Emile walks into Angela’s flat but she is not here. As he was coming out of her room, Sankey walks in & asks after Angela. Emile confirms that he has not seen her. He was supposed to meet her at the court but by the time he got there, she was no longer there. he tries her number but she did not pick. He asks Sankey if she thinks something has happened to Angela? Sankey says that she is hiding because of her testimony in court. Emile tells her that contrary to public opinion,  he does not think that Angela has gone crazy. Something must be spooking her. Sankey tells him that they need to find Angela & put her back on that stand. He is not sure that it is a good idea as her credibility has been seriously tarnished.
Tare & Kwame discuss Bimpe’s strike action. He is surprised that she is taking things to this level. Kwame suggests that they start thinking of ways to expand their content. It is not enough to depend on spoofs to grow a company. As they were discussing, Phillip comes down & asks after Bimpe. He is not happy that she is not around & complains loudly that he thinks that she is taking this whole strike thing too far & something has to give.
TTK comes out & meets Carol & Salewa in the sitting room with Carol crying while Salewa tries to dust the house. She asks what is going on & before they could answer, Grand ma comes out & says that she asked Carol to go as there is no work she is doing that Salewa cannot do. TTK tells her that Salewa cannot be doing chores at the expense of her schooling. Grandma tells her that back in Ilorin, Salewa wakes up at 4am, fills all the containers in the house with water from the stream, cooks for everyone in the house and the pets before she goes to school & the school never complained for once that she was late to school. She asks Salewa to confirm her story. Meanwhile, Carol who has been crying went inside to pack her bags. She came out to tell TTK that she will come back for her things but TTk tells her not to worry as her job is safe. She should just find a place to stay the night & come back the next day. She asks Salewa to go & meet her friends as she planned earlier. Salewa goes in to get ready & TTk collects the duster from grandma, who thinks that she is lazy & starts dusting the house. 
Angela comes into Sheila’s office who worries over her state but she says that she is ok. Sheila goes out to get some coffee for two of them & Angela calls Ovie of OK Fowler to ask after her father. Ovie reminds her that she should not be contacting them. He tells her that he does not know anything about her father’s whereabouts. She tells him that she has done her part & now it is their turn to reciprocate but he tells her to go & report to the authorities if her father is missing. 
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Kwame examines the new interface for their website and tells Phillip that it is cool. Phillip suggests that they expand their base to attract a new audience. Kwame agrees and he suggest that they aim for the youths. They will need someone that speaks the language of the young. Phillip asks if he knows anyone, but remembers Freddy & calls him. He tells Freddy what he wants but Freddy wants his contract sorted out first. Phillip threatens him but Freddy tells him that he cannot be forced to work for Black Ananse & if Phillip insists, he will tell Fred. Phillip backs off.
Salewa is on her way out but asks TTk for money. As TTk goes to get her purse, Harriet comes for her scheduled interview with TTK. She remarks that TTk looks stressed & TTK tells her that she almost cancelled the interview & Harriet is grateful that she did not cancel as they have already advertised the edition with her face on the cover. She could understand TtK’s stress with everything happening around her, Dan’s trial, etc. TTK says that they are managing to cope. As they were talking, grandma comes out with TTK’s laundry basket & asks why TTK allows her laundry to pile up like that? Luckily, that was done in Yoruba, which Harriet does not understand. She greets grandma & grandma responds in Yoruba but changes to halting English when she realized that she was not communicating. TTK shepherds her back into the room with the laundry basket.
Brenda calls Harriet about her article on Angela’s testimony in court. Harriet explains that she was there & reported exactly what Angela said. Brenda asks her whether she finds it strange that Angela changed her testimony when it matters most? Harriet talks about Angela being unbalanced & Brenda clicks off & tries another call but the called party did not pick the call.
Tare comes into the flat & meets Kwame looking a some interesting pictures. She asks him if he is shopping or dreaming? He asks if he looks like a dreamer? He wants to give himself a treat. While she was digesting that, he takes a call & starts heading out after the call. She asks where he is going to & he tells her that there is a new car he is going to test drive. New car new clothes? She asks.
Harriet tries to chat Salewa  up but she is not in the mood to talk to Harriet. Harriet then asks her who the lady is? Salewa tells her to wait for her interview. Just then, TTK comes out & Harriet jumps back to her seat. TTK gives Salewa the money for her visit & settles in for the interview. As Salewa was going out, Harriet asks who the lady is? TTK stutters & Salewa stops to hear what she will say. TTK finally says that she is someone that helps out around the house! Salewa hisses loudly & heads out. Harriet wonders what is wrong with her but TTK refuses to respond.
Barrister Ahmed asks for a delay in the trial. Obie says no. Ahmed hinges his request on the need to avoid witness tampering which he believes has happened. The judge agrees with the defence counsel. Ovie calls Masters, aka Alhaji Abubakar to the stand. He leads Masters in evidence as Masters introduces himself as a business man with many interests in import, export, shipping & his involvement with various charities. He has never been convicted of a crime previously. On the day he was shot, he says that he got a solid lead on his long search for his missing sister, Jasmine which led him to the jetty. When he got to the jetty, he saw a young woman being molested by some hoodlums. Though he abhors any form of violence, he could not stand by and watch & had to intervene. Instead, he got a stab from a young woman out of her mind with fear and a bullet from an over-zealous police woman. Sankey looks daggers at him.
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Sheila calls Demola to get updates on her set in Calabar. He tells her that he was with the make-up girls when she called the first time. She berates him for socializing but he tells her that it is common knowledge that the make-up girls know everything happening in any set. She asks how everything is going & he confirms that all is well. She asks if he has seen any strange thing happening, & he says no.
Barrister Ahmed in cross-examination asks why he was stabbed by Angela if he went to help her? When he intervened, he was stabbed by a young woman who is out of her mind with fear, he says. Ahmed then asks why he held Angela’s neck & he answers that he wanted to protect Angela from being shot from the back by putting himself between her & any shooter. He wanted himself to be the one to be shot in case she is shot from the back.
Grand ma comes out & asks TTK where her friend is? TTK tells her that she has left for the court. Grandma is shocked & asks if those are the kinds of people TTK associates with? TTK explains that her friend is not on trial. She works in the court. Grand ma is still quite critical & says that is why TTK is not married yet. TTK gets up & leaves for the bar. When she left, grandma calls her a drunkard & settles down to munch TTK’s chocolate!
The judge calls for the final statements from the lawyers. Ahmed for the prosecution bases his statement on Alhaji Abubakar being a bad man who slipped unwittingly. He asks the court to convict him of the crime now hat they have him in their clutch as no one can tell when he will slip again. Ovie for the defence talks about eye witnesses seeing things from different angles. He zeroes in on Angela whose witness statement he says cannot be trusted considering her antecedents. The prosecution has not presented any evidence to support their claims because there is none. Only over-zealou law enforcement agents have made Alhaji Abubakar guilty. He tells the judge that the law has no point of view & moves for the acquittal of his client.

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