Emile goes to look for Angela at Mirage Spa. He asks the staff at the reception to check their register for her but she tells him that it is not allowed. As he tries to force her to check saying that she used to work there, Sheila comes out & he complains to her that Angela is missing. She tries to calm him down but he is still agitated saying that Angela may be lying in a ditch somewhere dead or something. She tells him that she will turn up soon. She assures him that she will tell him whenever she resurfaces. As they were talking, her staff comes in with the food she ordered for & asks whether she should take the food to the office? Sheila collects it from her.
Sheila gets back to her office & find Angela missing. She calls her name, & she comes out from where she was hiding behind cartons. She tells her that she got worried when she found her missing. Angela says she was not sure about who will come in next. Sheila assures her that she locked the outer door. She tells Angela that Emile came calling. Angela hopes that Sheila did not tell him of her whereabouts? No, Sheila did not, but she did not enjoy lying to him. Angela assures her that she only needs a place to hide till the verdict is over. As they were talking, Sankey calls to ask Sheila if she knew where Angela was hiding? Sheila says no & Sankey tells her that she doubts that. She complains about Angela’s testimony in court. She has made it possible for the murderer of her husband to be set free after two of them came to drag her back from her village. Sheila tries to calm her down saying that Angela has been under a lot of pressure lately but Sankey will have none of that telling her that they have all under a lot of pressure themselves. She is saddened by the fact that Angela may have frittered away the only chance to put Masters away. Sheila tells her to wait till the verdict is delivered.
Bimpe breezes not Soji’s flat with a Desperado Housewives DVD. She tells Soji that she came so that they can watch it together on his laptop. Soji protests that he is uploading his pictures but she eventually grabbed the laptop. He tells her that he knows some other more interesting thing to do other than watching DVDs but she is not interested.
Chuks is on the phone with his mum. He asks if she is on her way already to come for the verdict? She says that she does not feel like traveling again. Chuks tells her that it is ok. She is worried that she may be seen to be abandoning her brother’s legacy but Chuks tells her that it is ok. She asks to speak with Ene but Chuks says that he is at the bar. He tells her that sometimes it feels like Ziggy never left. She assures him that he is doing a great job running the bar which is Ziggy’s only remaining legacy.
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TTK comes into Ziggy’s Bar & sees Harriet pecking away at her laptop. She walks up to the waiters to ask hem what she is writing but they tell her that they are not aware. She tells them that they are useless & goes to Harriet herself to find out what she is writing about. Harriet covers her work when TTK approaches her table & offers her a drink on the house. She is not interested. TTK asks how her story is coming up but Harriet complains that the story could not have gone any worse what with her disruptive daughter & the bizarre house keeper. TTK tells her that the house keeper’s days are numbered. she offers Harriet a drink again & Harriet tells her that she is not aware that she now runs the bar. She believes that it is run by the Obis. TTK asks where she got that from & she tells TTK that she has seen Ziggy’s sister, Mabel Obi, who she recognized from the trial go into the office. While TTK was mulling that, Harriet grabs her laptop & scrams from the bar!
TTK walks into the office & meets Chuks talk in to his mum on the phone. Chuks quickly hangs up & turns to TTK who asks him to step aside so that she can run a proper bar. Chuks reminds her that the last time he checked, he was still the one that ran the bar! TTK leaves him to his design & goes back to the bar.
Tate takes a call & tells the caller that they are not employing currently. She also adds that Phillip is the only one who can decide who to employ. The caller asks to speak with Phillip but Phillip signals that he is not available. She tells the caller to call back in two hours. Immediately she dropped the call, she asks Phillip why he advised her personal number? Phillip tells her that they all need to multi-task at some point. As they were talking, another call comes into her cellphone from another unknown number. The caller says he is from an insurance company & she tells him hat they are not interested. She drops the phone & tells Phillip that she cannot take it anymore & may go on strike too. He reminds her that she is doing a part of her job as their PR person. Tare tells him that they need to prioritize their expansion plans. He agrees & she asks him if he knew how much Kwame spends on clothes & at this point, Kwame comes in &  hearing what Tare said, asks her how it is the problem of the PR Department? Phillip agrees wth Tare that hey should think about the future of their business. He tells Phillip that he has seen some likely office spaces which are open for rent. Tare reminds him that he is the one that suggested that they stick to using the spare bedroom as an office? Kwame says that he is talking of mixing business with pleasure! Phillip gets up quickly & follows Kwame. On their way out, Tare suggests that she comes along to stop them from any speculative purchases. Phillip asks her to trust them as they walk out.
TTK plays the host in the bar, going from table to table to talk to the patrons. She looks up & sees Fred & Amaka walk in & goes to welcome them. Fred agrees that he should have been coming a bit more regularly. As they settle into a table, TTK tells them that she thinks that they have the wrong guy. She has met Masters & he sound like a nice guy. What evidence do they have other than that of a young woman who has been proven to be not trustworthy? Amaka tells her that Angela maybe everything but she has had a number of dealings with Alhaji Abubakar & she can say that he is not as nice as he appears. TTK tells her that she should know from living with a murderer. Fred quickly steps in & broke it up before it became serious. As TTK turns around to the bar, she meets the waiters telling customer to go as it is enough. She asks what happened & they tell her that the man was betting against Ziggy’s killer being exonerated. She wonders where they learnt their customer service from & asks them to give her caviar. We don’t stock caviar, they tell her & she asks them to go get some, stupid!
Soji & Bimpe finish watching one of the seasons of the soap opera & Bimpe is getting ready for the next one when Soji reminds her that he has work to do with the laptop especially as she has watched the whole film previously. She tells him that watching it with him is equivalent to watching it all anew. He advices her to concentrate on getting others to watch her work rather than her watching other people’s work. She agrees that she should watch more of her videos rather than watch other people!
Amaka & Fred discuss Ziggy. He tells Amaka that Ziggy had sopped boxing when they met in answer to Amaka’s question. She thanks him for stopping her from dealing with TTK earlier. Fred thinks that TTK may have some point on Angela’s unreliable nature but Amaka thinks otherwise. Fred eventually tells her that he is only on the side of the law. Amaka tells him that the owe it to Ziggy to be present at the verdict. TTK comes back to them to offer them caviar & champagne. As they were talking, Emle walks in & goes to the bar to ask the waiters if they have seen Angela Dede that day. No, they have not seen her, they al, chorused.
Soji calls Tare to complain about the excessive watching of DVD by Bimpe & practically begs Tare them to keep her busy again so that she will see stop bugging him. Tare asks where Bimpe is then, & he tells her that she went out to get pop corn! Just then, Bimpe comes in. 
Phillip & Kwame come back from their “shopping” & tell Tare that they saw a very nice office with a glass wall, etc. Tate is looking a them like, what am I missing here.
Frank complains to Chuks that he is being worked to death as he is the only waiter around. Chuks asks where the others are & Frank says that TTk sent them out to look for caviar. He encourages Chuks to go & tell TTK who is the boss around there. Chuks instead offered to help with the customers till the others come back.
TTK offers Amaka & Fred caviar & champagne again. As she was offering, Mrs. Haruna comes in & greets them. They invite her to join them but she came to talk to her som. She moves n to Emile to tell him to give up looking for Angela but he reminds her in a loud voice that Angela could be injured or dead somewhere. She tells him ha he is making a scene & he gets up & follows her out. Shortly after, Amaka & Fred also get up & leave. TTK asks what happens to the caviar but they prefer to pass on that. After they left, Avi & Obiora come in with the caviar. She berates them for losing her money. TTK walks up to Chuks & the waiters to ask for a refund for the caviar. Chuks tells her that they do not serve caviar & thus will not be able to give her a refund on the caviar.
Phillip suggests that the go out to celebrate their new office. Tare ass him how they can go celebrating when they still have lot to deal with it? he tells her that Kwame has promised to take care of the accommodation. She asks if he trusts him? At that point, Kwame comes in from the kitchen & says that Tare’s problems hat she wants to regulate everything. Tare denies this & Kwame tells her that she abandoned her old job rather than work with the owner. She tells him that she is not the one that was thrown out for embezzlement. Phillip asks what she is asking about while Kwame says that he cannot stay there & listen to that as he also heads out.
The judge in the case acquit Alhaji Abubakar of attempted murder & Sankey jumps up & screams but Segun restrains her.

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Sankey is being interviewed by Harriet & she is giving Harriet Bartholomew’s version of things. Harriet runs when Sankey pulls out a gun from her desk while Segun looks on in fear!