This is to say thank you for all the love you have been showing here. It looks like just yesterday when we were happy at 1,000 hits! We are almost at 15,000! I hope it has been worth your while. I have enjoyed every moment so far & love the connection with everyone.

I am happy that we have succeeded in keeping the chain unbroken for long period. However, like I mentioned once, we may miss some episodes for various reasons. We will try as much as possible to fill in the gaps especially for those who do not get to watch the program for various reasons mostly associated with distance. The first two episodes of this week may fall into the category of missing episodes. Hopefully, the gap will not be too wide for you to be able to connect the dots.

Like I tell everyone, this blog will never be able to replace the live program. Of course it is not possible to capture the various nuances and implied expressions, not to talk of the facial expressions!!! Tinseltoday only seeks to fill in the gaps to make it easy for you to follow easily when next you watch the program.

Have yourself a great day, (morning, afternoon, or night, depending on which part of the world you are reading from!).