Phillip doubts the authenticity of the endorsement deal. How can they agree without seeing a presentation? Kwame reminds him that they are in the age of instant gratification. As they were still trying to get around it, Bimpe sweeps in. They tell her that they were expecting her last night. She apologizes. She had some issues to settle. Phillip asks her what happened? Did she break a nail? Tare & Bimpe eye him. They tell her that they have a sponsor for the fashion show now. She screams that they have stolen her idea. They ask her if she spoke with anyone on phone last night? Soji calls her but she tells the others to go on. The phone call is not very important. Phillip suggests that they stretch the program to the full. Bimpe thinks that doing Bimpe’s Fashion Program Parts 1, 2, & 3 will become boring. Phillip clarifies that he means they feature different products, & fresh angles. Soji calls Bimpe again but she still did not pick the call. Phillip suggests that they pitch their idea to the cosmetic company. In their office, Kwame adds. Why not in our office? Phillip asks? We van as well ask them to come in their pajamas so we have one huge sleep over. Kwame chimes in. Soji calls Bimpe again & this time she picks the call & asks what he wants as she is busy at work. He tries to get her to listen but Phillip reminds her that they are waiting for her input. She bids Soji a quick good bye & gets off the phone but not before he hears Phillip’s voice & grabs his clothes & heads out of his house.
Brenda interviews Chris Okereke’s former manager over a meal. She wants to know why he is interested in the job. He tells her that he death of Chris changed his view of life. His involvement with Hris led to his interest in movie-making after working on Harmattan Diaries. Brenda reminds him that he is going to be in admin & will not be involved n making any big deals. He tells her that administration is his talent while story telling is his passion. He will be basically crossing from one channel to another. This got a smile off Brenda.
Bimpe is bored a the discussions about new ideas & budgets & could not keep the boredom off her face. Phillip reminds her that her duty goes beyond acting in the films. She also need to contribute in generating ideas. She tells him that she also has very good ideas. They go back to the discussion & she continues to sit separately from where others are huddled. Someone knocks on the door & all eyes turn to her to get the door. So I am now the gateman? She asks. When they all continue to look at her, she gets up & gets the door to see Soji standing there.
(((Airtel Club Business, Good Talk, Good Business)))
Brenda asks Chris Okereke’s manager why she should believe that he will not leave Odyssey soon & move on to greater things? He replies that he will not lie that he wants to stay in Odyssey forever but while he is there, he will put in his very best. She smells & tells him that she appreciates honesty. She is looking for someone who will take on the burden of dealing with difficult people she does not want to deal with. Someone she can trust as she does not know who to trust now. He tells her that trust is earned. She asks when he can start?
Kwame & Phillip are havin an argument over which to feature first between lipstick & nail polish. Tare walks out of the the kitchen & Kwame asks her lipstick or nail polish? Neither will look good on you, she quips. Kwame does not find it funny. They settle down & someone asks why Soji came around? Tare asks them if they think his presence has anything to do with Bimpe’s long face earlier? Kwame & Phillip ask whether she was upset? Tare could not believe that they did not notice, just like so many men. Phillip wonders whether his presence had anything to do with the documentary? Kwame says that he bought the documentary was dead? Phillip confirms that OT was dead as OT had Bmpe in it. As they were discussing, he stops as an idea comes to his mind. Lipstick, he asks. As long as she is applying it, she cannot speak. Others turn to him.
Soji & Bimpe walk not Ziggy’s but she refused to sit down. He reminds her that they are in public & begs her to sit down. She tells him to come out with what he wants to say as she was in the middle of a meeting. He asks her whether they can no longer have an honest conversation? She reminds him that he is the one that started shouting the previous day. He apologizes for flaring up but it did not cut very deep with her. He gives her a hug but she reminds him that she s now an Internet celebrity & needs to be ,mindful of her reputation. He turns & tells the other patrons that it is for her next video. She asks why he said that & he reminds her that she is bothered about her reputation.
Brenda gets back to the office & meets a number of staff in the reception discussing in groups. They all sampler away immediately she comes in. She orders Ene into her office & asks her why everyone is milling around doing nothing? She tells her that she has no idea.
Soji apologizes to Bimpe but says that he does not handle sups rises well. Each time he was surprised, they never end up well. He however does not like people going behind his back to meddle. She tells him that she meant well. She was just trying to help him achieve his goals. He was still not convinced it was the right thing to do bit she tells him that “Just because Telema used to lie to you does not mean I will do the same”. At this, he jumps up & tells her that he begged her not to go there as he abandons her & walks out of the bar.
(((Airtel Club Business, Good Talk, Good Business)))
Stan knocks on Brenda’s door & asks if he is allowed to come in? She reminds him that she has no choice. He tells her that one of the things he likes about her office is the warm hospitality. She asks what he wants. He shows her a paper & wonders if she actually sen that out? She reads through & tells him that she has not released that. He tells her that if he has a copy, then it means that I is out there. He asks if she really wants to turn her office not such a police state? She tells him hat he has no right to tell her how to run her office. Asking staff to fill in a form detailing their personal lives? She ells him that it is in the interest of full disclosure. He asks her if she will reciprocate such a gesture by disclosing her own personal life? She reminds him that she is the employer in this case. He tells her that his principal will not like this & she had better destroy this document otherwise there might be some serious consequences.
Bimpe gets back to the house/office & meets only Tare. As she plunks down on the sofa, Tare asks her if it is man trouble? She asks how Tare knew? Men can be so obstinate, she continues. Tare tells her that when Bimpe uses a big word, then she is upset. Bimpe tells her that she is not one to let personal issues affect her work so Tare asks her to take a break from business & let them talk about it over drinks. She fetches the drinks & tells Bimpe to talk to her about Soji. Bimpe wonders how she knew & she tells Bimpe that her leaving with Soji probably gave it away. She asks Bimpe if she knew tha she has a history with Soji? Bimpe quickly says oh, because of Elema? A relieved Tare quickly agrees. Bimpe asks if she has a problem with their relationship? Tate tells her no. Two of you are adults. They should give it a shot but Bimpe thinks that here may not be a future as she thinks that she has spoilt the whole thing. She asks Tare if she should call Soji but Tare says no. He will come around after & apologize. Bimpe asks what Phillip & Kwame think? They must think ha she s stupid but Tare tells her that they think she is worse than stupid! Bimpe says that they are aalways being ironic but Tare tells her that the word is sarcastic. Whatever. She tells Bimpe that she needs to stamp her authority on the films to make the guys take her serious. 
A distraught Ene is being mowed down by Brenda who wants to know why she should not be sacked for disobedience. She aimless that she did not release the document. She only typed it as she was told. Brenda asks who printed it then? She does not know. Brenda asks who has access to her computer & she says that it is only herself and Brenda. Since only two of us have access, as you did not prin it, I mus have then, she asks Ene. Ene says yes before she realizes her mistake & says no. Brenda dismisses her with a promise to dig into it.
Soji is on the phone with Chuks telling him what happened between him & Bimpe. Chuks tells him that it is how women are. She is not even your wife yet & is already behaving like this. Soji does not think it is that way but gets off the phone to answer the door. Salem is at the door!
At some point, Bimpe flares up & says that she thought that Tare was being serious but did not know that she is joking all along. Phillip comes down a and asks her if she came back? She tells him that she thought that there was a reason to come back & grabs he things & heads out. Phillip asks Tare what OT is all about? Tare tells hi. Hat she is highly-strung now. Phillip tells her that all women are the same. Look at him & Kwame, in spite of all their differences, they van still work together.
Soji asks Salem where he is com in from? Salem apologizes for his absence. Soji asks for the reason for the latest disappearance? Salem says it is a Lon story. Soji has all the time. Salem says he had to go and stay with his sister when she called to say that their mother travelled. Real sister or fake? Soji asks. Salem’s tells him ha he has a real sister, mother, & a step-father. He had to go & stay with the sister when their mother wen away as the step-father has been trying to sleep with her. Soji does not believe him. He however tells him that there is food even though he has not forgiven him.

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Stan is on the phone with Brenda. He tells her that his principal will not sit idly & watch his investment burn. She tells him that she is not afraid of his employers.
Bimpe tells Tare so that is how you got that job? Tare wonders what she is talking about? You and Phillip are hmmmm **wink ***wink!