Detective Sankey takes the stand to testify. The lawyer took her through what happened the day Alhaji Abubakar was shot. She tells of how Alhaji Abubakar’s men went to kill Angela but her police details shot them but Angela got whisked away in a taxi. One if the policemen followed the taxi & called in a back up. Alhaji Abubakar’s lawyer is over ruled for once when he tries to interfere in the testimony. Sankey arrived with the back-up team & met Alhaji Abubakar holding a knife to Angela’s throat. She shot & wounded him on the shoulder. Defence lawyer opens cross-examination with Detective Sankey, how are your eyes? 
Tare takes a call in Phillip’s house & agrees to work something out for the caller. Putting Bimpe on air has caused an avalanche, she tells Kwame when she got off the call. Kwame makes a smart mouth remark as Phillip joins them from the kitchen.  How do we make money from the attention? Phillip asks when they tell him what is going on? Tare suggests that they use her for the Feral advert.
Detective Sankey is cross-examined & she goes through her story again. The defence lawyer asks whether she tried to talk to the parties or understand what was going on when she got to the scene or did she shoot first & asked questions later? Sankey says that there was no time to talk to anyone when they got there. Angela’s life was in danger & that was their priority. How did you know that Angela’s life was in danger? The defence lawyer asks.
Chuks is bothered that Soji has no food to offer in his house. Soji reminds him that every man is not like him with a wife at home who churns out meals. He grumbles that his wife now works for Brenda & does not have time to cook, hence his scavenging in Soji’s house.  Bimpe enters & gets into Soji’s arms. When she eventually breaks the Lon embrace she asks after Salem. She saw him outside. Soji says that he says he wants to take some fresh air but he thinks that he went out to give him & Chuks some privacy. Chuks says he is the one who needs fresh air. Soji looks quizzically at him. Bimpe tried to poison Ene & I with gas this morning.
Defence lawyer tenders Detective Sankey’s eye test result from 3 years ago procured from police records. He opines that the result shows that Sankey needs glasses. The optician was over-zealous, Sankey tells him. Everyone that went in there came out with glasses. How good is your eye sight? He asks. I see clearly enough to hit the accused without hitting Angela Dede, she responds. He asks if she is saying that the results were false? There are so many ways to correct eye sight these days like wearing contact lenses. Are you saying you wear contact lenses?
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The defence lawyer asks if Sankey has always worn contact lenses? The prosecuting lawyer raises objection at that. The defence then re-phrases & asks if Sankey was wearing contacts the day she shot Masters? Sankey looks down as he closes cross-examination.
Bimpe asks if it was the fumigation? If she had not fumigated their house, their cockroaches would have re-entered her house. Chuks wonders why she did not tell them but instead wanted to fumigate their house while they were inside? She says that she was in a hurry to get to work & did not know that he were around. She got a packaged deal & would have had today double if it has lasted for more than 15 minutes. Chuks says that they got to know what was happening when Ene saw the guy standing near their bathroom window. She thought Bimpe has hired an assassin to finish them off. Soji laughs at Chuks & Ene thinking Bimpe wanted to kill them. Next time you want to fumigate our house, please tell us on time, Chuks says. Bimpe asks Soji to pass her bag & fishes out a letter for Soji. It is the reminder of his eviction notice.
Tare wants to use clips from the show with Peju for the Feral advert. Kwame says no. He is not sure that they can control Bimpe. Tare asks him to leave it to her. She will handle it like she did at the interview with Peju. He does not think that she had enough control over Bimpe a the interview. She wonders why they cannot use her popularity for the advert. He thinks that it lowers the importance of the work they want to show. She insists that it plays into what Feral wants & he wonders how she knows what his client wants? Phillip steps in & sides with Tare.
Soji gets Chuks a tiny pack of take-away food. Chuks complains about Soji’s stingy nature. He thought that Soji has gotten over it. They discuss what Soji should do about the eviction notice. His only choice is to pay the higher rent or move out. Chuks tells him to think seriously about going back to doing what he knows best which is to take pictures. If he continues to pursue this his Makoko project, instead of thinking of how to raise the new rent, he may soon move to Makoko himself. Chuks talks about Soji’s N5mm investment. Soji is not thinking about touching it as it will cost him 40% in fees. Salem rushes in. He just spoke with Salome & she is crying on the phone!
Phillip calls to thank his father for a well-catered lunch. The others also sent their thanks he tells him. He gets off the phone & tells Tare & Kwame that Fred says it is to mark their winning their first pitch. He would have sent champagne along but it will distract them. Bimpe enters & wonders where the yummy food came from? Join the lunch before Kwame finishes it, Tare tells her as she explains where the food came from. Bimpe tucks in as Kwame takes Tare’s chicken. Sometimes I wonder what my sister found interesting in you, Tare tells Kwame. You can be such a child sometimes. Kwame asks whether it was because he ate all the fried chicken? Tate tells him that she does not even like fried chicken. He says that Telema likes them & Tare reminds him that she must not like everything her sister likes. I know something two of you find interesting, he say. Yes, like clothes,  fashion, handbags, men, Bimpe joins in. But Kwame does not count among men, Tare quips. I know something two of you found interesting, Kwame says. Phillip says that he is not interested in gossips but asks what is it? Tare begs Kwame to stop. He asks if Pillip did not know? Tare stops eating & Bimpe looks on expectantly. Tare & Telema both had a bite out of Soji! Phillip’s mouth drops & Bimpe spits out her food.
Salem says his step-father brought his friends to the house to watch football & made Salome serve them beer in mini skirt. After they left, he mDe advances at her. Did he touch her? Soji asks. Not yet. She locked herself up in a room.  Chuks asks where their mum is & he says that she travelled for a burial. He has tried to call her but her phone is switched off. It looks like she does not want to talk to anybody. Salem wants to go & stay with Salome. Soji is coming along. Chuks asks what Soji plans to do when he gets here? Soji says he will tear the man apart. Chuks advises against violence to avoid more trouble. Soji asks how he thinks it should be taken care of? We will deal with it when we get here, Chuks says. Soji wonders what he is talking about? Chuks says he will be a bad friend if he does not come along.
Phillip & Bimpe are shocked at the news. Bimpe is hurt that she has been telling Tare everything about them & she has been making fun of her all along. Kwame is surprised that everyone is shocked but Tare tells him to shut up as he has done enough talking already. She says they were not dating then. Bimpe still thinks that it does not excuse anything & calls Tare a slut that sleeps with her sister’s ex. There are two people involved here Tare tells , so you better talk to Soji before you start hurling insults. Bimpe tells her that she will surely talk to Soji as she stalks out. You never fail to surprise me, Phillip tells a dejected Tare.
Soji, Chuks & Salem visit Salome. She is sitting quietly in one corner & Salem explains that she is nervous around new people. They try to get information about what happened from her when Salem’s step-father comes home. He screams at Salem & asks what they are doin in his house! Chuks recognizes him as the social welfare man & walks up to tell him, I know you!
Angela & Sankey meet outside the courtroom. She is happy that Sankey did the right thing by talking about the contact lenses. Sankey is not happy that she did not tell the lawyer about it before the sitting. Alhaji Abubakar comes out & meets them. She blocks him & tells him not to gloat that his lawyer had a good first day in court. He had better hope that they keep him in prison because if he is released, he will not live long enough to enjoy it. He gives her a cold stare before he moves on with his arms in cuffs.