Sheriff calls Kwame to talk about the online campaign. Kwame is surprised that the have agreed to run the campaign & Sheriff tells him that Phillip called to confirm their acceptance of the offer. Kwame quickly recovers but not before Sheriff asks what is going on?
TTK meets Dan in jail & talks about how Chuks has been struggling to run the bar. Dan suggests she helps. She reminds Dan that she also has her very busy schedule. She tells Dan about Shalewa. Dan wonders what Salewa has done? That girl is determined to age me quickly, TTK remarks. What is she up to? She has been up to all manners of juvenile antics. She is now given to eating junk food. She may have broken up with Titan. This brought a gasp put of Dan. Maybe she is depressed, he suggests & tells her to try & find out what is worrying Salewa. TTK just got an idea & leaves while Dan tries to find out what she is thinking about. Make sure you don’t get up to any mischief, Dan tells her departing figure.
Sheila & Angela talk about how to approach Sankey. Sheila insists that she only came along to provide moral support. Sankey appears with a massive plate of rice & chicken & will not hear their reason for coming till they have eaten. She tells them that it was Bartholomew’s favourite when they commend her cooking. They are sorry about her loss but came to take her to Lagos to give evidence against Masters. She laughs but tell them that she is going nowhere!
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Sankey is not going to Lagos. She is busy where she is. Angela could not see what is making her busy. Angela & Sheila try to convince her to come join the case against Masters. Sankey thinks Angela’s testimony is enough. They tell her that the easiest way to get justice for her husband’s death is to come put Masters away. She tells them that the only person responsible for Bartholomew’s death is herself.
Kwame convince Sheriff that it was a mistake, he has not spoken with Phillip yet. There is no issue between him & Phillip. Sheriff is relieved that he is not dealing with a communications company that does not communicate among themselves. He will send Kwame an email on the timelines for the execution of the contract.
Sankey tells Angela & Sheila the story of how Bartholomew got killed. He has always wanted her to retire as he believes that the job is not only dangerous, but also keeps her away from the house. He complained that morning about her schedule but they agreed to bond that day. They were at a wedding when Ziggy called that someone told him that Masters is back in town. Bartholomew followed her so that they can be together. His only crime was hat he wanted to be with her, she lamented.Sheila & Angela try to console her & tell her that it is not her fault that her husband died.
TTK comes home to meet the packs of the things Salewa ate scattered all over the sitting room. She screams for Carol who came & confirms that Salewa ate it all alone. TTK is worried that Salewa is eating too much. Salewa comes out & says she is not eating too much. It helps her to study. TTK suggests that they do some bonding exercises. Salewa reminds her that she has her books to read. She suggests that she  teaches Salewa to drive. Salewa’s face brightens.
Sheila suggests they leave Sankey alone.  Angela is disappointed but realize that there is nothing she can do about it. They bid Sankey goodbye & leave.
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Kwame spits it on Phillip immediately Phillip comes not the house. Kwame asks why he spoke with his contacts without telling him? Phillip wonders if that is what is worrying him? He tells him that all contacts with Ferral going forward, will be through him only.
TTK talks to Salewa about driving. It is like life. You have to listen to instructions to get from one point to the other. Salewa cannot wait to get driving.
Tare is glad to have her hot coffee to warm the chilly atmosphere in the flat. Bimpe comes to meet them. She is wearing a new T shirt with the inscription “BIMPELOSOPHY”! She tells the story of the T shirt. She was at a bus stop when a lady approached her to have her picture taken with Bimpe. The lady’s friend who took the picture had on the T shirt. She got one for each of them free from the sellers & tosses the shirts at Kwame & especially Phillip. Tare likes the T shirt & will wear it when she is going out. Kwame thinks it is piracy. Bimpe wonders what he means & he tells her that he will not even bother to explain it to her but Tare & Phillip understands what he meant. Tare disagrees saying that the makers of the T shirts are providing free advert for what they are doing. As they argue, Tare takes a call from Peju wanting to have Bimpe on her show.
TTK $ Salewa arrive Ziggy’s & order drinks. Salewa excitedly tells Afi that they are celebratingher driving! She joins TTK who is not very excited. Salewa asks how her driving went? You drove that car like it was a bumper drive in an amusement park, TTK tells her. You scratched the car, drove into a ditch, & almost killed a policeman. She is not ready to teach Salewa again. They need to think about another bonding exercise. She thinks that flower arrangement is safe enough. Salewa tells her that she is otherwise pre-occupied. She no longer trusts TTK & leaves.
Angela comes back & meets Emile in her flat. He asks how t went & she tells him that Sankey refused to come back. Emile thinks she mst be disappointed but tells her it will be ok with her & Segun’s evidence against Masters. Emile gets the door & it is Sankey!

Some weird guy is in TTK’s house asking Salewa for the matriach of the house. He is her friend & confidant! TTK comes out & warmly greets Robert darling!