Brenda takes Sankey out to a fancy restaurant & as they were walking in, Sankey picks a bread off a waitress’s tray & starts munching away. She sits down & tells a bewildered Brenda that she has never been to such a fancy place before. She calls the waitress & orders rice & chicken & whiskey. Whiskey? Asks Brenda. I thought you were supposed to be on duty? Sankey then changes her order to chapman.
Phillip comes down to Fred’s sitting room in his black & white outfit & meets Sheila who asks him if all is well? He tells her to ask her husband. She tells him but they seemed to be doing okay before she left them. He replies that that was before he showed Fred this & hands Sheila a document. Sheila asks him whether he needs help with his homework? Very funny, replies Phillip. He explains to Sheila that the discussion with his father was going well till he showed his father a loan agreement. Fred suggested that he holds off on adding a lot of debt till the company stabilizes. That way, he will not be left with too much debt if things do not work out well. Sheila agrees with Fred & Phillip angrily snatches his loan agreement from her saying that she has been well-taught by her husband. As he means to walk out angrily, Sheila shouts at him to stop!
Maami discusses men with TTK. She starts by saying that she hopes that he remembers to take his herbs daily. TTK tells her that she is sure that he will not mind being reminded by her. Maami asks her about her relationship with men. She has not seen her with any good man. TTK tells her that she has a lot of admirers. Maami hopes that it is not that one that dances on one leg! She tells TTK that there are men that marry one wife, those that marry two, three, and four! She is only bothered by the greedy ones that marry five wives!
Brenda tells Sankey hat she believes that Stan was killed in front of her to teach her a lesson. She wants information on him to enable her deal with him once and for all so that she does not have to deal with him again. Sankey gets up from her chair & leans across the table to touch Brenda’s ear! A furious Brenda bats her hand away & asks what she thinks she is doing? Sankey tells her that she wants to know what kind of listening device Alhaji Abubakar has planted on Brenda! A shocked Brenda reminds her that Stan was shot right before her! Sankey replies that well, Stan is dead but Brenda is still alive. Brenda tells her that their discussion was probably over even before it started. She is tired of talking to Sankey, who is not interested in what she is saying. She only initiated the meeting because Sheila Ade-Williams told her that Sankey has been trying to nail Alhaji Abubakar for a while. Sankey brightens up & asks Brenda why she did not say so since? If Sheila can vouch for her, then they can talk!
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Sheila gives Phillip a serious talking to warning him to stop acting like a spoilt boy as his father does not owe him. He should not always come running to his father anytime he runs into a challenge. Phillip tells her that he would not have come to Fred if he had any other option. She tries to explain Fred’s rationale for refusing to advance the loan saying that the business is too young to be saddled by all that debt. She collects the loan agreement from him again, examines it & remarks that it is well-written. He tells her that it is professionally done just like what he will give to any bank manager. He tells her that he is not asking for a hand out but a loan which he plans to repay. Sheila will see what she can do as he walks out.
TTK opens up to Maami about Dan. She tells her that she has had a number of male admirers but there is one that she believes may have worked to marriage. Maami becomes excited and encouraged her to go on. TTK explains that the man is a nice man, from a good family, & treats her well. Maami Ghent asks why they did not get married? She explains that the man happened to be her manager. Ehe? Asks Maami. TTK explains to her that the work of a manager is different from the role of a husband. Maami is bewildered at all these & when TTK tells her that this good man is still not married, she asks to be taken to see him. She will beg him to marry TTK if she has to!
Brenda & Sankey walk into Brenda’s apartment & she asks Sankey if she is sure that the man looking at her at the restaurant is Alhaji Abubakar’s man? Sankey tells her that Alhaji Abubakar has eyes everywhere and one cannot be too careful. Brenda asks her if there is not pattern they can use based on Sankey’s long period of observing him that they can use to catch him? Sankey tells her thatAlhaji Abubakar does not have a pattern. They were lucky to catch him the last time when he tried to kill Angela. She is sure hat he will not make the same mistake again. Brenda asks if they can use Angela to set a trap for him as she heard that he had a previous dalliance with Angela. Sankey reminds her that she also has a previous experience with Angela. Brenda pretends that she is not aware of what Sankey was talking about. Sankey reminds her that she set the police on Angela and framed her for the murder of Reginald. That still remains a dark spot on Sankey’s record. She however will not depend on Angela again. Not after her conduct at the last trials. Sankey suggests that whatever they are doing, they have to keep it to themselves as they do not know who is working with Alhaji Abubakar. The man has eyes everywhere. Brenda asks how they can achieve this? Sankey tells her that she is good at playing dead. It makes revenge sweeter!
TTK walks out & screams at Maami for fixing vegetables & scattering the pieces everywhere in the sitting room! Maami tells her to come & sit beside her & join her in picking the vegetables! She tells TTk that she wants to meet Salewa’s father! TTK says says no way. Maami insists that she wants to meet the father of her grand daughter. TTK tells her that he is in prison, a very rough place. Maami reminds her that she just came from the village, another rough place. TTK tells her that Dan only sees family members. Maami reminds her that she is also family.
Fred visits Phillip & as Phillip starts to ask what he came for, Fred asks if he will not even be allowed to sit down before he is given the 3rd degree? Phillip allows him in & he tells Phillip hat he has come to give him the cheque for the loan he requested for. Phillip tells him that he could have called. Fd asks whether he could have also given him the cheque via phone? Phillip tells him that he no longer needs the loan & could have saved him the trip! He has made alternative arrangements. 
Segun comes into Sankey’s office & meets her looking for something. He tells her about this new fres fish on the menu in the canteen. He asks Sankey what Brenda came for as she looked quite serious. Sankey plays dead & instead asks Segun about a file she gave him? He says that he left it downstairs & she shouts on him for leaving sensitive information carelessly. Segun runs out after the file.
Tare comes downstairs in her own black and white Black Ananse uniform, just like Phillip & exchanges warm greetings with Fred! Fred leaves them & Tare asks Phillip if she just heard him rejecting money? He tells her that he has a better idea. Tare looks on unbelievingly.
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Ene brings Brenda the photocopy of the report she prepared for Brenda on Alhaji Abubakar. Brenda tells her that she no longer needs the report & tears it up in Ene’s presence & throws the pieces not the waste bin. She tells a bewildered Ene to also tear up the original.  She looks up & tells Ene to call Odun for her. As Ene walks out to call Odun, she quickly picks the pieces of the report from the waste bin & stuffs them into her drawer. As Ene and Odun comes back into the office, she pretends to be making a call & discussing the devastating effects of Stan’s death on her with a therapist. She asks the imaginary therapist to fix her an appointment to discuss her issues as she passes a file to a listening Odun & Ene.
TTK takes Maami to Ziggy’s Bar & as they enter, Maami says that it smells just like some woman’s bar in the village! TTK is not amused that she is comparing this modern bar to a bar in the village! She explains to Maami that Dan owns a part of the bar & she is looking after his interest while he is in prison. Maami asks why Everyman in the town is Dan? She has heard of so many men and each one is named Dan! TTK calls Obiora to take their order & Maami orders for Schnapps! TTK is not amused & Maami tells her that she needs the schnapps to pour libation. Can she not see Ziggy’s eyes the way he looks? She is sure that his spirit will be haunting the bar! Obiora replies Maami in Yoruba that they do not have schnapps, but they have brandy. Maami is okay with brandy, & orders for a bottle!
Phillip calls Kwame & asks him to set up a meeting with Joan. Kwame, who is having a meal with Joan agrees & tells Joan that Phillip is beginning to bite! A poker-faced Joan smiles.

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Maami is spitting drinks all over Ziggy’s Bar & sets the patrons running as she pours libation to take care of Ziggy’s spirit as Salewa and the waiters look on in disbelief!