Titi K strides in and tells Caro that there are more bags in the car. Caro expresses concern for Shally but Titi K tells her Francesca won’t be coming home with her, besides she could use the exercise, she could be late but her friends will probably sort her out.
Philip is on the road. He gets down from his car and realizes he has a flat, Salewa runs out from nowhere and grabs him and starts wailing.
Caro keeps bothering her madam with her concern and Titi K says the silly girl is probably spending the night with her friends. Her phone rings, Chuks was calling. She then realized that she wasn’t with Chuks as she presumed. 
Philip is annoyed. Shalewa says she was chased, and that her mum left her at the bar. Philip says she has the maternal instincts of a crocodile. 
Brenda is being told of the scuffle that happened in the company. Someone is threatening to sue them too. They decide to wait till Odun comes to explain things further before taking action. Brenda reminds them that the man in question has a history with substance abuse. The lady reporting to her tells her they need to issue a press statement. ‘Vultures gathering already?’ she asks. Then leans it’s a control measure. She tells her to get hold of the bystander. Brenda says they should call it a night. She tells her new PA to inform every one of the meeting by 6 the next day. Ene think it’s in the evening. Brenda tells her not to be silly, 6 in the morning. She thinks it’s early and Brenda says maybe she should get some sleep then.
Philip is still at the roadside on the phone with roadside recovery. Shally is stunned that he can’t change a flat. Philip tells her to leave; he’s paying road services after all. *Shally starts to speak what she think is Polished English* She says as a gentleman, and cousin he’s obliged to help. Titi K is she’s in a bit of a fit and mood. Philip left his wallet, so they’ll get a cab, and he’ll pay the driver to take her home. 
Titi K says Shally is doing it to punish her. Caro doesn’t think so. She wants her to call her, but Titi K gets agitated and says she’s not going to call and she’ll even turn off her phone for the night. 
Brenda is addressing the staff in the morning. She expects everyone to show a united front, if there’s any leak, she’ll have their job quicker than they can say retraction. Get to work! The lady says they should put the rumours to bed, and should go over some rehearsed questions. Brenda says the woman should do the conference, but she says she’s travelling to meet the bystander. Besides she’s a better person for the job. First questions; Will the past history of Adewole’s drug substance abuse be a hindrance? Questions might be asked. Brenda says it’s her responsibility to make sure these sorts of questions aren’t.
Shally’s asleep on the couch. Kwame walks past her and sits down. Philip comes down. To see her as sleep on the couch. Kwame teases and he says it’s only his cousin. Kwame asks if that’s what they call it now. Philip wakes her, says she has to go home, she says no, not without breakfast. Tried Titi K’s phone and it’s switched off. Shally gets a bowl of food. Philip asks for Kwame’s ride. He asks questions and is baffled he left his car in the street. Shally says it’s cause he couldn’t change the flat. Kwame eventually gives him the key and Shally finishes up. Before they leave Kwame answers a call, it’s someone informing him of crisis at Odyssey. Philip says thankfully nothing for him to worry about. He leaves with Shally. 
Brenda is briefed by Odun, so he went as far beating up a fan? Odun says it dint go down that way, it was his entourage. If anything he tried to stop them. Brenda says then they’ll go with the story that they were too consumed with their job. It’s easier. She’s advised that it could be spun to make it be about tight security. But Brenda says no, the entourage will take the fall and take a fat pay check and LEAVE. 
Tit K won’t eat, she’s finally getting concerned that Shally hasn’t called. Shally’s phone is switched off. She decides to call the police, no choice now. Philip knocks on the door, Caro gets it and he walks in and tells Titi K that’s he’s found something she may be looking for. Shally walks in, Titi K scolds her and says she took her sweet time getting home and tells her to go up and change. Philip says the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree, and questions her maternal behavior. She says she doesn’t need his advice. Philip reminds her, she was found on the street. The second time she was in a place she ought not to be in. He tells her to look after her kid and be a parent.
Tare comes in to Philip’s and asks of him. Kwame says he went on errands, and then she asks how many hits the sight has gotten and is told none, the site crashed. They said it’ll be sought out. Tare says he seems pretty calm. He says it’s because he’s on the verge of sealing the Ferrell deal, and her has bigger stuff on his mind. Tare asks what stuff, and he says just stuff.
Brenda is thanked by Peju for coming for the interview; she wants to ask a few questions before the camera rolls. Kwame calls his sister and tell her she heard the news. She asks how he knew and he tells her he can come and contain things for Odyssey, but she says she has things under control, talk to you later. When she gets of the phone, Peju is all ecstatic asking if that’s Kwame. Been rumours about a rift between you too…One look at Brenda’s face took away the excitement like it was never there.
Titi K walks in on Shally eating. She says her daughter made her look like an incompetent mother in front of Philip. She said she didn’t say anything and Titi K says that’s the point. Shally thinks she’s overreacting and her mum says not to get sassy with her, or she’ll be grounded till she’s married. She sights the large plate of food in front of Salewa and snatches it from her. Shally says she needs to put on weight. Titi k says she knows people that will kill for her body. Titi K takes summons Caro and tells her from now on her rations of food will be inspected by her. She will not have a whale for a daughter. 
Kwame and Tare talking and then Philip comes in, with news. The developers said it’s a virus; the site has been taken down. The error doesn’t only happen when downloading. He’s giving them till afternoon or he’ll start suing people. Kwame gets a call from the Ferrell guy. They are to meet at Ziggy’s in a few. Tare says she’s coming with. ‘Anything for a free lunch ay Tare?’ Kwame responds. Philip could use them both out of the house.
Peju is talking with Brenda, they seems to have technical issues. Peju goes to handle it; Odun says the lights look fine. Brenda says they are probably stalling, 5 mins and we walk.
They meet Ferrell. Kwame introduces Tare Duke, PR. He tries to update him with the latest, but he says he’s not here for that. Heard of his leaving odyssey and circumstances. Kwame asks what she said, but he says it’s not the issue, and asks for his side of the story. She travelled, took over things, stuff happened and she thought she wanted to take over his business. The guy from Ferrel says they’ll see him later, thanks them for their time. Kwame doesn’t want to talk about it with Tare. She says fine, then let’s order lunch. Kwame asks for the food the drinks to be brought. Philip walks in, happy as a clam. Says they all deserve drinks, the website is up. And the hits are climbing real fast, Freddie’s working on things, but they may reach 50,000 soon.
Brenda demands to know how the man involved ended up on set, since she didn’t hire him. He says how he always does. She asks how a thuggish former body guard gets on the set. She then asks if her partner overruled her decision to hire him.