Soji explains to Salem that the coach promising to take him to Europe is a dupe but Salem says that he coach has a professional certificate & will help him. Soji is surprised that with all his street smartness, Salem can still fall prey to such tricks. He tells Salem that he must return the money to all the people he collected it from. Salem argues but he tells him to stop. They have a documentary to shoot & he has money to return.
Kobno agrees with Kwame that they will wait. As he was about to go get some lunch, Brenda walks in & meets Kobno as Bimpe was explaining that Kwame no longer works there. She charms him into waiting in her office. The receptionist comes in & Bimpe chides her for being away for too long & asks her to cover for her as she is going to be away for the whole day. She wonders what she will tell Brenda if she asks & Bimpe tells her to tell Brenda she went to eat.
Soji & Phillip are in the car waiting for Bimpe. Soji asks for the other production assistants but Phillip tells him that he has all the equipment he needs in the car & will not need any assistants. He frets about Bimpe & says they will replace her if she does not come in immediately. Just then, Bimpe appears.
Kwame walks into the reception & asks the receptionist for the man waiting for him? She tells him that she has seen no one. Kwame calls Kobno & joins him in Brenda’s office. Brenda has been telling him stories about the studio & they will work with Odyssey. He stands up to leave. Brenda will fill Kwame in on their discussion.
Soji, Phillip & Bimpe start the documentary. Soji gives them instructions about how things will work. If they run into issues with anybody, they will call Area Father’s boys. He asks Bimpe to remove her flashy earrings. She tells them they are fake gold. She is not mad to wear gold to Makoko. Phillip thinks her whole outfit is too flashy. They bicker for a while before Soji breaks it up & they get the documentary off.
Brenda tells Kwame that she is looking out for Odyssey & have taken the Ferral deal for the company. She will pay him finder’s fees. He says no, that Ferral is his deal. She tells him to consider it his first repayment or she could be calling the police. She asks whether he accepts the deal? As he was walking away, she asks about his reason for going for therapy?
Tare comes into her office to see Sheila on her set & going thru things. She tells her that she was on her way home but just heard that she is around & came to see her. Sheila talks about progress in the spa; membership has gone up by 20%, & also talked about things she wants changed. She tells Tare that she is coming back to resume at the spa & Tare was not quite sure she liked what she heard. She asks where Sheila will be working out of? Sheila says she will work out of Tare’s table till the refurbishment of her office is completed. 
Kwame comes back to meet Brenda & asks who told her? She does not think it is important & asks what he was being treated for? He asks how she knew, & she tells him that she was looking out fir her kid brother & found out his regular payments to Dr. Ibrahim’s clinic. He asks whether Dr. Ibrahim told her & she tells him of course not. She asks again & he tells her that it is none of her business. 
Soji & Bimpe are surprised at Phillip’s equipment. He has only one photo camera. They both wonder whether that Is what they will shoot the documentary with & he tells them that he wants to give it a grainy look & that is all he needs. Bimpe says she knows nothing, but she can at least distinguish between a video & photo camera. Soji asks about sound? Phillip tells him that dating Telema does not qualify him as a movie director & asks them to get going on the shooting please.
Brenda comes out to ask the receptionist for Bimpe? She wants Bimpe to clear her diary for the day as she has a meeting. She wonders where Bimpe has been all these while? She looked a bit over-dressed this morning. She turns & sees Stanley, her ex-stockbroker who she ditched when he wanted to date her, in a corner. He greets her & tells her he is the one meeting with her! He is Ok Fowler’s representative. She hopes that he has no hard feelings about the past. She asks why the client is sending a representative instead of coming for the meeting himself? Is it someone she knows? He is not at liberty to say. She pumps him for information but he tells her that his deal is too sweet for him to betray his client. His client is only interested in making money. He wants to be an unobtrusive owner of the company. He only wants to show up once in a while to maybe take pictures with some stars.
Phillip’s phone rings as they are shooting a scene with Bimpe & a baby & he goes to take the call. Soji asks that he switches off the phone. Phillip goes to take the call while Bimpe goes to ask Soji how she is doing? He tells her to just be original. Phillip comes back & apologizes & switches off the phone. Just then another phone rings & it turns out to be Phillip’s second phone. He apologizes & runs off to take the call. Soji makes to flare up but Bimpe tells him to cool it as he is making the baby they are working with nervous. Phillip rushes back & begs to leave for the day. Soji is not happy but Bimpe calms him down & asks if it is not time for lunch break?
Brenda goes to the Spa & meets the gym full. She complains & Tare asks her to wait but as she goes to wait, she picks up a newspaper & screams. She read in the story about Masters’s arrest at Ziggy’s Bar that the lawyer representing him is OK Fowler. Ok Fowler is not a man. It is a firm!
Phillip comes home & meets a brooding Kwame. He asks what is wrong with him again? He complains about Brenda treating him badly & they talk it over. Phillip tells him that his family thinks he is up to no good!
Bimpe asks Soji what is wrong with Salem, who is sitting away from them during lunch. He tells her not to mind him. It is because he asked him to return the money he collected from people. She goes to Salem with a plate of food bu he bones. She opens the pack & screams about how yummy the rice & chicken is. He grabs the pack from her & Soji who has been looking on smiles.
Salem is met by KB who complains that Salem is disgracing them. Salem apologizes for the mix-up & asks him to ensure that the other get their money. He agrees but tells Salem that now that he is enjoying, he has forgotten his friends. How, Salem asks? He has moved to Soji’s big house & has forgotten others.  He wants to come to Soji’s house to also enjoy the air-condition & goodies. Salem tells them that Soji does not live in a big house. He eventually agrees that they can come but for a very brief period.