Sheila visits Angela & comments that she does not look happy to see her. Angela tells her that she is expecting the lawyer & does not look forward to it.
Phillip & Kwame argue loudly over the acceptance of the half Feral contract. Phillip is not ready to work for a job that will not oay itself out. Kwame thinks it is a start at least & is better than just sitting at home doing nothing. When the argument refused to abate, Tare calls a time out. She tries to make peace but the guys are not tired of having a go at each other.
Shally’s Angels are reading for their exams. They are not enjoying themselves & someone talks about a distraction, & suggests a band rehearsal. They can even make a Demo CD. Sho tells them not to include her in the plans. She wants to take a one year break & see the world. She wants to visit so many cities, visit with family in London & shop in Paris! All the other girls look on with envy & Carol brings pop corn. They all rush the pop corn & Shalewa grabs a huge handful prompting Sho to ask her if she is stuffing herself because of Titan? She tells them in her Victorian lingo that Titan does not exist in her vocabulary. Nneka noticed that Shalewa’s English has improved.
Angela & Sheila go through Angela’s proposed testimony with the lawyer. He reminds her that they must make the testimony as tight as is possible as Sankey may not be coming for the trial. Angela cannot believe her ears & insists that they get her to come even if it means forcing her. The lawyer reminds her that they are dealing with a very experienced police officer who just lost her husband. She thinks that the loss of her husband should be enough incentive for Sankey to come back & put Masters away. The lawyer gets up to leave & hands Angela her testimony which she is expected to go through and be comfortable with. Sheila tells Angela that the lawyer is right. She should concentrate on getting used to her witness statement. Angela tells her that Sankey had better realize she needs to help us otherwise we will be joining her husband very soon.
(((Airtel Club Business, Good Talk, Good Business)))
All the members of Shally’s Angels do not like exams & complain loudly when one of them reminds them of the forthcoming exam. One of them is particularly worried about maths & even wonders about it’s usefulness in real life. Shalewa tells them that she likes maths & have no problems with it. Sho is not bothered. She has her dubs, WMD, micro-chips, etc. How do you do dubs? Others ask her. She demonstrates how she writes the formulas in tiny script on a piece of paper which is folded into a biro. Shalewa is appalled & remind her that it is cheating. She disagrees that writing a formula down is cheating especially as it is not the answer.
Phillip comes downstairs in the morning & Kwame & Tare are already working away on their laptops. He wonders why Tare came over so early? Tare asks how he feels after sleeping over things? He wants coffee first. Bimpe comes in & remarks that Phillip is in a great mood. He tells her that he was till he saw her. She asks them what is going on, why everyone is moody? They tell her that they won the Ferral account. That’s great, she gushes but Phillip tells her that she is not in it. Why are we not celebrating? She asks. It is some complicated biz that is beyond your comprehension, Phillip butts in. Bump is affronted. I won’t stay here & be insulted, Bimpe tells them & leaves. Tare joins her. Kwame asks Phillip what is wrong with him?
Angela tells Sheila that they have to take matters into their hands. They have to go & get Sankey to join in the trial. Sheila asks we? Angela tells her that she has to come with her.
TTK is enjoying her beauty routine at Mirage Spa when she gets a call from Shalewa’s guidance counsellor. She is not happy about the call!
Angela comes into the sitting room with her bag packed. Fred calls Sheila & tells her that she is in trouble! He came to the Spa surprise her by taking her out to have a mid-morning coffee & she is not there! She tells him that she is at a meeting, a product launch. He agrees to see her later in the day. Sheila drops the phone & is worried that Angela is always involved whenever she lies to her husband. Angela is happy that she has agreed to join he on the trip. No matter what it takes, we have to bring Sankey back to Lagos.
(((I’m walking on sunshine, o o! Ovaltine, Rich in Taste, Rich in Happiness)))
Phillip tells Kwame that he has a problem with being under valued. Big things grow from small seeds & you are the one stopping us from planting here, Kwame tells him. When the argument was going nowhere, Kwame grabs his car keys. I need to get some air. It’s getting crowded with your big ego in here, he tells Phillip. Immediately he leaves, Phillip calls Sherrif to accept the Ferral offer!
TTK argues that Shalewa was not cheating. Guidance Counsellor shows her Shalewa’s pen that has a paper filled with formulas stuffed into it! TTK whines in Yoruba that Shalewa will not succeed in finishing off her reputation in this town. With all the troubles they are already in & Dan in jail? Shalewa insists that she was not caught cheating & goes ahead to prove it. The formula is for Physics & she was in a Mathematics class. She does not even offer Physics. Guidance Counsellor still insists that she broke the law. Can the rules be changed a little for a known benefactor of the school? TTK asks. Guidance Counsellor eventually agrees when TTK offers to arrange a free performance for the school’s prom.
Tare meets Bimpe at Ziggy’s. You’ve been here before, Tare tells a despondent Bimpe. Bimpe tells her that everyone comes to Ziggy’s. That is not waht I meant, she says. She explains that she meant that they have both been exasperated by Phillip’s stubbornness. They are both tired of Phillip & Kwame’s argument. As they we settling into their discussion, Kwame joins them & Bimpe tells him, you’ve been here before & he duly responds that everyone comes to Ziggy’s! That is exactly what I said! Bimpe exclaims.
TTK gets home with Shalewa. Shalewa gushes to Carol how TTK handled the Guidance Counsellor! TTK blows up & chews Salewa for making her come to her school always. She asks how she got involved in exam malpractice? Salewa says Sho used it to show them how it is done. TTK does not want to see her with those rascals again. But you are the one that encouraged our friendship in the first place, Salewa reminds her. You cannot now take them away. They are my only friends, she whines. I can because I am your mother & my word is law, TTK rules.
Angela & Sheila go to look for Sankey. They get to one apartment & Angela complains about the sad music coming from he flat. They knock on the door & Sankey comes ou from the dark room!

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Angela & Sheila consoles a weeping Detective Sankey who believes that she caused her husband’s death.