Angela is busy looking for something under the table in her sitting room when Masters enters unannounced. Did we lose something? He asks. She jumps up & tells him that he should have at least knocked. He tells her that it is time for them to finish their talk on choices, now that she has had time to think of it. He gives her an envelope containing documents confirming that she now owns 49% of Odyssey Pictures. She is understandably stunned!
Maami is tying gele while an unhappy TTK pushes her away. TTK calls Sheila to ask if she invited Maami. Sheila says yes, that it was after she finished her delicious pepper soup. TTK says she will put Maami in a cab while Sheila agrees to get the driver to bring her home. Maami asks whether she thought that she is going uninvited? TTK tells her not to disgrace herself when she gets there. She should not speak English but Maami says that she will speak small small.
Angela is shocked. She asks Masters if that is the revenge he is talking about? She asked how he forged signatures. & he tells her it is an irrelevant question. You have been playing adult games but as pawns in other people’s hands, he tells her. It is now time for you to crush all those that have been making your life difficult. He asks her to think of the effect her ownership of those shares will have on Brenda, Amaka Okoh & Sheila? She can crush them all within one year with a little imagination.
Zaza welcomes Kwame to the office & he asks after the others. They went out she said, he asks if she knew where they went to? She does not but they mentioned Joan. Kwame asks if she is sure? She says they were not talking to her but she thinks that is what she heard. Kwame takes a call, & spins a confused Zaza around in a dance before abandoning her & going upstairs.
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Masters comes back to meet an Angela that is now properly dressed. He asks if she has digested everything. She asks how he has gone from trying to kill her to dropping this on her laps? Irrelevant question, he says. She asks if he spent time staying away so that he can plan how to make things good for her, or is he trying to set her to kill all his enemies? He says that she is not his enemy. During his hiatus, he thought about her a lot & was going to kill her as no one who has ever harmed him escaped punishment. He thought of hanging her upside down from a tree, or giving her cyanide, even though that will be quite painless. He had people watching her every step & others checking her background. He eventually decided that she is different. She is still confused & he joins her on the settee and held her face in his hands. When you gaze too long into an abyss, the abyss gazes back at you, he tells her before getting up & leaving.
Maami fits Sheila out with the gele. Sheila confirms that it is no longer as painful as it was before.Maami asks her after Chief & she responds that Fred is not a chief. Maami is appaled that she calls her husband by his name! She asks after her first child & when Sheila says that they had no child, Maami could not believe what she was hearing. Sheila tells her that they are happy but as she was trying to find out how a woman her age does not have a child, Fred comes downstairs & greets her. She tries to speak in English, but he answers her in Yoruba. Maami could not believe that he speaks her language!
Angela meets Sheila and Sankey. They ask her for the ear rings. She says that she cannot find them. That’s a lot of money gone down the drain, Brenda hisses. Angela tells her that she can never pass off a moment to rub it in. Sankey plays mediator and asks Angela after the recorder? She has not seen it either. As the thing looks like a lipstick, she may have thrown it out with the other contents of her bag! Brenda does not look convinced. Sankey suggests that Brenda orders another set, if they are still intent on continuing this investigation. When that comes, they will not wait for Masters to slip. She tells Angela that she will have to drag it out of him. Angela asks that they tell her when the new set comes & leaves. Brenda looks puzzled.
Cosmas serves Fred a drink & he asks if they will not take a little time to rest? Maami says it will not take long any more. The new gele she tied is called flying boat she tells Fred. He interprets for Sheila. He tells Maami that Salewa’s dad is his brother. She says that she was told but says that seeing how comfortable he is, she wonders why he did not help Dan to avoid prison? He explains to a worried Sheila that Maami is asking after Dan. He explains to her that Dan’s case is in court & they are praying for a good outcome.
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Phillip meets Joan who complains that he is quite late. He attributes it to a busy 3rd Mainland Bridge & asks her for the reason for the meeting. She complains about Kwame. As soon as he got his contract, he sold me down the creek. A man who kisses & tells, she complains. Phillip asks how it is his business? She tells him that Kwame is a traitor. He tells her that he may be a traitor to her but he is his business partner. She tells him that Kwame was ready to join forces with her to take over Black Ananse. The only reason why they are still business partners is because he refused to sell a part of his shares when she wanted to buy it! Phillip looks ruffled.
Carol complains to Salewa that she is tired. She does not know why TTK will not beg the waiters. Salewa says that TTK will not do that. Carol says that she is the one that is suffering it. Her legs are painful & she has so many things to remember. TTK comes & orders Carol to the kitchen. She says no. TTK threatens her & she stands her ground. TTK calls her an ingrate & regrets that this is how their relationship will end after all that she did for Carol. Salewa begs Carol to please apologize because if TTK sacks her, she will not have anyone else to talk to. After a while, Carol gets up & stalks off to the kitchen.
Phillip quickly recovers & calls Kwame his business partner & friend. He tells Joan to assuage her husband as he is knows that she has been sleeping with Kwame. She tells him that an adult will always play. As he was defending Kwame, she asks him; Did your business partner tell you that he is not your only partner? That surely got Phillip’s attention!
Maami describes how nice Fred’s house is to TTK & Salewa in TTK’s office. She says that the ground was so nice that she wanted to sleep on it. TTK hopes that she did not disgrace herself. She wonders why TTK is talking like that? She even met Fred & discussed with him. TTK nearly had a seizure. She reminds Maami that they agreed that she will not talk much there. Maami tells her that they even had a discussion about her. They discussed her & Dan. She wonders why TTK did not marry Dan. When they told her about Dan, they made it sound like he came from a useless family. If TTK had married Dan, they would have lived a different life & he will not be in jail. Salewa joins Maami in asking why TTK did not marry Dan.
Phillip tells Carol that he knows that she is annoyed but this? She tells him that Kwame handed Kwabena a slice of Black Ananse in exchange for the money he needed for the equipment.
Angela gets home & after a while, picks out the recording device & looks at it!
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Phillip gets into a scuffle with Kwame while screaming that he was warned many times about trusting Kwame & Kwame has now made it come true, while Tare & Zaza are huddled in a corner. Kwame fells Phillip!