Demola meets Brenda at Ziggy’s and suggests that she listens to the staff. She tells him that she does not owe the staff anything. He thinks that she needs to listen to the staff as it creates a good working environment. She does not think so. He makes a pitch for her to change her mind but she reminds him that he is one of the staff and should not overstep his bounds.
Kwame calls Phillip from the restaurant to complain that the investor he came to meet with ordered lobster. Phillip whines about taking the man to such a place but Kwame tells him that he did not know that the man will order lobster. Phillip tells him that everyone likes lobster so long as they are not the one paying. As they were talking, a waitress approaches their table with a bottle of champagne. Kwame tells her that he did not order that & she tells him that it was the investor that ordered for it on his way to the bathroom. Kwame orders him to replace it with Chardonnay or something else cheaper just before the investor comes back to the table. Kwame smiles & they resume their discussion. Kwame thanks him for awarding the campaign to Black Ananse but the man says it is not exactly like that. They have decided to split the campaign into two. they will use a more experienced media house for the advertisement & use Black Ananse for new media. As they were talking, the waitress returns with a bottle of red wine. The man looks at it & shouts on her to get him a bottle of champagne for them to celebrate.
Bimpe meets Soji at home. As she settles in, she asks after Salem. Soji tells her that Salem did not take going to stay with his family well. She tells him that she will speak with him. It’s that simple. Soji hugs her for making everything seem spill. She will explain why he should go to stay with his mum. He tells her that he invited her over for another reason. He has found a way of entering for Project Zoom. She remind him that he is not qualified. He tells her that he wants to enter one of the pictures she took of Maroko to Project Zoom. The picture was really nice. She smiles & tells him that it means that she will add award-winning photographer to her resume. He reminds her that the judges have not chosen it yet but she tells him that they will not have much choice when they see the picture.
Brenda listens to Demola explain why she should listen to her staff. She tells him & the other staff to get ready for the long run as she intends to pull out all the stops on this one.
Brenda meets Fred reading the newspaper at home. He puts the paper down & comments on the story about Odyssey in the paper. She sits down & they talk about the strike in her office. Fred tells her that once in a while, you let the fight go. She asks if he is advising her to capitulate? He tells her no. She tells him that she came around to learn from his experience, having survived the world for that long & dealing with a couple of wars, himself. He tells her that soldiers win the war, but the Generals take the credit. She gathers her things & head out & when he calls after her, she replies that she has a soldier to put on parade right away.
Phillip comes out of the kitchen with a half-filled cup of coffee. Kwame reminds him that it is not all bad, at least he got a half cup. He remarks that everything in he house is now in half, half a cup, half a deal. Kwame reminds him that they won half the deal. That does not impress him as he goes for more coffee. Tare comes in at this time & hails the two guys on getting the sponsorship deal sorted out. She however did not get an acknowledgement from Phillip & Kwame & asked them if it was something she said? Kwame tells her that Phillip is not happy they got only one half of the deal. She tells him that it is a big achievement. Once we do a good job, it will lead to more business, she tells them especially when they want to renew the contract. It is great to work hand in hand with another company. We show we are cheaper so that when it is time to  renew they will choose who is better. You see Phillip, you got your full cup, Kwame tells Phillip as he comes back from the kitchen with his cup of coffee.
Bimpe makes a grand entrance to Soji’s house with her mouth. She knocks, closed her eyes & pursed her lips for a kiss. When the door opened, she walks in that way expecting Soji to lock lips with her but quickly organized herself when she heard, good morning sister! She sits Salem down & talks to him about his step-father. She tells him that it may be necessary for him to go & stay with them as his mum may need him. He tells her that his mum’s desire to marry again is the cause of the wahala. If she is tired of it, she should leave, or make the man leave! Bimpe asks whether he knows if his mother is afraid of the man? She tells him that he reminds her ofher brothers. She brought them up & when they are in trouble, she will be therre for them. They will also do he same thing for her. He cannot go back till he makes enough money then he will go & get Salome.
Brenda, Demola & Ene meet with the staff representative who came to read the resolutions reached by the staff at their meeting. She asks who appointed her a representative of all the staff? The shaking woman tells her that they had a vote at their meeting! She asks her to read the resolutions and when se is through, Brenda congratulates her on the so many big words she was able to read without stumbling on any of them. All these while, Demola had to constantly step in between both women to try & keep the discussion going. Brenda mocks the representative but accepts the staff resolution. Everyone is surprised at that. She asks that they write down their issues & present to her & appoints Demola to take care of it.
Bimpe asks if Salem will leave his mother & sister till he makes enough money? He asks if they want him to leave? He believes that when a guy gets a babe, he wants his personal space. Bimpe tells him that Soji, nay, they are only worried about him & only want to help him. Salem smiles & asks whether she is trying to help so that she can look good to her boyfriend? She tells him that it will not hurt! She suddenly gets an idea & asks whether she has ever told him about her SIM card collection?
Brenda welcomes Demola back to her office & thanks him for playing his part well. He is surprised that she is not mad at him! Mad? No, he played his part very well. He is surprised & she explains that he reacted in exactly the way she expected him to react; defender of the staff interest. Now the staff will trust him & open up to him. He will then be able to find out where each person’s loyalty lies! Demola’s mouth open without any word coming out.
Bimpe walks in on Chuks working on a shirt. He tells her that he thought tha they agreed that she would not just walk into their apartment anyhow? She agrees but insists that she knocked & heard Chuks say come in! He let’s is it slide. She is seeking for a way to help Salem. Salem is important to Soji & Soji is important to me so… She gets confused here so Chuks helps her out; so Salem is important to you. She says she came looking for Ene, not Chuks as she is the one who studied those social stuff in school. Chuks corrects ther that Ene studied Sociology. Whatever! He tells her that Ene is at work & she can go & see her there but Bimpe tells him that they have some bad drama going on there & she does not want to be a part of it.
Brenda tells Demola that everything works outs she planned. He asks if she will accept the staff demands? She tells him that there was nothing to negotiate in the first place. It is her office, her staff, her memo! There was nothing to give in to. Demola is shocked & can only ask, you planned it all yourself?
Chuks calls Ene & she tells them to go to the social welfare department. He relays the information to Bimpe as she comes back to their apartment. He assumes that will take her a while to arrange but Bimpe reminds him about her SIM card collection!
Brenda tells Demola that he is off to her set in Calabar. He is surprised at the new development & asks if there is a problem in the set? She does not know & that is why she is sending him there! He exceeded her expectations in resolving the strike issue but a man is as good as his latest achievements. He wonders why he is being shipped off to Calabar & she tells him that she hears that it is a lovely place at this time of the year. He is booked on the last flight to Calabar. Ene will brief him on the rest.
Bimpe walks back into Chuks’s apartment & tells him to put what he is doing away. He wonders why & she explains that she has called the social welfare people & they are on their way. Chuks is shocked. She tells him that she chose their house as her own is too small, & she does not want strangers coming in there. As they were talking, the man arrives & they settle in. Mr. Martins Afolabi, the social welfare man says he had to come quickly as they do not waste time in matters like this. He asks after the girl in distress? Chuks motions to Bimoe’s who starts to talk about the case. Mr. Afolabi takes out his writing materials to take notes but quickly stops when she mentions Salem & Salome! Mr. Afolabi asks about their address but she explains that she does not know where Salome stays but Salem stays with her boyfriend. Mr. Afolabi blows up & asks whether he looks like an idle man to them? They have just wasted so much tax payer’s money in bringing him out here & interrupted his proposed interview with a run-away girl who could lead them to a human trafficking ring! He tongue-lashes them for engaging in guess-work. Chuks tries to chime in but he sternly warns two of them to stay away from that girl or he will have two of them arrested!

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Shalewa says that she is not sheeting (inherent Victorian accent!). TTK eyes her & one of her teachers tell them that cheating is not condoned in their school!