Chuks & Salewa discuss his design issues. Salewa suggests that his issues must have started from when Ziggy died & he agrees it is true & asks her how she knew? She had experienced trauma too over her dad, she says. She suddenly could no longer sing or write songs. He asks her how she dealt with hers? She suggests that he thinks about something else while he is designing. He is first bothered about designing with a dead man on his kind but finally agreed to imagine like a muse, he says.
Bimpe & Soji discuss her contract. He suggests that she gets a proper lawyer to review the contract. She asks him why she should spend hard earned money on getting another man to interpret English Language? He reminds her that that is exactly where they are where they are now. She grabs the contract from him but he grabs her & puts her on his laps. Salem comes in & Bimpe tries to scram from her perch on Soji’s laps but Soji holds her back. She exchanges pleasantries with Salem who tells them that his mum is going to be discharged that day. Bimpe is worried that she will have to go back to her husband’s house. She enquires what the use of her fame is if she cannot use it to help the less-privileged? Soji holds her from the back as she talks and kisses her ears.
Masters & his lawyer visits the police station to get the expected apology from Sankey. Segun tells them that she is out on an assignment & he does not know when she will come back. They will wait, they say as they relax on the chairs before the desk. Segun tells them to suit themselves. Masters drinks from his usual flask as he waits.
Angela is in her flat when Sheila rushes in to make sure that she is okay. She did not want to wait in the car only to realize that there are hoodlums in her house. She jokes that it is good that Sheila came in with her car keys to attack the hoodlums. They start to search the house when her phone rings. It is her father’s number!
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Angela speaks with her father. She asks whether his kidnappers did anything to him? He was never kidnapped! She keeps shouting till she finally hands the phone to Sheila to speak with her father. Angela’s father had been in a workshop. He has been involved with an NGO that works on mental health. Someone offered to sponsor the NGO and arranged a workshop in a resort in the middle of nowhere to discuss the funding of the project. What about the picture? Angela wants to know and Sheila tells her that someone came up with the idea to take the picture of a man tied to a chair to demonstrate the plight of mental health patients who are tied down in chairs!
Kwame and Tare and Phillip discuss the candidates. Kwame & Tare argues about the better candidates & when asked, Phillip says that he has no say either way. He only wants to know who they want to hire, office manager or personal assistant? As they were arguing about which candidate and what to call the role, there is a knock on the door & when Tare opens, she comes face to face with Zaza!
Salewa & Maami are admiring Salewa’s graduation dress. She tells Maami about her father, & why she should not say evil about him. Maami tells her that her opinion is based on what she heard! She tells Maami that she does not want her & TTK to make a scene at her graduation. Maami promises to be of good behaviour but tells her to talk to her mother. Maami tells Salewa that her mother reported that she has been eating too much & has been running after men.
Zaza waltzes in & gives Phillip an intimate greeting before turning back & greeting Tare & Kwame. Phillip introduces her to Tare who as already noticed the chemistry between them! He tells Tare that he used to hang out with Zaza while Kwame tells Zaza that they seem to keep running into each other. Phillip thinks Zaza is a perfect candidate for the role. Tare wonders why he suddenly changed from not caring who was employing to pitching Zaza’s good quality? Zaza tells her that they already know her social skills & they have her CV to show her administrative skills. Tare is stumped! Do you have to interview other candidates or do I have the job? Zaza asks them nicely Only if you promise to call me sir! Phillip smiles at her.
Salewa explains what happened to her & why she started eating too much. It started with her father going to jail & then her boyfriend gave an interview saying that he prefers girls that can speak good English & have curves. She had to improve on those areas. Maami asks her to come closer & when she did, she smacked her head. She complains that instead of consoling her, Maami is beating her?  Maami reminds her of the story of the lion and the hunter. She asks Salewa to tell her what she remembers of the story. She uses the story to tell Salewa to place her priorities right.
Kwame goes to meet Sherif but meets Joan (the cougar) instead. She tells him that he has the right table when he got confused. She initiated the discussions he was having with Sherif over loans but Ferroil is not in the habit of handing out loans. Why is he there then? She knows a lot about his personal and professional life and wanted to meet him. She asks if it is true that he seduced Telema Duke away from her fiancée while still on a wheel chair?  She can be convinced to get in bed with Black Ananse if he plays nicely.
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Soji meets Salem in the hospital. Salem asks after Bimpe but Bimpe waltzes right in. Recognizes Salome and introduces herself but Salome either did not recognize her or did not acknowledge the recognition. She sets to work to convince Salome to talk to her mum about the right thing to do which is report her step-father to the police. Salome confirms that her step-father has not done anything to her but he has been threatening her. Bimpe gives her a book showing what can happen to women in an abusive relationships & tells her to go & read it to her mum to convince her to do the right thing. She agrees & goes inside the ward with it.
Ovie asks Segun how much longer they still have to wait before Detective Tina Sankey will come back? Segun reminds them that they chose to wait of their own free will. He asks Segun if there is nothing he can do like a phone call to mediate the situation? Segun says there is nothing he can do. Ovie tells him that they will leave but will make it clear to Sankey’s superiors that Sankey is not ready to tender the apology. As they were getting ready to leave, Sankey comes in.
Bimpe & Salem & Soji were talking in the waiting room when Salome comes out. Her mum will not report to the police. They are all shocked. She tells them that the needed to see the fear in her face when she told her about it. As they were expressing their shock, she tells them that she will do it! Do what? Salome agrees to report her step-father to the police.
Kwame tells Joan that he is not sure what she heard about him but her research is flawed. She asks if he is not ambitious, ready to do whatever it takes to achieve what he wants? He agrees that he is all that but he will let this one pass. He will keep exploring other options. As he leaves, she ogles his departing figure!
Sankey asks Masters & his lawyer what she an do for them? They came to get her to apologize to Masters, Ovie tells her. She asks if they expect her, Tina Sankey to apologize? Ovie tells her that she maligned his client and they expect her to apologize Can we now bring in the cameras? Masters asks? Cameras? We need to record the resolution of the matter and send to all the media houses to show them that you have repented from your ways, Ovie tells her. Sankey is shocked!
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Chuks is lost as Bimpe stands beside Soji and apologizes for her wrapper outfit. He is lost in thought and after calling him for a while, he jumps up, greets them and runs off. I suspect he got the much-needed inspiration!