Angela is alarmed at Sankey’s suggestion that she wears a wire. What if Masters finds out? She thinks that they must be mad to even suggest that. What if he pats me down? Brenda tells her to keep acting like a deer caught in light and he is sure to find out what they are up to. It is either that or a hidden camera in her house, Sankey says with herself behind the camera! How are you even sure that he does not search my house while I am away? Why will he do that? Brenda asks. Sankey gives Angela the wire she is able to get on her own which is not much as she is off the case officially. Angela is alarmed as Sankey asks her to remove her clothes so that she shows her how it works.

Mr. Lawson could not believe that he is meeting Kwame Mensah. He knows that Kwame used an alias because he knows that he would not have come. He has no time to play games with Brenda’s little brother. Kwame assures him that this is not about Brenda and besides he no longer is with Brenda. Lawson laughs at the confirmation that Kwame is no longer with Brenda.

TTK meets with Chuks and wonders how the bar has been operating with all the debts? Chuks tells her that Ziggy has a way of allowing the patrons time to pay off their tabs. TTK says that it will not continue. Everyone needs to pay off or she will set the police on them. Chuks says that it will destroy the bar’s goodwill. Even the staff are taking advances on their salaries. She asks Chuks to set up a staff meeting with her immediately.

Sankey meets Segun reading in her office. He jumps up when she asks how she can help him? He did not hear her enter, he says and asks if she is conducting an investigation? She asks him if that is an interrogation? He apologizes and gives her Ziggy’s phone. They found it after the melee and though it is damaged, he is trying to use it to find out who told Ziggy that Masters is back in time. He believes that the person must have set them up. She asks why she is not aware of this and he confirms that he started the investigation before she resumed. He give her the file containing the leads he has been following up on. She asks him to drop the investigation as the case is officially off their hands.

Kwame discusses with Mr. Lawson. He knows of his position in New Media. Lawson is taken aback at this information. Kwame smiles at his discomfort at his position being found out. It must be due to his previous scandal. He assures Lawson that this has nothing to do with Brenda. Lawson gripes about Brenda setting him & Dan up & how much money they lost in the deal. He is aware that New Media is seeking for people to import a large amount of production equipment. Lawson asks how he knew all these? The same place he found out about Lawson’s position in New Media. They propose a toast to letting bygones be bygones. Including whatever you are planning to do to Black Ananse, Kwame tells him. Lawson appears puzzled & Kwame tells him that they have figured that he considers Black Ananse competition to be crushed.

TTK meets the staff & tells them that things need to change in the bar. Obiora asks if they are getting a pay rise? No, on the contrary, they will be getting a 30% pay cut! They complain and tells her that Ziggy will not do that. She asks them to look around & check whether Ziggy is anywhere to be found? The meeting is closed.

Vince comes into Angela’s apartment and after looking around for a while, he tells her thatMasters wants to see her. She asks whether she is supposed to jump at this? She asks when he came back but got no answer. She has just an hour!

The waiters tell Chuks that he cannot let TTK get away with what she is planning. As they were discussing, Maami comes in and Chuks goes to greet her. She talks to him but he does not understand. Obiora explains that Maami is looking for TTK. Just then, TTK comes out. Maami asks what is wrong with the staff? She thinks that they are disgruntled. TTK tells her not to worry about them. The bar is steeped with debt. Maami tells her that she will show her how to collect debts. She calls Chuks close and grabs his trousers tight. Chuks screams that he is married but Maami holds on tight. She tells TTK that when Jimoh and his mum owed her for 3 months, the day she decided to collect her money, she collected every kobo. She lets go of Chuks and pats him on the back.

Kwame wants to work with New Media not for New Media. Lawson asks if Kwame is representing himself or Black Ananse? He is representing himself & when Lawson suggests a crack in their partnership, he replies that there is nothing in their partnership that precludes him from pursuing other businesses. Lawson says that he cannot promise a deal as he & his partners already have people short-listed.

TTK begs Chuks to forget about the demonstration done by her mum with him. She suggests that Chuks visits a new supplier across town who will give them a better deal.Chuks does not know him so he gives her the address. He will only go if she agrees to discuss the waiters’ salaries when he is back.

Angela prepares to meet Masters by carefully choosing what to wear. As she was choosing her under things, she hears a noise in her house!

Salewa complains to Carol that Titan has not called her. She wonders if he is angry about Big Problemz? Carol asks her to call him then if she wants but she will not. It will be degrading!

Angela goes to meet Masters at the bar. And as they settle to a meal, she has questions.

Kwame re-iterates that he wants to work with and not for New Media! Just then, Joan comes in to meet them. Lawson introduces her as his business partner, Joan and in unofficial quarters, his wife! Kwame’s mouth remains open!

Peju and her people set up their equipment in Ziggy’s office to interview TTK. She starts off by saying that they are in Ziggy’s Bar and mentions Ziggy’s tragic death. TTK says that his death is only over-shadowed by the precarious state of the bar. Their debtors are not paying up. She mentions the names of some of those owing them and those that have paid up. Peju tries to stop her but she continues to reel out names. At some point Peju asks her camera man to cut it off. Chuks comes in and meets them & wonders what TTK has done?

Angela wonders that Masters does not talk much about himself. Occupational hazards he says. She asks a number of questions and he tells her that some staff are to be seen and not heard. She asks if she is one of them and continues with her personal questions. He tells her that considering the number of visits she has paid to Odyssey since she started, it seems that she is enjoying her role or is she driven by revenge? Emile comes in and meets them.