Angela needs guarantees that she will be safe after Masters is released from prison. Masters asks her what else she has to lose? As they have discovered, she was not at any risk on that fateful day. Angela does not believe him & suggests that she will rather take a chance with the truth. Masters asks her where the truth has left her so far? He quickly changes the subject of discussion & asks her about those she loves? She wonders what he is talking about? He tells her that she has not had a very good history with her relationships. He enumerates them from Reginald, Amaka, & her father. Can I at least speak to him? She asks him. He tells her not to worry about unnecessary things but concentrate on giving a credible testimony at the trial. 
Phillip & Kwame make fun of Bimpe’s threat to go on strike. Does she even know what a strike means? What are your demands? They ask her. She is flustered at their questions while Tare tries to ask the guys to stop. Let me see how you will shoot your next movie, Bimpe tells them as she walks out on them.
TTK practices her vocals in her sitting room when her mum comes out & asks her which white man’s witchcraft is she practicing? She explains that she is practicing her vocals. Mam TTK understands why she has not been able to find a husband but TTk tells her that she is married to her art. As they were talking, Salewa comes back & greets them perfunctorily before making to go into the house. Her grand mum stops her & asks her if that is how she greets elders? Salewa runs back & kneels down to greet her but she orders her to stay there. TTK tells her mum that that is what she has been going through with Salewa. She does whatever she wants & goes & comes as she pleases. Her mum tells her that it is all her fault. She cannot even bring up her child well. TTK tells her that things have changed & parents can no longer compel their children to do what they want. Her mum tells her that it is not true. If you bring a child up well, she will not depart from it. She asksTTK to kneel down to demonstrate what she is saying. TTK bristles at this but eventually kneels down. The whole discussion with granny was in Yoruba language.
Angela discusses her father with Dr. Ibrahim. Dr  ibrahim warns her that one day, she will have a real crisis & he may not be able to drop everything & take on her case. She tells him that this is a real crisis. He asks her what the issue with her father is? She mentions that he has been kidnapped. Call the police, he tells her but she says no. He suggests that he makes the call himself but she says no as the police cannot help. How can I help you then? He asks her You can’t, she tells him.
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TTK & Salewa are still kneeling down. TTK wonders why they are being punished like children by asking them to kneel down? Salewa tells her to be grateful that they were also not asked to raise their hands up as she was told to do the last time she came back late. TTK says that she cannot be kneeling down like a child & gets up. Just then, the door opens & grand ma & Carol come out. Grand ma sits down comfortably & asks them to tell her what the issue is between two of them. TTK tells her that they do not have any issues. Grand mas asks Salewa but also got no answer. She then turns to Carol & asks her what the issue between these two is in the same Yoruba language. She suddenly recalls that Carol does not understand what she is saying & now asks her, Caro, two fighting, blame, who? Carol looks at the two of them & to avoid trouble, goes to join the two in kneeling down.
Bimpe is @ Ziggy’s Bar & was talking to Soji about Salem & his family issue. When she gets off the phone, Frank walks up to her & asks her if she is sure she does not want to go to a bar that is already open? She asks him to leave her alone & not disturb her as she makes her stand. He wonders what she is talking about as Kwame enters & sees her. He sits at her table & after a while, she turns to him. He tells her that it is no longer a  Sit at home strike if you do not stay at home. This seems to get to Bimpe as she tries to rationalize what he is saying.  He tells her that they will be in their right if they decide to duct her pay for every day she is out of work. She tells him that she is not on a salary. He reminds her that her contract gives them the right to calculate and deduct what they are losing for every day she does not do what she is supposed to do. She protests that the contract is contravening her right to free speech & protest. He reminds her that she signed the contract.
Angela talks to Emile on the phone as she gets ready for her day in court. Sankey visits her & she is surprised at her visit. What are you doing here? She asks Sankey? Sankey tells her that she is not being very hospitable. She reminds her that she did better when they visited her house. Angela apologizes. Sankey asks after her testimony the other day? Angela tells her not to believe everything she reads in the tabloids. She tells Angela that Segun told her about the day in court. She asks Angela if there is something she is trying to tell her? Is there a way I can help? She asks as Angela tries to cover the whole thing up? Angela pretends not to understand what she is talking about. She tells Angela that she may be out of the trial, but there may be other ways she can help. If Angela gives her the numbers of her relations, she can take a trip to the parts where her father currently is and contact some people.
TTK & Salewa are still being quizzed by grand ma. Salewa opens up & talks about how TTK stopped her from her music, etc. Grand ma laughs & says Biliki! Salewa asks who Biliki is? TTK tells her to shut her mouth but Grand ma asks her if she does not even know her mother’s real name? Salewa laughs & recalls the Biliki who grand ma never allowed her listen to discussions about. 
Kwame suggests they use the spare room instead of renting an office till their cash flow improves. Phillip is not willing to open up his house once more to vagrants. Kwame suggests that they take a look at the room & allow him explain what he means. Bimpe looks bored as Freddy comes in & quickly greets everyone before asking Phillip where he wants his help? The three partners go upstairs to inspect the room & leaves Bimpe & Freddy downstairs. Bump whines about being cheated & asks Freddy how much they are pYing him for all the work he is doing? Freddy tells her that Phillip promised to match his pocket money Naira for Naira when he is going back to school. Bimpe tells him that he is being cheated by Phillip as the would have paid an adult a lot of money to do the same job. Freddy asks how much? She does not know, but it must be a lot. She is being cheated she knows, but she is sure that Freddy is worse off as he does not even have a contract. Freddy suggests they team up.
Angela runs up to Barrister Ahmed in front of the court house. He asks what has come over her? She tells him that it was  the stress of prepping for the trial but she has seen her therapist & is okay now. He is still not convinced that she is ready for the trial in spite of her fresh looks but Sankey calls him & asks him why he did not investigate Angela’s claims of intimidation further? He tells her off & accuses her of being an unreliable witness who lied under oath. She reminds him that he is being insulting but he did not slow down. Ater a while, he asks why she is calling him? Is she still insisting her father is kidnapped? He asks Sankey. No, the more reason you should be worried she tells him as she drops the line.
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Phillip, Tare & Kwame come back downstairs & Phillip tells Freddy to come. Freddy says no that they are on strike. Who are the they? They ask him. He points at himself & Bimpe. From now on, he tells them I am Speaking for BALU. BALU? They wonder. Yes, Black Ananse Labour Union.
TTK & Salewa tell Maami what has been happening as the accuse each other of all sorts.  Salewa says that she & TTK are always quarreling like Tom & Jerry! That ticked TTK off & she goes after Salewa. Grand ma asks her what that is? She explains that Salewa is comparing her to a cat! Grand ma cannot believe that Salewa is comparing an adult to a domestic animal as that is a taboo.  TTK asks after her father. Grand ma wonders why it took her that long to remember him? She claims that she has been remembering him & tells Grand ma that her absence will affect him as there will be no one to take care of him. Grand ma reminds her that they have not resolved the issues between the two of them. She tells them that the solution is that Salewa will come back with her to Ilorin.
Angela is back on the witness stand & the lawyer takes her through the day Alhaji Abubakar’s car was searched for drugs by the police. As he takes her to the day she was abducted by Alhaji Abubakar’s men, she interrupts him & says hat this men were not taking her to Alhaji Ahubakar. Alhaji Abubakar was trying to protect her. barrister Ahmed’s jaw drops!

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Barrister Ahmed yells at Angela that her written statement to the police contradicts what she is saying. Stop yelling at me, she screams back as she looks like she is having an attack.