Mr. Ahmed & Angela fret over Sankey’s eyesight. He asks her if she has a prespriction? Does she wear glasses? Sankey rummages through her drawers & comes up with a pair of glasses which she dons with a flourish! Angela & Ahmed are not sure of what they are seeing.
Phillip asks where Kwame was the previous night. He had a meeting with Sheriff of Ferral. Phillip wonders why he did not get an invite to the meeting. Kwame says he sent him an invite but he did not read it! They did not strike any deals, Kwame informs. They agree to do what is needed to deliver on their deal with Ferral.
TTK & Salewa are waiting for Robert durling, who is late, at the studio. As Salewa starts to fret, he enters with a flourish & apologizes for keeping the ladies waiting. He air kisses TTK as usual but Salewa is not interested in his antics. TTK & Salewa has been spending their time practicing their lines. He tells them that the trick is to be natural. Converse as if you are at home, he tells them. That’s strange, Salewa says as I can’t find any arguments in the script. TTK eyes her. Robert breaks the “good news”. The station manager, besotted by TTK’s presence, has agreed to broadcast live! TTK & Salewa are horrified!
Angela has never seen Sankey wear glasses & asks what is going on. Ahmed whines about the defence using Sankey’s sight as an escape route. Their case rests a lot on Sankey’s description of what she has seen. Sankey suggests a way out of the eye test. She could cheat!
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Angela & Ahmed are aghast at the suggestion. How can she even think about it? Cheating is inappropriate, Ahmed reminds her. Sankey tells him that his coat is inappropriate. Her eyesight is perfect & he should tell Masters & his team that she is ready to take their eye test. She tells them that she has other cases to attend to & they both leave uncertainly. Immediately, Sankey calls an optician & orders for contact lenses!
Kwame & Phillip & Tare admires Bimpe’s outfit & new Bimpe T-shirt. They inform Tare & Bimpe how they arranged the t-shirt. They got a t-shirt maker to provide the shirts in exchange for embedding their link to Bimpe’s videos. Tare reminds them that they need pictures to drive traffic & Kwame & Phillip tell her that they have arranged for a  photo shoot at Soji’s studio. This brought out some reaction from Tare & Bimpe which the boys did not notice. The quickly recover & Tare assures Bimpe that she will be having the shoot at her favourite photo studio! Tare suddenly wonders what is going on with Phillip & Kwame? Are they now completing each other’s statement? They both try to deny it but say exactly the same thing & look at each other, embarrassed.
Carol lets Salewa & TTK into the house & wonders what they are saying as they both practice their lines in Victorian accent! She is relieved to learnt that they are practicing the play. Immediately TTK enters the room, Salewa whines to Carol that the play is too dry. Carol tries to encourage her but she smiles mischievously & tells Carol to ensure that she listens in to the play tomorrow. It promises to be interesting, she notes with a glint of mischief!
Angela takes a call from Sheila about the trial as Emile enters with two glasses of drink. He leaves her to take the call. Sheila apologizes that she will not attend the start of the trial the next day. She has had too many connections with Masters and with the recent issues with her marriage, she would rather stay away from it all lest the journalists start connecting some non-existing dots. Angela tells her that it’s nice to be able to stay away from it all. You don’t have to attend tomorrow too, Sheila tells her. You can wait till it is your turn to testify.
TTK & Salewa get to the radio studio for their play. Robert meets them & greets TTK with the usual air kisses. He turns to offer the same to Francesca, who waves him away non-challantly. They go to get ready for their performance.
Angela is dressed & gets ready for the trial as Emile walks in fresh from the bathroom. She turns & asks how she looks? He assures her that she looks good and ready. Let the battle begin, she tells him as she picks her bag & heads out!
Bimpe comes in & flies into Soji’s arms. As they were ensconced in each other’s arms, Tare enters. Soji pushes Bimpe away violently when she coughs & goes to hide his face in a corner. Bimpe assures him that Tare knows about them already as she goes off to dress up for her photo shoot. Tare tells Soji that he seems to swing between extremes; Telema & Bimpe cannot be more different. He tells her relating with Bimpe is easier than relating with Telema. Tare assumes he told Bimpe about their sleeping together!
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TTK & Salewa are performing their play live on air. The first segment is pulled off nicely & Robert gushes over them during the break. He cannot wait for the second segment!
Bimpe is dressed in one of her “What will Bimpe Do…?” T-shirts & strikes various poses for the photo shoot. When she gies in to change, Tare & Soji resume their discussion. So you have not told her about us, She asks. There is no us, he spits & you know it. She tells him that he uses full disclosure when it suits him fine. Bimpe walks in dressed in another shirt & asks what suits who fine? They assure her it is nothing to worry about.
Carol listens to TTK & Salewa’s performance on her phone’s radio. The whole thing was going well till Salewa decides to improvise on her line with “Trouble dey sleep & nyanga wake am. TTK is horrified, & asks what she is doing? Slipping back into Victorian, she says she is trying to make the dry script a bit interesting! Robert pulls off his earphones & screams that they are still live on air!
Harriet accosts Angela & Ahmed as they ome out f the court with questions. She has no comments. Harriet persists till Ahmed shoos her off. Angela worries about Harriet’s question that some of the witnesses seem to be better than others! She thinks that Harriet must be referring to Sankey’s eye test. Ahmed tells her not to worry as he gies off to arrange something with the court clerk. Just then, Sankey comes out of the court. Her eyes are worrying her! I must have something in my eye, she tells Angela as she goes off to the Ladies to check. She comes back still feeling her eyes. Angela comes closer & notices her contact lenses & screams at her. She is worried that Sankey is committing perjury & this cannot just spoil their case, she could end up in jail & be sacked from her police work. Sankey is not perturbed. Just then, Masters is marched out in handcuffs from the court & Harriet & co rush him to get a quite. He says absolutely nothing but stops long enough to give Angela & Sankey a cold stare. Masters will pay for what he did, no matter what it takes, Sankey says to his departing back.