Angela calls her Aunty Caro to ask after her father. After quarreling with her for not greeting first, her aunt tells her that her father is okay & went to a meeting about two hours ago. Angela still does not believe it & Aunty Caro reminds her hat she has other things to do & it does not include monitoring of her father’s movements. Angela greets her & clicks off.
Soji asks how Salem’s mum is? Salem fumes that his step-father broke her ribs, etc. He swore to go & teach the man a bitter lesson. Soji convinces that violence is not always the best way to resolve a problem. He should know as he has been there & it landed him in jail.
Tare speaks with someone on the phone about how to sweeten the deal. Kwame & Phillip wonder what she is doing. She drops the phone & asks for Bimpe who just came out of the kittle room. She has been able to get the Ferroil spot on The Juice with Peju. The guys are impressed & think up ways to Jake the best out if it. They plan to invite others & ask Bimpe if she has anyone to invite? She says no. Phillip wonders if she is suffering from backlash of over-exposure? Over-exposure as in naked? She asks. Kwame & Phillip exchange looks. You guys are really in a good mood today. Is that what making money does to people? Can I go home? She asks & leaves. Shouldn’t you be keeping talent happy? Kwame asks Phillip after she left. Phillip concedes that to Kwame.
Angela is driving behind a cab carrying OK Fowler’s associate. Sheila calls her to ask after her day in court. She is surprised that Sheila has heard already & tells Sheila to meet her at home for the details.
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Kwame requests for sandwiches at Ziggy’s Bar & asks Frank to ensure that the TV is on. Frank assures him that their TV s always on. Sherif calls Kwame about the video. Kwame confesses that he did not see the cd before it was sent. We like it, Sherif says & tells Kwame that payment will be made to their account tomorrow. He requests for a one on one meeting with Kwame as they discussed in the past.
Sheila meets Angela. Angela tells her what happened at the trial. She talked about searching the guy’s phone & seeing nothing. They are holding my father, she concludes & asks Sheila if she believes her? Sheila says she believes her. Masters must have planned everything out from the beginning. She thinks they will kill her father, if she die not do the right thing. Sheila asks if she plans to withdraw her testimony? She says no & asks Sheila to go home to Fred before he starts complaining that she spends too much time with her. She does not want Sheila to stay but Sheila asks her to call if she changes her mind.
Soji & Salem come back from the hospital where they moved Salem’s mother. Soji is confident that she will get good care there & will get better fast. He will pay Soji back even if it takes one year. Soji feels partly responsible for the woman’s fate. If they had not gone to confront the man, he would not have beaten her up but Salem says that t is not his first time & he would have found a reason to beat her. Let’s get something to eat, Soji suggests but Salem offers to cook. What of Sister Bimpe? He asks Soji as he goes in. He suggests Soji calls her to tell her of his mum’s state.
Ferroil advert is shown by Peju & the invited guests at Ziggy’s applaud the spot. Amaka congratulates Phillip & asks why he did not invite his father. He says it is only an online ad. Tare asks if Kwame invited Brenda? He says yes, but after he had checked to ensure that Phillip is not within earshot. Frank comes to inform Bimpe that the sandwich ordered by Black Ananse is almost ready. I am the talent, she tells him. Ask them, she says, pointing towards Kwame and the rest. She gets up and walks towards them & asks them, When are we getting paid? Kwame informs her that they have been paid and they will meet in their “office” later to collect each person’s share.
Angela is at work, but could not concentrate on what she is doing. She calls OK Fowler & Associates & asks to speak with Mr. Ovie or any other lawyer on Master’s case. She is put through to Mr  ovie & she asks him why he has not called her about her father. Mr. Ovie does not know what she is talking about & asks her to desist from contacting them as her lawyers will advise her. She requests to meet with Masters & to make things clear, he asks her to confirm that she wants, of her own free will to meet with an old acquaintance of her’s. She agrees. He tells her that it remains for his client to agree to meet with her & drops the phone. Angela is torn up.
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Bimpe is in Odyssey Pictures & asks Ene and Nnenna if they saw the advert? They must have since she sent them the time of the show via text twice. Nnenna could not watch it as it would have meant leaving her station. Ene did not bother to answer but wants to get back to work. Bimpe wonders why she is bothering since Brenda is not around. Ene asks her what she is doing there? Is she there to meet with Soji? Soji is coming here? Bimpe asks. 
Emile calls to ask Angela after the testimony? Angela nicely covers up what happened & tells him that they had to take a break for two days. He offers to come back but she tells him not to worry. As she drops the phone, Mr. Ovie calls her back.
As Ene was trying to answer, Soji walks in & Bimpe gives him a big hug. When Soji tries to apologize for their fight, she asks him which fight? He should not take her too seriously. She gives him another hug & leaves. Ene asks Soji why he is not informing Bimpe of the state of Salem’s mum? He says that he does not want to spoil her mood with everything she is going through right now. Ene is not happy that he is spoiling her own mood, but tells him to lodge a report against Salem’s father with the police & get his wife to give evidence against him. 
Bimpe comes in to collect her cheque. Kwame & Phillip say that she must have heard the rustle of the cheque book from the gate. Kwame hands out each person’s cheque starting from Bimpe. She looks at her cheque & goes to spy on other people’s cheques & screams about the difference in pay. She asks for the remaining money & Tare explains that some of the money had to go to cover their expenses & what Phillip invested in the project. Bimpe wonders why all the money should come out of her cheque? Phillip reminds her that she signed a contract. Kwame tells her that she got her agreed salary + bonus. She tells them that it was before she became a star & thought she was going to be doing odd jobs. You signed a contract, Phillip insists that she signed a contract. I can go on strike, she reminds them.
Salem & Soji are in the hospital waiting when a policeman came out. You people should not be wasting our time like this, she says. Salem & Soji look up. Why should we be getting a statement from someone who says that no one beat her, the policeman asks a bewildered Soji & Salem.
Angela, with her head covered in a veil & wearing dark glasses meets Masters in jail. She asks him about her father. He has no idea what she is talking about. He is happy she has come back to her senses over what happened that day. He was trying to help her that day from dangerous men that were around. Unfortunately, due to the her mental state then, she thought that he wanted to attack her. Je hopes that she will do the right thing now.

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TTK & Salewa are on their knees & TTK could not believe that she abandoned them there for this long. Salewa reminds her that they should be happy that they were also not asked to put their hands up in the air. TTK gets up & says that she is a big girl now. Immediately, the door open & Carol comes out with their mum & TTK quickly kneels down.