Mrs. Obi asks who says that her brother was assasinated? Soji says that is what he gathered from one of the policemen. Mrs. Obi says that they should check who the assassins came for if it is an assassination. They should find out who was organizing the event. Chuks tells her that they will find out more tomorrow after the funeral. He asks Soji that he looks like there is more. Soji tells him that the policemen found a lot of money in Ziggy’s car. He asks if Chuks knew anything about that? Chuks says no. He also tells Chuks that he overheard the policemen talking about Masters! They think he was responsible.
Kwame refuses to write a statement. The policeman threaten him & he tells the guy that it was a family misunderstanding. The police man tells him to stand up. He refuses. He can hear whatever he has to say sitting down. He wants to make a call to his lawyer & clear this up. The policeman gives him a phone. He calls Barrister Karim who seem not to be able to help him.
Sheila comes down & meets Fed. They both could not sleep. They talk about the last time they saw Ziggy. Sheila asks what Fred wants to do about Laide & the baby? She suggests that they send someone to find out where she is & what she is up to. They can monitor the life of the baby & be involved without his having to worry about what is happening to her and the baby.
The policeman tells Kwame that this is his last chance. After this, he goes to the cell. He calls Phillip to come & get him from the police station. Puillip asks him what he has done this time? He asks him to come immediately. Phillip calls Zazza instead who appears shortly after. He is sitting morosely so she asks what is wrong with him? He tells her about Ziggy’s death. She is surprised at the news & asks what she is there for? He tells her that someone told him that death forces one to think about what is important in life. He has not been able to stop thinking about that. Zazza drops her drink & leaves the flat.
Chuks & Ene are in bed. She is happy to sleep with light again. She asks if he thinks they should have allowed his mother to stay with them? He tells her that she will be okay. He asks if she thinks he is a dependable man? What does he mean? He asks if she thinks that he can be depended on to take care of her, to protect her? She tells him that he is scaring her. He tells her that if Ziggy could not protect himself from some people, what of him? Ene asks what he means again & he tells her not to worry.
Fred goes to meet Dan in prison. He asks how Dan got into a neck brace & his bruised arm. Dan tells him not to worry about him & tell him what he is doing there when he is supposed to be abroad. Fred hesitates but tells him that someone has died.
Soji comes to visit Chuks. Ene goes off to check on his mum. He asks Soji if there is anything new from the police? Soji tells him about the large cash that was found in Ziggy’s car. Chuks asks what he is referring to? Soji thinks they should check out that connection well as Ziggy should not have that amount of cash for any reason. Chuks asks what he is talking about? After all the years he has known Ziggy? Soji reminds him that people can spring surprises like Elema did to him. Chuks could not believe his ears & grabs Soji’s shirt. He could not believe that Soji could see Ziggy in that light after all he has done for him. Soji eventually leaves.
Kwame comes into the room & attacks Phillip for coming late. Phillip reminds him that he came first thing in the morning. He gripes about being left to sleep in the cell & being provoked by miscreants. Phillip tells him that it should make him appreciate the flat he is living in free of charge. He starts to rant again & Phillip cuts him off & tells him to save that for the judge. He asks what he was arrested for? Kwame says it is Brenda. They had a family misunderstanding & Brenda used it to deliver a personal blow.
Fred breaks the news of Ziggy’s death to Dan who could not control his emotions and breaks down crying. Fred tells the warder who approached them that Dan has just received terrible news & needs to be left alone. Dan says that he has been dreaming of a not guilty verdict & was looking forward to getting back & now this.
Kwame goes to meet Brenda at home to harass her about giving him up to the police. They end up screaming at each other.
Ene comes back to meet a disconsolate Chuks. She tells him that his mum will be here soon for them to go to the funeral. He says nothing. She tells him that TTK was there but she told her to go to the bar. He still says nothing. She asks him if he is still worrying about responsibilities? He does not have to worry again. He asks why? Her father called & he is going to give them some money. He gets worked up about not being able to do anything for his uncle. Ene tells him that it is customary for friend’s and relations to contribute to funerals. He gets up & walks out as she talks to him.
Kwame calls Harriet and offers to meet her & give her a scoop about Brenda. Phillip asks him if he is a 5 year old? He wants to give his sister’s story up to the press? Kwame asks when he became the voice of good reasoning? Since he lost his own sister. They use to argue about everything till she was no longer there. He tells Kwame that the thing about scandals is that once it is out there, you find it difficult to retrieve. Kwame eventually calls Harriet & asks that they take rain-check on the interview.
Soji is answering a call looking for Chuks when he looks up & tells the caller that he is even there. Chuks has just walked into the bar where Soji is arranging things looking dejected. Soji asks what he is doing there when he should be at the cemetery? He goes to him & helps calm him down & ready to go & join others.
Fred & Phillip are all dressed up & about to go for the funeral. He talks about how many times he has cheated death yet Ziggy who has not had a headache suddenly dies. Reminds him to tie up all the loose ends.