Sankey is ready for the apology after she gets her nails ready. She asks Segun to get the photographer into the room. If they had given her advance notice, she would have won her correct canvass shoes, she tells them! Ovie asks if she is going to give the apology or are they wasting their time? She brings out Bartholomew’s picture & apologizes while looking at the picture for getting involved in a kangaroo trial and missing when she should have hit the target. They shake hands while the photographer shoots some shots. Masters comments that she has rough hands & she tells him that it came from target practice.
Zaza tells them that she is an executive assistant not a secretary. Her last role was the special assistant to the special adviser to the executive assistant and on and on and on. Tare remarks that that is a lot of words. Phillip tells her that they wear multiple hats at Black Ananse. Her roles will include taking calls in the office. As he was speaking, the phone rings & he passes the phone to her to answer. She tells whoever is on the other end to take them off their marketing list as Black Ananse is not interested. She drops and tells everyone that the caller was marketing seminars. Tare screams that she hopes that it is not the seminar on new media being hosted by Reel Studios! Zaza says that the caller did not sound intelligent. Phillip tells everyone to chill. He will fix it. He asks Zaza to get him a cup of coffee while he calls Reel Studios to confirm their interest in the seminar.
Soji and Bimpe share a candle-lit dinner. She is happy & he tells her that as he is not very good with cooking, she will have to make do with … take out food from packs. She smiles & they tuck in as he Congratulates her on the acceptance of her picture by Project Zoom. She tells him that she had a good teacher.
Emile catches Angela packing in her house. She harasses him for coming there & he says he has been looking for her. She tells him about the trial & her plans & he begs her to allow him come with her. She asks him to be there the next day and pack light!
(((Heroes & Zeroes, Be Careful because everyone is after something)))
Kwame speaks with his bankers about a loan. He has insufficient collateral he is told. He badgers the manager to no avail & turns on Zaza. Asks her if it is not time for her lunch break? She tells him that her name is Zaza and it is 4, so she has had lunch. He asks her to leave after surviving her first day at Black Ananse. As Zaza leaves, he calls Ivie about his email to her asking for a loan. Ivie has spoken with Brenda, so no dice. He tries to convince her but Phillip & Tare come in with the design of their new logo. They try to get his input but he coldly tells them to choose what they want.
Soji & Bimpe continue their dinner. He accidentally spills drinks on her clothes. As she goes inside to change, Chuks comes in. He tells Soji that he is really serious with this Bimpe babe & Soji warns him to keep his voice down as Bimpe is in the other room. Chuks goes for the food but Soji restrains him saying that it is for his quality time with Bimpe. About time, Chuks says. Soji tells him that Salem is not around so they intend to have an intimate time while he is away. Chuks tells him that he came to talk to him about Salem. He feels like the ghetto moves is the sauce he needs to get his design juices flowing again. Area Boy Couture, Soji says. Chuks agrees but Soji tells him he is joking. Bimpe enters wearing a wrapper tied across her chest. Chuks opens his mouth as Bimpe greets him. Oga fashion, pardon my dress. Your friend here spilled champagne on my dress, she tells him noting the look of disapproval on his face. Chuks remains transfixed there & they had to scream his name to ensure that he is still okay. He gets up and runs after saying a quick good bye. Was it something I said? Bimpe asks Soji.
Kwame calls Joan, the cougar. She is in her palatial hotel room. She hoped that he will call. He asks how it will work? She is a woman with worldly needs. Where do they meet? Protea Leadway Hotel. Tare catches him on the call & he changes his response to sir! He has a meeting, he tells her when he drops the call. That was not a sir, you were talking to, she tells him. Anyone interesting? She asks. He tells her that he does not see her quizzing Phillip about his whereabouts. He leaves & Tare picks up the pad where he wrote the address on.
Brenda calls Sheila to discuss the trial. The things she is reading in the papers no longer makes sense to her. How can Angela change her testimony? Sheila tells her that Angela has been under a lot of stress lately & she should not believe everything she reads. Sheila takes another call. She needs to talk to her stocks lady & will call Brenda back. Stan calls Brenda. He stumbled on troubling stuff while working on a laptop in OK Fowlers’. He cannot talk about it on phone & Brenda tells him that they cannot discuss in her office. He will put the stuff in a flash drive & meet with her elsewhere. She has to ensure that she is not followed.
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Kwame gets home late & Phillip accosts him. He asks where he has been? He has been to a meeting with a potential client. He could have called, Phillip says. He offers Phillip a drink. Phillip tells him that it is not professional to drink so much with a client. Kwame says it is a lot coming from Phillip. Phillip tells him that he is trying build a good image for the company. Kwame reminds him that he is beginning to sound like a wife as he fishes for glasses for the drink he came back with.
Soji & Bimpe are in bed. She wants food to assuage her woman’s appetite. He thought that his picnic moves will be enough & did not think up to dinner. She gives him some tips on how to seduce a woman. They should do that more often. She agrees, so that they do not turn to a boring couple like Chuks & Ene. Soji looks at her with disapproval but she tells him that their walls are thin and she hears them every night. No action, that is probably why Ene is wearing a permanent frown. She makes a face. Soji grabs her, & they dive down under the blanket again!
Kwame offers Phillip the drink. He asks what they are celebrating? Kwame tells him that they are celebrating their new office, his new secretary, who Kwame thinks is hot. Phillip thinks he made a mistake in that department. Kwame says no, he makes good choices. An example is his choice of a partner. He is buying Phillip out. Phillip asks where he got the money from? He tells Philip not to worry. The funds will be in his account in the morning. Phillip hopes that the police will not be knocking down his door in the morning. Kwame tells him that he should change his name now to Stevens to reflect their new even partnership. Phillip looks troubled.
Angela speaks with Emile on the phone. He tells her how he had to get his mum off his trail to prepare for the trip. He looks forward to the adventure. He tells her that he loves her & she tells him that the feeling is mutual. They agree to meet early tomorrow morning to set off & he drops. She immediately takes a call from a cab waiting to take her to the airport. She grabs her bag & opens the door & Masters is there.
Stan meets Brenda at their agreed spot. As he comes out of his car & meets her, he apologizes for being late. Traffic was bad. As he was about to hand over the flash drive, a bike starts up and they are rushed by hoodlums who rough them up & take the flash drive. As they were leaving, they shoot Stan in the back.
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Kwame receives a call from Brenda and rushes out to go and meet her where she is.