Brenda tells Stanley that he will be cc’ed on all important emails. He was not expecting that. He reminds her that he has not received the report he requested for on the purchases for studio 6. They were quite capital-intensive, he reminds her. She tells him that she will tell the Accounts Department to furnish him with the information. He asks for another report he is yet to be updated on. She hands the report over to him. Brenda quarrels with his tone, and disagrees with being told how to run her company. He reminds her that she now has a business partner. He will need an office, but Brenda denies the request saying there is no space. He tells her to find one as it will take him out of her hair except if there is something she is hiding. She tells him that she knows where he will go. 
Blacksheep-Ananse crew are laughing at the video but Kwame is not so enthusiastic. He scrutinizes and critizes the production quality. Tare says it is just an ordinary viral video, with lots of hits, Philip adds. They realize they have a standard to keep, and Kwame tells Philip to tell genius nephew thanks, but no thanks. Philip still thinks they should use humour. Kwame mockingly says they should hire Bimpe, or better still even make her the face of ‘Blacksheep Ananse’. A disturbing smile light’s Philip’s face, and he suggests they implement the idea!
Brenda takes Stanley to Kwame’s former office, and he mentions the condition of the office, to which Brenda replies it only needs dusting. He said he thought it would be hard to find him a place, and asks who had the office before. Brenda does not think it is his business but tells him that an ex-employee who moved on to greener pastures used to work there. He hopes he has better luck than his predecessor. 
Salewa comes back home with some boothe from the bookstore. She tells Caro she got books and mp3 files to improve her English. ‘He goes, she goes’ she repeated slowly and robotically. Caro asks if that is what she is listening to. She explains that she is repeating after the voice. Caro has a listen and joins in repeating ‘how do you do? I am fine thank you. It is a lovely day,’ in the same Victorian fashion. 
Brenda makes a call and instructs that Stanley be given all the documents he asks for. Nnenna comes in, and informs Brenda of the PA interview being set up tomorrow. Shortly after, Angela calls and tells Brenda that she may be in trouble. Brenda asks what makes her think so. She connect the dots, and says it cannot be coincidence that Masters is a client of the law firm. Brenda says they surely have many clients as a law firm. Angela reminds her that she is the one that came to her. She tells Benda about Master’s involvement in MirageSpa & Brenda looks concerned.
(((Suppy, Super seasoning, super taste)))
Philip is all over the place laughing. He found it hilarious that they thought he was serious about employing Bimpe. Tare believes they need someone like Bimpe though. Kwame wants something on the same line. Philip thinks they can write skits and get someone else to do the spoofs. Kwame brings it to his attention that dear Freddie suggested it too. Kwame & Tare think they should give her a shot. Besides they cannot afford a real comedian now, Kwame reminds them. Tare says she is good and they take a vote for all in favour of signing Bimpe. It was 2/3.
Caro and Salewa are still keeping at the speaking training. Salewa says she is hungry and wants to eat, even after all the sandwiches. From now on she’ll be eating every 3 hours. Caro ask if she wants her stomach to burst, because of one boy. It is after all her body. TTK walks in & asks what they are doing.
Stanley was about to call Brenda when she walked in. She demands to speak to her business partner, whoever it is, no matter how many shares he owns. She said to Tell him she knows what happened at the mirage.
TTK hopes Francesca has not been distracting Caro from her duties. Salewa says she will be spending her holidays working on her English. She says the trick is to talk slowly. TTK suggests she should help out at Ziggy’s. Salewa believes Chuks should be allowed to run the place but TTK tells her to stop by once in a while & see what they are doing. It’s her inheritance after all. Salewa thinks it sounds like they are fighting. But TTK calls it defending your turf. Salewa also plans to record her song at the studio. TTK agrees to think about it but asks her asks her to continue to work on her English as it has improved slightly. 
Frank walks over to Bimpe, who had just downed a drink and was asking for another chapman. Franks hopes that she can pay. She says to keep them coming. Kwame and Tare walk in with Kwame suddenly getting cold feet. They approach Bimpe and she says that they got there faster than she expected. She asks what they want, saying she has just had a bad audition. They tell her that they want her to join them in Blacksheep-Ananse. Bimpe quips that she did not join a cult in the university & it is too late to join now. Kwame says ‘funny’, and tells her of their interest in giving her a chance. They have seen her online video & Bimpe grieves that that video, which cost her a job will not stop haunting her. She tells Kwame to beg Brenda to take her back. She has been using candles in her flat to save power. Tare snaps her back to reality, but Bimpe does not see how she can work with them, besides Philip hates her, though she does not know why. She will think about their offer, while she is at it, she will have another chapman and something on the menu & yells at Frank to come over!
(((Rich in taste, Rich in Happiness, Ovaltine!)))
Bimpe tells them to try the fantastic chapman. Kwame is sure that she will know a fantastic Chapman when she tastes one. They talk about viral videos She wants to know how much they will be paying. Tare tells her that she will be paid a part of the revenue stream. Kwame expaciates on that but Bimpe thinks it sounds like 419. She demands N200,000 per video, a personal hair dresser, changing room, car, wardrobe, etc. They ask if that is all & she adds one or two other items to the list. They then stand up to leave and she tells them to chill. She is surprised that they cannot recognize negotiation the African way. I name my price, you name yours. She asks them that it was all a joke but she is serious now. Tare thinks it was a very expensive joke. Bimpe asks to be told how that revenue stream thing works.
A lawyer from Ok Fowler’s visits Brenda & says Mr. Fowler is very busy so he came instead. Brenda dismisses Nnenna. The lawyer says that Stanley told him that Brenda experienced a crisis of faith. Crisis of faith? Brenda asks. He tells her that Stan has a way with words! He explains he was told she wants to meet her partner. She wants to know who she is dealing with & she has loads of questions. He hands over a file to him which contains all the answers he thinks she wants. She flips through but there is still one more question though. Why Odyssey? She asks. The associate explains that their client has always wanted to be in movie business & Odyssey has good profile, she runs a tight ship. She tells him that her ship feels run over by rats right now but the lawyer tells her it only becomes bothersome when the rats start fleeing. She wonders what he means & he asks if it is not obvious that they are there to stay. 
Philip gets off the phone as Tare and Kwame walk in. He asks how it went & when they were not looking excited, he reminds them that he told them it is not a good idea. He tells them not to worry, they will find someone better. Tare tells him to meet their new strategic partner as Bimpe walks in. Philip gapes and Tare checks her phone, & says she has to take care of stuff & leaves. Bimpe says working there would be so much fun, and asks to be offered a drink. Philip could not believe his eyes.
The lawyer senses paranoia in Brenda, but all CEOs he’s dealt share the same traits. They see monsters in every shadow but it is a part of their anticipating the unexpected. For argument sake imagine he is a big bad wolf. Brenda thought he was a rat a short while ago. She asks after Alhaji Abubakar & his connection with the company. The lawyer admits that he is their client & talks about him in glowing terms. Every client is important to them. Brenda says she heard he is a murderer but the associate tells her that he is yet to have his day in court and they have a very good case. The key witness is known to have mental issues. He wonders what Brenda’s problem is with the investment in Odyssey?his client invested in Mirage Spa and the Spa benefited from the investment. The spa is better for it & the owner is in full control now. Having answered all her questions, he grabs his bag & leaves.