Fred asks why Angela attacked him. He tells her that she must lack home training & is not disciplined. Sheila enters & asks what is going on? Anhela tells Fred that he is obviously not an expert in discipline as a look at his son will show. Sheila shouts on her to stop & apologize. She refuses to apologize
{{{ and PHCN strikes!!!}}}
Bimpe walks into Ene’s flat & meets her working in her laptop. She tries to read what Ene is working on & Ene stops her. Ene asks her if she was not ashamed and Bimpe asks what there is to be ashamed of? Ene said for dating Telema’s ex! Bimpe went: is Telema my sister? And walks away thanking her for the blender…
Shalewa’s friends tell her that Titan granted an interview and denied dating her. Shalewa does not seem to understand what they are talking about so they show her the magazine. Sho also points out that Titan said that his ideal woman is well spoken, has the right curves.
Fred visits Phillip, Kwame & Tare. Phillip is surprised & they get up to greet him. As Phillip tries to introduce his friends & colleagues, Fred tells him that has already made their acquaintance. He congratulates them on successfully setting up the company & asks why Phillip is not making use of Reel Studios facilities? Phillip tells him that he wanted to be independent. He greets them & as he turns to leave, Phillip asks why he did not just call instead of coming all the way? He tells him that he wanted to see that he knows what he is doing & to congratulate them on the new company in person. After he leaves, Tare says it was nice of him to drop by. Kwame could not care less.
Angela has her bags packed & is leaving. She tells Sheila that Emile will be there soon to fetch her but Sheila tries to convince her to stay. She does not want to stay as Fred does not like her. She is not his beloved Amaka. Sheila reminds her that Amaka is Fred’s adopted daughter whose marriage she broke up. She tells her not to go. She only needs to apologize to Fred when he gets back. She’d better die than apologize. She complains that Fred called her a street walker. Sheila tries to calm her down & when she refused to listen, she asks her where she will go to if she leaves? She says she will go back to her apartment. Sheila reminds her that Masters’ men are still out there looking for her. As they were arguing, she tells Sheila that Emile is outside to pick her up. Stay safe, okay, Sheila tells her as she drags her bag out.
(((I’m walking on sunshine, oh oh…Rich in tase, Rich in Happiness, Ovaltine)))
Shalewa is reading thru the magazine containing Titan’s interview. She does not see what her friends are talking about. They ask her to get Titan’s manager to arrange a joint press conference like Bieber & Gomez and Beyonce & Jayz did but Sho reminds them that those are power couples. Nneka says she visited Titan’s page & his fans think Shalewa is too thin. Thin? The two of them hush up Sho before she can say the wrong thing. She stats to talk about Shalewa’s “good English” but the other two stop her again.
Angela is back at her apartment & Emile comes out & tells her everything is fixed including the windows. She keeps on asking if the window is secure but he tells her that he will sleep over for one night to ensure that she is safe.  Emile asks what Fred said to make her leave. Before she could answer, Brenda calls. She wants to see Angela. Angela tells her she is back to her house but it is already too late to meet with her. She tells Angela that she is thinking of the next day.
Kwame comes downstairs in the morning to meet a distressed Phillip holding his laptop. He has been monitoring the traffic to the site & is distressed at the lack of visitors to the site. Kwame advises caution saying it is a bit too early to judge. Phillip says he was up all night monitoring it. Tare enters & asks how the website is faring? Kwame greets her when she did not greet him. Phillip calls the web designer & complains that they had only two views. Kwame says it is three & Phillip attacks him. Tare quickly asks them to take it easy. As they were arguing, Freddy calls about the clip. He tells Phillip it is boring. Phillip tells him that he is waiting for it to go viral but Freddy tells him that it would not. It is not funny& people like to laugh. Phillip confirms that he is home & asks him to come over & help him work on it. Kwame does not find it funny & asks how old he is? 12, Phillip replies before going upstairs to get some rest.
Chuks is quarreling with a supplier on phone as TTK enters the bar. He tells the supplier that if Ziggy was alive, he would have come around to punch him. TTK asks what is going on & Chuks reminds her that someone has to run the bar. She thinks that he is not the one to do so but he tells her that Ziggy’s shares passed on to his mum, who asked him to run the place for her. TTK says she represents Dan, who has controlling interest. Chuks does not agree but TTK suggests they work together. Chuks agree. She has some decorating ideas, which she showed to Chuks. What is this? Chuks asks. Ziggy’s picture crashes to the floor again. TTK asks Chuks if he did not fix it the last time it fell? Chuks says he did. TTK grabs the picture & tells Chuks that maybe it should not be on the wall in the first place. It could have fallen on a customer. Chuks says it maybe the hook that needs fixing, but TTK tells him to keep the picture away.
(((I’m walking on sunshine, oh oh…Rich in tase, Rich in Happiness, Ovaltine)))
Kwame does not understand what Phillip is playing at. They are running a production company & not a play group! What do you have to lose? Tare asks. Someone knocks on the door & she tells Kwame to behave as that must be Freddy. Freddy enters. Tare asks if he remembers her? Yes, he says. From Aunty Sheila’s spa. She asks if he remembers Kwame? He does not but gets up & presents his hand while introducing himself. Kwame was forced to shake hands & introduce himself. Tare tells him Phillip is resting upstairs & asks what she should get him? Kwame suggests cookies & milk but Freddy asks for coffee please, & black. Gateways she will get him tea instead but he asks for juice provided it is freshly squeezed!
Fred asks after Freddy while they are at table & Sheila tells him that he had breakfast early& has gone to spend the day with Phillip at his apartment. Fred likes that they are spending time together. Sheila talks about Angela. Sheila tells him that he contributed by calling Angela a street-walker. He says that e only said that she behaves like a street-walker! She is worried about her safety. Fred says she brought it unto herself. Sheila tries to make a case for Angela’s safety but Fred tells her not to waste her time on her as Angela is not worth all the worries. Angela might be flawed, she says but she is also a friend.
Carol brings food for Shalewa & her friends but meets onlyShalewa. She asks where her friend’s are but she says that she has decided to relax alone. Shalewa asks Carol to hand her all the sandwiches she made for four of them carol asks whether she can finish all of them? Shalewa asks her not to mind her little body. She also requests that Carol make heavy eba and soup for her for lunch.
Tare brings Freddy the juice, freshly squeezed. Phillip goes ahead to give Freddy the lowdown. He wants him to assist them create something that will go viral. As Freddy starts to speak, Kwame interrupts. He does not understand what a 12 year old can contribute to the company. Pileup shouts him down & when they stop shouting for a while, Freddy shows the clip of Bimpe mimicking Brenda. People like to laugh, he ells them & this is funny & has one viral. All three of them look at the clip & became weak.
Carol wonders why Shalewa is gorging herself on food? Shalewa tells her that she has to add weight & change her levels. Carol wonder what she is talking about & she tells her that people said that she is too thin & have no curves for Titan. She will show them who they are mocking. Carol looks on in horror as she struggles to keep the one she ate down. She wobbles up & tells a bewildered Carol that she is going  out for a walk.
Brenda asks after Angela & the drug lord. Angela wonders whyBrenda is not even concerned for her safety instead of enquiring after a lawyer. Brenda says she is interested in finding out information on the lawyers as they also represent her mystery board member. Angela flares up but Brenda mends her that she knows only what she read in the tabloid. She gets up to leave & Angela asks why she came? She tells Angela about her mystery business partner who is being represented by the same lawyer defending Angela’s drug lord. As they are the same, she was wondering if Angela knows anybody in the lawyer’s office.

Next on Tinsel
Brenda meets with Ok Fowler’s lawyer. Why Odyssey? Mr. Fowler has always wanted to be in the movie business. He tells her she runs a tight ship. She is not happy is being run over by rats. The rats are here to stay!