Masters walks into Angela’s apartment and asks Angela if she is not going to have a seat? Angela asks what he wants? He is glad she came to her senses before it became too late. She tells him that he left her with no choice. He does not agree with her. He asks her about her father? She asks him whether he is playing one of his mind games with her? He asks her again if her father is okay? She confirms that he is okay. He talks to her about pain and reminds her that she stabbed him once.
Phillip gives Kwame the contract. All he needs to do is sign and the shares are his, Phillip agrees with him. Kwame smiles and reminds Phillip that the funds are now in his account. Phillip tells him that in return for his openness, he wants something else in return; where did he get the money from?
Brenda talks to Segun in the police station about her experience. She tells him that she is not used to crying but she is affected by what she saw that day. She tells him about her experience. He asks why she did not choose a more public place? She tells him that Stan arranged the meeting. What was the relationship between them? Segun asks her. Stan used to be the liaison between her and her new partners. Segun asks who the new partners are and his warning signals come up when he hears that it is OK Fowler, the same lawyers that defended Alhaji Abubakar.
Alhaji Abubakar, aka Masters plays around with Angela. She tells him that she believes that he planned it all out from the beginning: kill all the witnesses, leave one alive and get acquitted for the crime. Using the principle of double jeopardy, he will not re-tried for the same crime twice. Masters smiles wryly as he plays with a knife. He reminds her that Sankey is not around to save her but she tells him not to underrate the actions of a crazy woman. He takes her passport on his way out and tells her that she won’t be needing it again.  As he passes her, she lunges at him with the knife she is holding. He twists her hand behind her back & tells her: all those painful weeks and months I spent recovering, I had one thing on my mind: to come face to face with the woman who stabbed me. But like everything, you never enjoy it when it is rushed. You are not going to kill me? She asks him as he leaves.
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Phillip asks Kwame what the mystery is about where he got the money from. He takes a call from Brenda and rushes out of the house. Phillip calls Tare to discuss the funds Kwame just put up. Tare thinks that it is not good news. Phillip suggests that he got the funds from Brenda. Tare suggests that they get smart and get someone to check all the accounts.
Kwame takes a very shaken Brenda home. It is not every day that you see a man shot dead in front of you, Brenda tells him. She needs a drink. He gets her coffee. She wonders why the killers left some of her things but cleaned Stan up. He suggests that she needs to get some sleep but she breaks down & cries.
Ene is feeling frisky. She calls Chuks who is sitting up drawing & Chuks says he thought that she is asleep. She could not sleep. It is too quiet next door. She expects Bimpe to burst in any moment. Chuks tells her that Bimpe will not be coming back anytime soon. He stopped by Soji’s house & he is getting cozy with Bimpe. Ene complains about Soji’s tatse in women. Chuks wonders whether she has fallen out with Telema? Why is he still awake? She asks. He is sketching. She is happy and tries to see his sketch but he hides it from her. She is surprised that he is not showing her his sketches as usual. He thanks her for being the inspiration for his designs.Every designer needs a muse, he tells her. Are you drawing me? She asks him. He tries to tell her no, but she cuts in and ends up telling him; please don’t draw my lips too fat, before she curls up back in bed to stop disturbing his designs.
Salem visits Soji and as he walks in, he yabs a half-dressed Soji for being happy that he is packing out. Soji tells him that it is not true. Salem is happy that at least he helped with Soji’s woman wahala. Soji smiles mischievously and Salem hails him as a bad womanizer! Soji  throws his pillow at Salem and as Salem returns the favour, the pillow hits Bimpe who just walked into the room! Salem, she screams!
Phillip, Tare & Kwame hand all their books over to the accountant to review. Kwame reminds Phillip of their unfinished business. They ink their new partnership contract with Tare as witness. Phillip does not look happy. Are you not going to shake on it? Tare asks them. They chopped knuckles instead.
Angela calls the passport office to ask how long it will take her to replace her passport? She is not satisfied with the answer she got. She calls Sankey to arrange a meeting that morning at Ziggy’s.
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Salem apologizes to Bimpe who tells him that it is not his fault. She should have known that it is Soji that will start the pillow fight. She has something for Salem! She tears out a page and scribbles her signature. What is this? Salem asks. Her autograph! Now that she is about to become famous, that paper will soon become gold. She thanks him foe entering their lives. If it was not for him, Soji and herself may not be together as she leaves. He is moving in now with his mum and is happy that everything is going well between them and their new landlord. Soji has something for him but it is not his signature: a new camera!
Ene talks to Brenda on phone. She has arranged everything as she asked. Chuks comes into the room and she tells him that it is strange; Brenda left early yesterday and is taking the whole day off again. Slave drivers have a lazy streak, he tells her. She does not think that Brenda is lazy and he asks her why she is complaining. She tells him that everyone does not lie around all day sketching. She quickly apologizes and tells him whether he saw the breakfast she made. It is not everyday that she is somebody’s muse, she tells him. Before he could correct her, she remembers that she is getting late and runs.
The accountant gives the Black Ananse account a clean bill of health. Phillip asks if she is sure that everything is okay? She tells him yes and asks if he was expecting otherwise? He tells her that he is just bothered that none of them has an accounting background. She also installed an accounting package on Phillip’s laptop to track their spending. Phillip asks her how life is at Reel Studios? She tells him that everything is okay and Wale sent his regards. Kwame comes in as she was leaving. Phillip asks Kwame after Brenda. He tells Phillip that Brenda was robbed the previous night. Phillip commiserates but agrees with Kwame that she will bounce back. He asks Kwame whether he got the funds from Brenda? Kwame demures and when Phillip seems to arrive at a conclusion, he comes clean and says that he did not get the funds from Brenda. He got the funds from his escape hatch, he says.
Bimpe comes in to meet Ene and asks after Chuks. He is not at home, Ene says. She complains that she spoke with Chuks and Chuks asked her to come and help her with his fashion project. She asks Ene why she is home in the middle of the day? Ene says that she came home early because the office is too quiet to surprise Chuks with lunch. Now it is no longer looking like a good idea. Bimpe asks whether Chuks is really not around? Ene tells her that it is possible that she spoke with a stutter. Bimpe rummages in her bag and hands Ene a card. She tells a baffled Ene that it is for her voice coach. He will help Ene with her speech problem, as she walks out!
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Sankey tells Angela that running away will not help her. She reminds Sankey that Masters is always ahead of her, so she will be putting distance between her and Masters while Sankey works on a plan.