The hand that grabbed Angela’s mouth was Emile’s. He tells her that he knows what is going on. Sankey is using her to spy on Masters. He suggests that they stick to their earlier plan to run away. She tells him that she has tried that before. He tells her that he will come up with a plan & once he calls, she will come without luggages. He gives her a peck & disappears.
Chuks comes to meet TTK in the bar. She tells him that he took his time to bring the keys over. He asks why she is locking the bar early? She asks who says that she is locking up? She is only closing down briefly to get ready for the evening shift. He asks her if she wants the waiters back but she claims that she is doing alright. She does not even know that running a bar is as simple as what she does everyday, which is socializing. Chuks says that he will not give the keys in that case. They need the money & so will not close the bar! They need the money & as she will say, the show has to go on. She tells him that she will then go ahead & change the locks.
Tare gets down from straddling Phillip under the covers & he asks her what she has been watching as she just showed him a new one. She ask if he thinks that he knows all her skills? She says she needs to get up & he tells her that she has to as it is these afternoon trysts that give Kwame time to sneak behind their backs. She asks if he is still griping about that? He does not trust Kwame and that Joan woman. He also thinks that Kwame and Brenda may be trying to steal his company. She asks why she will do that? Because they are Brenda and Kwame. She tells him that Brenda is not interested in their company. He asks her why she thinks so? Because Brenda is her friend? She replies that the company is no threat to her. He tells her that he will be keeping a closer eye on Kwame’s side of things going forward. The business side.
TTK is pacing in the bar when Carol (sans uniform) enters. She heaves a huge sigh of relief & tells Carol to get to work chop-chop. Carol tells her that she has never worked in a bar before but TTK tells her that it is nothing more than she already does. She asks if she only needs to wash the dishes & TTk tells her to consider it as cooking with a little alcohol. It is nothing more than she is already doing. She should consider it as an adventure and the walking up and down is excellent exercise which Carol need now that she is getting round in the middle. She pokes Carol’s tummy & as she was still complaining, TTk sweeps out of the bar. 
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Sheila meets Angela in the spa. Angela is no longer interested in their previous discussion. She tells Sheila about her discussion with Emile. Sheila tells her that she was at fault as Emile overheard their discussion. She asks why Angela is not considering Emile’s suggestion? She responds that Emile thinks in ideals which is why he still wants to be with her in spite of her numerous problems. Angela says that she thought the spa will relax her for this evening. What’s happening this evening? Sheila wants to know. Angela tells her that she intends to play her last card & if it fails, she will take up Emile’s offer.
Phillip wants to know what Kwame has been up to? Kwame tells him to come up with his question. He asks what Kwame has been up to that afternoon. Kwame asks what he has been up to with Tare? Phillip tells him to forget it. He tells Kwame that he wants to be involved in the business side of things now. Kwame reminds him of their agreement & he says he still remembers but as Kwame is aware of what is happening in the creative side of things, he also wants in on the business side.
TTK is ordering everyone around in the bar. She asks Carol to make the cocktails according to the recipe in the open book. A customer spits out his drink & she shouts that he must pay or that drink whether he likes it or not. The guy gets up & leaves & she orders Salewa to go get money from him. Carol struggles with the cocktail & TTK screams at her for throwing in a whole slice instead of a wedge of lemon! Carol reminds her that she told her that she has never worked in a bar. Asks TTK to call the waiters back to come & do their thing. Salewa comes back with the money from the customer & that gets her a pat on the head.
Angela is at home and Vince comes inspecting the flat. She asks what he is looking for & whether his boss is coming? He gave her no answer & walks right out.
TTK offers a customer instant noodles. Noodles? He wants peppered snails! TTK tells him that is what is available for now. The customer asks whether Titan is coming to the bar? That little musician? TTK asks. Yes, the man agrees. The last time Titan was there, his bodyguard lifted a little girl up. He asks if Titan hangs out in the bar? If he is coming, he will wait & even try her over-priced cocktail. TTK says that Titan is a regular visitor but they keep his schedule secret. She asks him to tuck into his noodles & she will get Titan for him. She goes to ask Salewa about the last time Titan’s BG lifted her up. Asks her to call and invite him over. She will not do that & walks away.
Kwame dumps a whole lotta documents on Phillip & wonders how he will get to mix with people he does not like. He still has more emails to forward. Phillip asks whether Kwame us trying to put him off? No, replies Kwame. Just trying to bring him up to speed. As he was talking, he gets a text about some duet. Phillip asks if it is the same person he met with Joan? He tells Phillip that who he meets with is not Phillip’s business.
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Salewa refuses to call Titan in spite if numerous prodding by TTK. Maami walks into the bar & TTK asks what she is doing there? Salewa says she told her what is happening on the phone. A distressed-looking TTK walks up to her & asks her why she came? Essays that everyone left the house so she had to come out too. TTK asks what she has in the cooler she came with? Maami opens it & it’s goat meat pepper soup. TTK turns up her nose & tells her to take it back. Maami asks why TTk is pretending that she does not know what it is? As she was about to leave, the customer waiting for Titan asks if that is goat meat pepper soup? Maami quickly says that yes, it is Kpekpe soup!
Masters finally appears. Angela goes to ask what took him so long as she gives him a peck. He asks if she has been drinking?
Phillip is still crunching through the documents & tells Kwame he is enjoying it. Kwame calls Ghana and puts the guy on speaker so that Phillip can join the conversation. They ask the Ghanaian who he has for them? He does not know anyone but he has a script. A script? Kwame takes him off speaker & tells him that that is not what they are looking for. Tare comes in with a newspaper on Joan & shows Phillip while Kwame is n the phone.
Customers are queueing up for Maami’s pepper soup. TTK is distressed that Maami has reduced the bar to a cross between a beer palour and a school cafeteria. She grabs Salewa’s bowl of pepper soup & sends her to ensure that Carol is taking note of the number of people that took pepper soup. When she comes back, TTK asks her if Toks likes pepper soup? Salewa is not amused as TTK starts sneezing.
Angela says that she has been drinking. She thought they should celebrate. Celebrate what? He asks. She thinks they should celebrate the absence of pretences, getting to know each other. He sits on the couch with her as she leans across him & grabs his walking stick that conceals a sword. She pulls out & sheaths the sword in a suggestive manner while he watches her. She gets up & straddles him but after a while, he seems to pull something off her ear & pushes her away Angela, stop embarrassing yourself, he tells her! 
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Kwame meets Joan in a restaurant to complain about the deal they discussed being on all the newspapers. Now Phillip is getting all excited about it.