playing too much.Tare brings out the envelope she received earlier & before she could do anything, Bimpe grabs the envelope. Tare asks her if she ever minds her own business? She goes to wait for Kwame in the car & Bimpe wonders what is wrong with her? 
TTK & Chuks meet Frank & Obiora. TTK asks when they are starting work? Obiora asks what happens to their demands? TTK says that there is nothing to discuss. The two of them decided to go back on strike but they find out that the door is locked on their way out & come back to ask for the key to enable them leave before anyone gets into trouble. TTK says that the key is with Chuks! 
Frank asks Chuks for the keys but Chuks says he will not give. Franks struggles with him & grabs the keys from Chuks. As they were leaving, Chuks accuses them of treachery for leaving Ziggy’s to fall apart. Frank reminds him that he was the one that advised that they go on strike. He agrees but says that they never expected the strike to last for this long. He accuses them of not making sacrifices & they ask who says that they are not ready to sacrifice for the bar? TTK then asks for negotiations & they agree on 3 extra hours & their day off. Frank to act as manager, when Chuks & TTk are not around. Frank accepts the offer to Obiora’s dismay & also apologizes to Chuks for roughening him up earlier. One more thing, TTK tells them. The name of the bar is changing to Titilacious.
Sheila walks into the room where Angela is getting ready for her treatment in the spa. Angela thinks someone has gone on holidays. Sheila says France would be ideal & Angela tells her she startled her again! She says they need to talk; that includes Sankey, Brenda, & Amaka. Angela asks what is going on? Why are all the ladies there? They are all interested in seeing her alive. Sankey asks why Angela has been avoiding her calls? She has nothing new to offer. Brenda asks if Faizal has reached her. Sankey tells her that they found the recording device which she claims she lost in her pill container!
Tare visits Phillip in the hospital with stuff. He wonders if he is moving into the hospital? He is only interested if it contains alcohol as the coffee in the hospital tastes like dishwater! Asks if he has taken his medicine & Phillip asks if she has turned to her mum? Kwame enters & complains about the coffee tasting like dishwater. Phillip asks what Kwame is doing there?
Frank asks what kind of name Titilacious is? Sounds like the name of a street bar. TTK explains the meaning of titillate & asks him to read his dictionary once in a while! They had better get ready to open the bar. Chuks asks TTK when they agreed to change the name of the bar when Obiora comes back with delivery notes for the neon light ordered by TTK.
Angela asks why they are comfortable with breaking into her house? Brenda reminds her that she is comfortable with Faizal doing the same thing. She thinks that they are all comfortable with putting her out there. Amaka reminds her that they are all interested in saving her from Masters. She reminds Amaka how Amaka threw her out of her house & also sued her! They all try to convince her that Masters is still the bad one. She believes that he could have killed her if he wanted. Now she is no longer at risk & wonders why she should help them?
TTK talks to Salewa who asks why she is not together with Dan? They only had a brief relationship & would have driven each other crazy if they had married, she explains. Maami joins them.
Sankey reminds Angela of how many times Masters has tried to kill her. Amaka reminds Angela that he killed Ziggy & the first time he tried to kill Ziggy, he shot Reginald in the process. Sankey reminds her that he killed Bartholomew. Angela screams that they stop & Sheila consoles her.
Kwame & Phillip talk over their differences. Kwame has an issue with Phillip lording it over him in the company. Phillip reminds him that he has always been that way & he knows what he was getting into in the partnership. He agrees but still thinks that Phillip should attempt to tone it down.
The ladies explain to Angela who the enemy remains. After a while, her countenance changed. They ask her if there is anything she wants to tell them? She eventually acknowledges that she remembers something. The name of the person Masters spoke French with is Anthworne.
While TTK, Maami, & Salewa were talking, Salewa’s phone rings. She picks it & screams that it is her grandfather. She passes the phone to Maami who talks to her husband. He wants to come over & see what is happening for himself! TTK is alarmed.
Zaza visits Phillip in the hospital. She claims that the office has been dull without him. He ells her that he is on bed rest & she assures him that he does not need to get out of bed. As they were getting mischievous, & he unsold her dress, Tare enters! She tells him that that he seems to be feeling better than she thought. Zazza eyes her as she leaves after Phillip helps her with her zipper. She tries to kiss him but he removes his face. He tells Tare hat is bored as there is nothing for him to keep busy at. Besides, it’s not like they are exclusive!