Sheila cannot believe Brenda needs her help & that she could ask. It is important, Brenda says. Angela told her that Alhaji Abubakar invested in Mirage Spa. Sheila sarcastically asks, she did? She tells Sheila it is very important or she will not ask. Sheila tells her how Alhaji Abubakar invested in the spa. She went into business with his sister Jasmin before he appeared after her disappearance. What about the drugs? Brenda asks. Sheila does not know anything about the drugs for sure but the police had to be called in for a while to investigate and the spa had to be shut down. She tells Brenda to be careful if Alhaji is her business partner. Brenda tells her that she is not sure yet but she is covering all the bases.
Chuks tries to wake Shalewa up from her garri-induced sleep as Ene comes in & asks what is going on? He tells her that Salewa passed out after eating garri. She asks what else he did to her? Eating garri alone should not make anyone sleep off but Chuks tells her that Shalewa ate a lot, a whole lot. Shalewa wakes up as they were arguing and tell them to keep it down as they are giving her heartburn. They tell her to get up so that they can take her home.
Bimpe comes in & says she came to confirm that she has not been sacked. Kwame & Phillip remain busy on their laptops. Bimpe tries o spy on what Phillip is working on but he tells her to stay away. She whines that she wants to know what is going on. A friend sent her a link but she could not open it on her phone. It looks like our plan is working, Phillip says. What is going on? Bimpe asks. Kwame sent the link to their video to all his celebrity contacts. Bimpe looks at the video & is not happy that they uploaded the video she did not intend for everyone to see. Even her make-up is not well-done, she laments. The guys relish her discomfort.
Brenda tells Sheila that closing Odyssey is out of the question. The studio is not a one-bit spa. She seeks Sheila’s permission to talk to some of the staff, but Sheila tells her that the spa is about to close for the day so she has to come the next day. She also reminds her that the staff have all been interviewed by the police & nothing tangible came out of it. She tells Sheila that she is sure that she can do better than a poorly-paid police officer.
TTK screams at Carol to get the door before whoever is there runs her battery down. Ene comes in with Shalewa. What happened to her? Carol & TTK ask together. She fainted after drinking garri. Why did you give her such local food? TTk screams. Ene waits for her to finish & Carol take Salewa inside before she tells TTK that Salewa is displaying some negative behavioral signs that needs to be watched. TTK scoffs that she believes she is supposed to be lying on a couch while Ene tells her that. She wondered who died & made Ene a psychologist.
Phillip is still on his laptop as Kwame comes down & comments on his dedication to duty. Bimpe sashays in & tells them how she was recognized at the bus stop by 5 people. She now needs to use a taxi or a car. For 30 hits, Phillip reminds her, you need to stick to riding buses. Why don’t we concentrate on making more skits? Kwame suggests. Yeah, maybe she should do you next, Phillip tells him. Bimpe giggles loudly. Kwame looks constipated.
Brenda is going through her beauty routine as she interviewed the spa girls attending to her about Alhaji Abubakar. She tells them that she knows that sharp girls like them must have noticed something. They know nothing as Alhaji Abubakar speaks only with Agela when he comes around. There is also someone called Links used to come and collect supplies for Alhaji from the spa. They used to think he has a cosmetic shop somewhere. She asks them about the drugs & they tell her that they know nothing about that.
Shalewa wakes up & TTK goes after her for eating garri outside. She replies in her newly acquired Victorian accent that there is nothing to worry about after all Chuks and Ene are hardly strangers. TTK tells her not to be coy with her. She continues to speak in that manner till TTK smiles & hugs her. Her English is actually beginning to improve, TTK gushes. They are going shopping to celebrate. Salewa looks baffled at TTK’s excitement.
The spa girls suggest another treatment for Benda as they conclude what they were doing. She asks them if there is nothing they are forgetting to tell her? One of the girls asks the other one about Chidera. Brenda asks who Chidera is? They tell her that she used to work with them & was quite close to Links. They used to think she was involved in the drug business. She asks where Chidera is now & they tell her that she disappeared after the police investigation & she also changed her numbers. She asks if they remember any other thing but they tell her nothing other than that Alhaji Abubakar tips very well anytime he is around. 
TTK & Shalewa enter the bar with their shopping bags. They quarrel about bringing the bags inside. Salewa thinks they should have left them in the car but TTK insists that they need to have them handy. TTK orders two bottles of water for them but Shalewa wants chapman. TTK will hear nothing about that & tells Afi to bring the water chop chop! Aft tells Chuks that wonders shall never end; Salewa now speaks phonetics! Chuks tells her that Salewa nearly gave him a heart attack yesterday. TTK screams on them to bring her order.
Kwame berates Phillip for remaining on the website. Phillip worries that they should have had more hits now. Bimpe calls Phillip to ask what is happening to the site. Her friends are complaining that they have not been able to access the site. What is the point in publicizing the video if people cannot access the link? She asks. Phillip tries the site & find it down. He grabs his phone & goes after the web designers. He calls Freddy o get someone to bring him over quickly.
Brenda comes back to Sheila’s office & tells her that she found out something. She hopes that Sheila still has Chidera’s contact details. Sheila tells her that she can give her what she had originally. Brenda takes a call & quickly leaves.
Chuks comes to tell TTK to remove her bags from the seat so that a set of customers waiting can take a seat. TTK flares up & asks whether she should put the bags on her head? Shalewa, in her new found Queen’s English tells her that one needs to be considerate once in a while. She grudgingly agrees & asks Chuks to get someone to put the things in her car. She asks Chuks to tip Frank with money from the drawer as she does not have change. Chuks reminds her that she came back from shopping. She reminds Chuks that everything has gone cashless. Chuks begs her to return the money so that he can balance the books. As they were talking, Shalewa asks Frank to get her a sandwich. TTK overrules her as they will soon get home & she does not want her to ruin her figure. Shalewa reminds her in her new English that it is only a few pounds. TTK wonders why she wants to ruin her figure & hopes it is not because of Titan. She reminds TtK that there is more to a girls life than boys. TTK became annoyed but Shalewa reminds her that she is creating a scene! She grabs her bags & leaves in a huff, abandoning Salewa. Salewa will have to find her way home when she is through with her madness. That is her punishment. Immediately she leaves, Salewa reverts to her old voice & asks Frank what he is waiting for to bring the sandwich? Chuks tells her that he will give her cab fare but she must call him when she gets home.
Freddy is working on the website with Phillip, Bimpe and Kwame clustered around him. Kwame is sure that Freddy does not know what he is doing. Freddy tells them that he thinks it is virus-infected. Kwame gloats that he is sure Freddy can do nothing about that. Phillip leaves in frustration & Kwame quickly joins him. Bimpe sits beside Freddy & encourages him to continue whatever he is doing.