• Kwame and Joanne are seated at the restaurant. He tells her Philip’s agreed to set up another meeting. Joanne is elated and is already dreaming up plans. Kwame suggests giving his partner a little heads up. Joanne sees no sense in what he said, and asks if he’s got cold feet adding that Philip isn’t good at making business decisions. Joanne catches Kwame’s stare and ask what it is. She says it’s necessary to make money but Kwame pushes for more, insisting there’s more to it. She concedes to there being more, and she caresses Kwame’s hands and says him. Kwame wonders what makes her think he’s part of the package but she’s convinced time can change that.
    Maami continues making her daughter’s life hell, raising alarm about her being involved with the ‘prisoner’. She strikes a nerve calling her Biliki. Titi K tries to convince her that things are different now. She starts asking again about her boyfriend. Titi K says is annoyed, saying she never mentioned anything about that. Maami gets the waiters attention and asks for Asun before her daughter kills her. Just then Salewa walks in with Ene and Chuks, she introduces them to Maami. Titi K explains further that Chuks is Ziggy’s nephew. Chuks welcomes her to Lagos and Salewa translates to Maami. Titi K asks if the bar’s ok. Chuks says it’s perfect. The waiter calls his attention, as he leaves to meet him; Ene confronts him asking why he didn’t tell Titi K the truth. Chuks glances at the table and says three women are too much to deal with, and goes off to meet the waiter.
    Angela’s at home, Emil calls and she notices he sounds stressed. He says he’s only annoyed, because his meeting is ruined. He offers to cancel and come meet her, but she saves him the trouble. He reminds her of his question. She says she still needs time, he agree saying there’s so much to plan for; even issue of kids. Angela says not over the phone. She agrees to him coming over the next morning. As she hangs up she hugs her scarf, she suddenly realizes it’s the one from Masters and flings it away.
    Tare asks why not reschedule meeting. Shortly after Kwame and Joanne walk in. They get started and Philip presents them with documents he had already drawn up. Kwame skims though and makes a nervous chuckle, and says the form reads shares are split 50% for Philip, 40% Kwame and Joanne 10%. Philip confirms it. Kwame gets agitated, saying they had already agreed they’ll both give off 20% to Joanne. Philip says it’s the only offer on the table. Kwame has an outburst and flings the papers away. Joanne suggests a counter offer, that they should share together and offer 15% to her. Philip cuts her off and reiterates that it’s the only offer on the table.
    Joanne says it puts a dent in her plans and asks for time to think. She heads for the door. Kwame gets up, when she leaves, he asks furiously why Philip is so intent on destroying all he touches. Philip says he’s protecting the company. Kwame is pissed he drew up the document without discussing with him first. He leaves and Tare tells Philip there was no other way to take it. Philip can’t believe she’s backing him up. Tare believes he made a mistake and leaves as well.
    Salewa tells Maami of how she first performed at Ziggy’s. She’s happy and then the picture of Ziggy catches her eye and she asks if it’s the man that ran the bar. Salewa explained that he was shot. Maami keeps requesting to do libitations, so his spirit can find rest. Titi K blatantly refuses. Some men burst in and start packing boxes away. Chuks runs over and begs for more time to speak to their boss with no avail. Titi k is incredulous
    Angela is over at Sheila’s. She asks of Fred, who’s out. They talk and Sheila notices some remorse for what she did. Angela is sorry and says there was a lot of pressure at the time, but it was no excuse, but Sheila talks of Fred’s forgiving heart. She talks about how Fed went from disapproving to touched when Sheila explained the trial incident. She jokes about Fred having forgiven her a tiny bit. Sheila is surprised Masters hasn’t tried anything. Angela says he had many opportunities too. Says he told her of the double jeopardy law and how he wants everyone to move on with their lives. Angela revels in the thought of not having to start somewhere new, but Sheila’s not sure of Masters intentions.
    Chuks apologizes after the men leaving the bar. Titi K demands to know who those men are. Chuks says it’s not the place. ‘You! Me! In the office now!’ Titi K roars. They leave and Maami picks up a glass of alcohol and starts her libitation. Salewa tries to explain to Ene. She also tells Maami Ene gave her a home when she was new to Lagos. She thanks her and asks is she’s related to uncle Ziggy. Maami resumes her libitations and says his spirit is troubled. That she senses the unease in his eyes as well. Salewa explains to Ene in English. She starts spitting out bear all over the place and the customers run out in their numbers. Salwea is not happy with it. Maami says to mark her words, his spirit has unfinished business in the world, and resumes spitting
    Philip was on the couch, when Joanne walks in with Kwame, he’s surprised to see her back so soon. She took time to think about it, he’s right, the deals not to her taste. She has another offer. She asks how much his company is worth to him. That catches Kwame by surprise. She offers to pay more than he values it, saying she’ll buy it, but he’ll still run it. She says she makes a good ally, and warns of being a small company in a big dangerous world. Philip says the meeting is over. She says not to be so dramatic. He turns to Kwame saying ‘Think I don’t need to protect the company ay? See yourself your guest out’. Then he leaves

    Joanne heads for the door, Kwame stops her asking When they discussed her buying the company. She says she had to come up with another strategy. Kwame says it’s a lost cause now and keeps nagging. She tells him to quit whining like a baby, she doesn’t answer to him. Kwame says they’ve got to the end of the road, alliance is over. Joanne says, Great, it won’t take any skin off her nose. Kwame looks puzzled.
    At the office, Titi K asks how they were owing Mr. Uba so much money, and asks when he was going to tell her the place was burning down. Chuks believes he should at least get an A for effort. He bemoans buying on credit not working for him as it did Ziggy. Titi K says she’ll take care of it, and tells him to go home with his wife. He gets up, then says no. he’s not walking away from here, she should write a cheque if she likes.
    Angela gets home, calls Mrs. H. She asks if she has a replacement for her yet. Mrs. H askes rather amused, if she wants her job back. That she’s a liability. Angela believes she’s only doing this because she’s still with Emil. Mrs. H says she’d be in jail if she had her way. ‘Nice catching up with you.’ Angela says sarcastically and hangs up.
    Titi K praises his heroics, but says he needs help. She asks if he needs her help or not. She guarantees him, he’s not leaving permanently. They’ll figure it out. Chuks agrees to it only if she promise she takes control of finances and he, of running the bar. They shake on it, she tells him to hurry home, and tells him to get the bar tender to bring her a glass of white wine. Chuks faces shows slight concern.
    Angela comes down and sees Masters in her living room, she asks what he wants, saying she’s not in the mood for this. Adding she already lost her job and can’t get it back. He asks if she means the mother of the young man by she. Emil Haruna, she’s baffled he knows about him. He grins from ear to ear. She gets a text from Emil, asking If she’s home, that he’s on his way.
    Zaza comes in and apologizes for taking her time, she had to stop and stare at the new car. Philip ask Kwame where he got the money to get a new car…