Ene jerks Chuks up from his sleep and he wasn’t too impressed that it to help her with her choice of clothes for the next day, especially since it was past midnight. But she says it’s an emergency, since the interview is in the morning. Chuks says what she has on is fine and she asks what he means by it’s fine, finer than the last 3 or what? Chuks just wants to rest but Ene expresses her urgent need to blow them away. Chuks gets her to sit and calms her down. Ene is uneasy, having heard Brenda’s tough. But Chuks reassures her and says even Bimpe who isn’t half as smart lasted long enough at the company. He tells her to relax and go to sleep, she kisses him and thanks him and decides to go with what she had on. As Chuks makes his move for the bed, Ene brings to his attention her shoe dilemma. 
Philip tells the team that they need a vid every week for a month. Kwame wants something similar to what Bimpe did, but she’s thinking more along the lines of a real film. Kwame reminds her that the only reason she’s here is that vid, and wonders why she’s complaining so much. Bimpe says at least her former job put food on her table. Philip says she has fans for the first time and should be happy, but Bimpe says it’s not just goofing, it’s her art. Kwame says they need to do some brainstorming, to which Bimpe asks where to begin, seeing ass she’s bursting with ideas. The looks on Kwame and Philip’s faces…
Chuks is on the phone with Ene, and tells her of Titi K’s crazy ideas for the bar. Ene says he should be diplomatic and it’s a critical situation. Chuks grudgingly agrees, and then asks how her interview went. She hadn’t done it yet, and Chuks gives her the affirmation that they’ll see how amazing she is. Besides she’d be the only one with a first class degree, or she could come home and be a domestic goddess, Ene is incredulous. Or even pay her to nag Titi K. Shalewa comes in, ‘hello Shuks how do yo do?’ with her new found accent.
Ene is in the reception as she sees the last interviewee come crying out. Nene Ene’s name and tells her that she’s next. 
Salewa asks ‘how are you doing this lovely morning’ and asks of Ene. Chuks tells her she went for an interview. ‘Simply wonderful’ she replies. Chuks is disturbed and asks why she’s talking like that. She says she wants to express herself in a proper ‘Dixon’. Chuks decides to humour her, saying ‘Hello love’ Shally enters her natural mode. ‘Ehn ehn ehn, why are you talking like that, and don’t allow Ene hear us, who’s your love.’ Then she asks for garri. 
Brenda throws fast questions at Ene, she tries to keep up and Brenda tells her not to interrupt her when she’s talking. Brenda points out that she hasn’t been employed before and asks why it should be her that would be picked. She says she’s a fast learner. Same as the last person she snaps back. Ene says it sounds like an interesting character, Brenda wonders how she stayed as long as she did. She also ask if she has any acting desires? She doesn’t. She also says she hopes her marriage won’t affect her work. Ene says it won’t be a problem. Brenda asks what her game plan is. She says life itself is a study of sociology. Brenda cuts in and asks if she wants to study her? ‘Yes ,ma, no ma’. Brenda says she can study all she works but she should take him for granted. She thanks her and asks If it means she got the job. Brenda asks her to tell the next applicant to come in. 
Philip and Kwame talk, are talking expenses. Philip believes they shouldn’t compromise the promise production quality. Need to spend money to make money. Kwame reminds him that they are broke. They keep babbling at each other . Philip says whatever they do, in the end will be 10times better than the YouTube vid. Kwame says they need simple scenery, etc. Should focus more on the format. They need to come up with something together.
Shally is taking it personal with her food, eating away. Chuks says it’s too much garri. But she’s on a mission and even asks for Kulikuli or groundnut to add to it. Chuks has neither. Ene calls Chuks, saying she thinks she messed up. She was asked to send in the next applicant. Chuks says Brenda obviously doesn’t know quality, and decides to cook her something special when she gets back. Garri won’t be on the menu. She says she’s coming home and hangs up, but as she he turns to leave, Ene is told that she’s wanted back in, and that the big lady doesn’t like to be kept waiting.
Bimpe tells a story. Kwame doesn’t see it as interesting. She says it was a folklore form childhood. Philip believes she was a clueless then as she is now, and calls her a one hot wonder. She hits back fiercely saying she’s a star, and she’s priceless etc. Kwame and Philip’s plan seem to have worked, fortunately they had kept the tape rolling. 
Brenda tells Ene that she’s got the job. She’s ecstatic and asks ‘Really?’ Brend asks if she’s hard of hearing and asks if she’s always like this, maybe she made mistake… Ene reassures her of her qualities, but she’s told to save it, the interview had already ended. She tells her to stick to photocopying and coffee for now. Ene is grateful and leaves. Brenda tells Nene to send in her next appointment. 
Tare walks in, Brenda tells her to have a seat. What’s this about Tele not coming back?
Chuks asks if she’s serious about eating all that. Shally tells him to watch and see. She asks Chuks if her mum and him are fighting over uncle Ziggy’s bar. He says No, and asks why. Doesn’t know, wouldn’t be nice. They aren’t fighting, just have different ideas on how to run a bar. Chuks says she doesn’t have time to finish, she says she’s ok, gets up and stumbles, then crashes on the couch.Ene calls her husby; ‘Chuksy!!’ Don’t worry, there’ll be better job he says, then is elated and celebrates on hearing she got the job. He asks what’s the salary? Not bad for a first job. That’s his wife, his baby. Sally asks which baby.
Tare says that Tele didn’t like the script, it didn’t speak to her, Brenda thinks maybe she should. She learns that they are reshooting some scenes overseas. Was ready to put aside disagreements. Not making a fuss, one producer will get what they want, offered it to her as a favour. She says they owe her one. Ridiculous had to force Tele. Another reason she doesn’t want to come home?
Bimpe says the camera loved her. She asks didn’t she look on fire. Philip, makes a wisecrack about an extinguisher. Bimpe asks if Philip is saying she was charming in the first vid? He’s simply Saying she’s not charming now. Wants some cash advance. Philip asks what difference it’ll make. Kwame promises to write a check from his pocket. 
Nene briefs Ene on her task and Tare comes out. They greet each other and she congratulates Ene and lends a few tips. Ene learns Tele is still at work, doing a reshoot. Means she won’t be back for a while. Tare asks of Chuks and she’s says they are pulling though. She congratulates her on the job. Smiles.
Philip says they should admit defeat and call it quits, Bimpe wants them to try one more time. She’s done. Tare comes in. hey guys, what did I miss? She’s a dud, fluke, one hit wonder. Philip tells her to enjoy check she got, best she’ll ever get. Tare comforts her as she breaks down, Philip needs a drink. Kwame says its’ her department and she should deal with it. Tare tells her to snap out of it, did her best. She gets up and turns the camera on and screams of her pain and frustrations. Tare seems impressed.
Sheila is told Brenda is here to see her, told to let her in. she walks in and has a seat. Hello Brenda, to what do I owe this pleasure? She needs her help.
Brenda says girls look bright and observant. Know more about Angela and masters. What of chidera, new more. Disappeared after investigation, disappeared since then and changed her number.