The supplier of the recording device is summoned by Brenda who asks for refund on the recording device. The guy tells her that there is no refund. She asks for a longer-range device & agrees to make up the difference in the price but the guy asks her to either buy a new one or use what she has. She reminds him that she said it is lost but he says that it can be spoilt but not lost. She wonders how, & he tells her that the device has a tracking device. He will call his office to track it!
Joan asks Phillip whether he still wants to stick with Kwame knowing that he is selling him out? Phillip tells her that seeking for revenge is not his style. In this business, you either eater be eaten, she tells him. Which one will it be? Phillip is not moved. He tells her that he refuses to be a part of her vindictive plan.
TTK calls Maami into her office to tell her that it is time for her to go back to Kwara for coming between her & Salewa. Maami asks how she has done this? TTK wonders what she wants to achieve by talking to Salewa about her & Dan? Maami tells her that she has he interest as a mother at heart. TTK walks out on her screaming that it is time for Maami to leave!
Brenda comes to Sankey’s office. Sankey thinks that they should stop meeting like this. Brenda is not ready for her comedy. Asks what is smelling? Sankey’s new perfume; Decadence. Brenda tells her that the listening device is in Angela’s flat. She asks how Brenda knew & Brenda tells her that the supplier tracked it via GPS. Sankey thinks that Angela may not be aware that the recording device is in her flat. Brenda does not believe that it is possible. Sankey asks her if she has never misplaced an earring in her house? Brenda says that if she has such an issue, she will scatter the whole house till she finds the earrings. Sankey wants to call Angela to check that she is not aware that the recording device is in her house. She has learnt from her investigation of the Master’s case not to assume anything. Brenda thinks it is not a good idea & asks her to drop the call. She does not appreciate Brenda giving her orders. The call gets through, but she tells Angela that she dialed a wrong number & asks if she is okay.
Phillip talks to Tare about what he learnt from the meeting with Joan. As they were warming up to it, Zaza calls Tare & passes her an envelope. Kwame comes downstairs & asks how they are doing? Phillip attacks him about partners that sell out their partners. Kwame does not think that he has done anything wrong. Phillip asks if this is one of those his steal now & replace later? Kwame tells her that what he has is a temporary arrangement. He also reminds Phillip that the company is not his alone. They get into a scuffle & after a while, Phillip collapses. Kwame asks them to do something! Tare is worried while Zaza smiles mischievously.
TTK finds Chuks & Ene in the bar & asks them what they want? They tell her that they needed a place to relax & chose the  best place in town! They order for drinks, but the drinks were not available, so they settle for chapman. Ene orders for sandwich but TTk says they have none. Chuks & Ene scream at the lack of sandwich from Ziggy’s Bar! TTK tell them not to remind her that she cannot run the bar. 
Tare & Kwame are in the hospital lobby waiting for the doctor treating Phillip to come out. She comes out & tells them that he has malaria but collapsed due to stress. She asks if Phillip has been complaining of headache & Tare confirms that he did complain yesterday but he has also been stressed! She looks pointedly at Kwame when she says this. She asks whether she can see him? The doctor agrees but only for a few seconds. He is asleep anyway & should not be agitated.
Sankey searches Angela’s flat as she talks to Brenda. She has searched everywhere but cannot find the recording device. Brenda asks if she has searched all Angela’s personal things & she says that she has been through everything! She asks how Brenda’s end is & Brenda assures her that Angela is in the boardroom. She just sent some files to her through Ene. She looks up & sees Ene & asks her about Angela? Ene says that she left about an hour ago. She said something about stopping over at home! Brenda quickly tells Sankey to leave Angela’s house as she should be close-by now. As they were talking, Sankey picks up a pill bottle & finds the device inside it!
Maami comes back to meet Salewa & tells her not to think that her family is the worst. All those her other friend’s whose families she envies are sitting on one big problem or the other! Salewa tells her that she cannot help thinking that things would have been better if her parents were together. She wants to go back to Ilorin with Maami!
Sankey discusses the recording with Brenda. The recording is not very audible but she can hear some Hausa & French. She will get her people to translate it but she wants to talk to Angela. Which of the Angelas? The one that recanted the truth in open court or another? Brenda asks her. She asks Sankey to wake up & realize thatAngela has sold out. Sankey tells her that she is not interested in her condescending attitude.
Tare & Kwame see Phillip on his sick bed. They wonder how malaria could knock out such a strong guy. He wakes up & starts bickering with Kwame. She advises that they behave like adults & resolve their issues.
Chuks is at the bar & TTk suggests that they get some of the old waiters back to be a part of the re-birth of the bar. Jessie about their salary demand but they eventually agree to brin the guys back first.
Tare talks to Telema about a job offer. She will think about it & come back to her in about a month’s time. She still has her job to consider. Phillip wakes up & she hangs up. He hopes that she did not tell his father that he passed out. She says she will call Sheila but he stops her. When she reminds him that he needs people around him, he tells her that she is enough!