Ovie gives the press a victory speech on the court steps after winning the case. The case has always been brought by over zealous security men. His client has been quite magnanimous about the whole case and has decided not to counter sue the authorities. However, they demand an apology from the blundering Detective Sankey. The prosecuting lawyer who was standing close by could not do anything but nod his head. However, Sankey who was listening on the other side of the court steps broke away from the people she was talking to & verbally attacks him saying that apology will never happen.
Phillip demands for an explanation from Kwame. Kwame asks him to ask Tare. Phillip realizes that was why Brenda threw him out. He says he borrowed money he needed at that time & intended to pay back. Phillip asks why he did not tell him before now? He asks Kwame if he would trust a partner that does the same thing to him? Kwame gets up & leaves asking Tare if she is happy now on his way out? After he leaves, Tare starts to talk to Phillip but he snaps at her asking her if there is any other thing she has been keeping from him? Tare looks shocked.
TTK comes home with Carol & instructs Carol to go & make lunch. As they were talking, she hears a noise & asks Carol what that was? Carol tells her that she thought she was the one making the noise. Grand ma comes out & seeing Carol, asks what she is doing in the house? TTK tells her that she is the one that employed Carol & is also the only one that can fire her. Grand ma takes TTK to task on why she needs a maid? TTK tells her that in Lagos, you cannot do everything yourself so you need a maid! TTK hears the strange noise again & asks what it was? Grand ma bought a live chicken to make Salewa’s favourite dish! TTK is horrified at the mess the thing will make in her kitchen! TTK instructs Carol to get rid of the chicken but Grand ma blocks her way!
Fred calls Sheila about the verdict. She apologized for not being able to be there for the verdict. She could not be there due to the meeting she told him she had. She tells Angela about the verdict. It is expected she says considering Angela’s testimony. Angela is worried that Masters will come after them, now that he is free. Sheila tells her not to worry as they will still find a way to keep her safe.
TTK asks Carol to get the chicken out of her kitchen. Grand ma accuses TTK of laziness. She cannot understand a woman that cannot cook for herself & her child. TTK tells her that she is busy. Doing what?grand ma asks? Acting & working at the bar. Little wonder, you cannot care for your daughter, grand ma concludes. Salewa comes home & kneels down to greet grand ma. She dances when grand ma tells her that the noise she is hearing is a live chicken to be used in making her favourite dish.
Kwame meets Sherif at a restaurant. Sherif tells him they like Black Anase’s work. In fact, they are thinking of absorbing Black-Ananse. Kwame is not sure he heard right.
Ahmed meets Sankey in her office to talk about the case. He is not impressed with Angela. Angela could be dead Sankey says. Ahmed reminds her that investigating such is within her jurisdiction. She wants them to appeal against the judgement but he does not think they stand a good chance of winning. The defence was magnanimous. They could have sued them for dragging Alhaji Abubakar to court.
Kwame asks Sherif why they want to absorb Black Ananse? Sherif tells him that they want an exclusive platform to project their image. Kwame does not think it will work & Sherif asks why? Kwame tells him that Phillip will not agree to any exclusive deals with anybody. Sherif convinces him to tip the scale in the partnership and make the absorption happen. Then they can do business together. Kwame smiles as they part.
TTK asks Salewa to kneel down & greet her. Salewa says no. She will not respect TTK who does not respect her own mum by calling her a house help. She threatens to go to the village with grand ma. TTK tells her to go ahead. She grabs the pillows & beats her. Grand ma & Carol run out & TTK says Salewa is not her child but a criminal like her father. Grand ma is shocked at the news.
Phillip visits Fred & Fred asks him what he owes the visit to? Phillip asks whether he needs a reason to come visit his father? They discuss the new company & Phillip complains that he cannot trust the staff. Fred asks him if any of them has given him any cause to doubt their loyalty? He replies that he has not had any direct trust issue but they withheld information in the past. Fred reminds him that even him has a past. He advises Phillip to let the past be. As he leaves, Fred meets Sheila leaving for work with a food basket. He complains that he no longer sees his wife. She apologizes for spending so much time outside the house. He asks her what the issue has been of late? She tells him about Angela finally. He says that he suspected as much & asks Sheila why she should be the one taking care of Angela? Sheila replies that someone has to care for her & they are friends. She apologizes & leaves.
Grand ma asks what she just heard. Salewa quickly goes to whisper into TTK’s ears who tells grand ma that it is all a misunderstanding. She did not hear them correctly. Grand ma tells her that she is not stupid & knows what she heard. She finally talks about Dan. Grand ma is shocked & asks whether it means that her grand daughter is tainted with the blood of a murderer? TTK tells her that it is not like that!
Harriet comes to Sankey for a quote. She tells her that she will do better than that. She will let her husband talk on her behalf. She tells Harriet to ensure that everything she says is recorded. Harriet sets up her recorder for the quote but Segun cautions Sankey that it will not portray her in a good light. Sankey tells Harriet that Bartholomew has told her to give Harriet a demonstration. As Harriet waits for it, she rummages through her desk & comes p with her pistol which she points at Harriet. Harriet quickly grabs her bag & recorder & bolts from the room. Sankey tells Segun that the gun is not even loaded.
Phillip apologizes to everyone including Freddy, Bimpe, Tare, & Kwame in his house and agrees to review the contracts that require a review. Tare accepts his apology & he offers to sell Kwame the additional 10% shares that will make them equal partners. Kwame is happy and they shake hands. He tells them that they need to sort out office space. They all agree to use the house.
Angela calls Ovie. She wants her father back. He tells her that he knows nothing about what she is talking about. She threatens to go to the police with what she knows now that she has nothing to lose. He tells her that she reminds him of a line he heard from a movie he just watched; There is always something to lose!

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Kwame calls Sherif to discuss mutually beneficial relationships.