Delmuah & Angela are in Ziggy’s discussing the Titan project. Angela’s phone rings & she admires the phone. Delmuah asks if she is not going to answer the call? She instead says she will switch off the phone. She eventually asks Delmuah if she is sure that they are supposed to have a meeting that day? Delmuah confirms that & Angela asks if her phone is ringing? Delmuah reminds her that she has switched off the phone! 
Sheila comes out of the office & meets Laide at the reception. She has come to collect a cheque from the account department. They of course square up to each other each wondering what the other was doing there. Sheila tells Laide that they don’t do cheques at Reel Studios but electronic transfers. Laide asks Sheila not to be shy. Is she staying at a hotel, or what? Sheila asks Laide if she has spoken with Fred lately? She suggests that Laide should speak with Fred & leaves her standing at the Reception.
Ene visits Soji, who asks after Chuks. Ene informs him that Chuks is not back yet. Even when he is back, he spends his time combing the markets looking for inspirations for his designs. He says he will need them. They talk about Chuks going back to UK & Ene confirms that they have talked about it & Chuks is not going again. Soji is happy that they talked it over, but wonders why Chuks is not going back to UK? Ene tells him that it is about priorities. He had to decide which one is more important; his career or his marriage? Chuks can always get another apprenticeship opportunity but he got married once. Soji asks him to tell Chuks to call him. She notices something is worrying him. It is about work. She reminds him that the used to be very happy about work.
Delmuah & Angela continue to thinker about the film at Ziggy’s when Eddy, the lawyer enters. Angela quickly dismisses Delmuah to Delmuah’s surprise especially as they still have stuff to discuss. Angela tells her to bounce as she has another meeting that’s about to start. As Delmuah leaves in a huff, Eddie joins Angela. Angela tells him that she wants to find out more about statutory rape. She has been sleeping with a 17 year old. He asks how she knew & she tells him that the guy’s mum told her! He asks if the mum is planning to sue her but she says not to her knowledge. He tells her not to worry if it is consensual. The law on statutory rape in Nigeria is still largely gender-specific. Their case is made easier as the guy in question has slept with someone else.
Soji gets a call from his landlord about a notice on his rent that was sent to him. He was not there when the notice was delivered. They agree that the notice will be re-sent to him. Soji calls the Chief that wants his family’s picture taken. He is ready to take the pictures.
Sheila meets Fred at the table & he invites her to join him. She asks where he went this morning. He went to see Dan. She tells him that she met Laide at the office. She wants to know how Laide knew she has left & he tells her that he met Laide at he hospital the day Sheila left. Se asks whether Laide spent the night with him? No she did not spend the night. She only made a meal for Freddy & left.
Soji visits Ene. Chuks is not back yet. She asks what was worrying him earlier about work? He had this picture he did not want to take but now he realizes he needs the money. She wonders when hesitated finding work so demanding? Just then, Bimpe bounds in. She learnt that Chuks is back & came to collect her share of the goodies he brought back. Ene & Soji wonder when Chuks became her friend. She does not care. She still wants her jewelry, cookies, etc. Chuks is not around & he did not get her anything. She still goes into the kitchen & tells Ene that her fridge is dry! Soji tells Ene about the call from his landlord & the subsequent quit notice he got.
Emile calls Angela. She tells him to stop calling her but go roller skating or whatever teenagers do. He tells her to stop judging him based o the kind of women he is attracted to. She cuts the call.
Fred visits Laide. She welcomes him & asks what to offer him but he tells her that it is not a social call. He does not want to spend much time. She coaxes him to sit down & tells him that she met Sheila at the office. He tells her to refrain from referring to Sheila in that manner. She is still his wife. She asks if Sheila is back in his house? He confirms that she is back home. Laide reminds him that she is the one carrying his baby. 
 He tells her that he has made arrangements for her to be paid. She needs him & the baby kicks! He is happily reminded of the joy of witnessing a baby’s kick. She is seeing the doctor the next day as she is spotting.she begs him to come with her.
Ene is appalled at the wicked letter they sent to Soji. As they were debating that, Bimpe comes out & tells Soji that his constant forays into jail is the cause of the quit notice. Lagos landlords do not like that kind of tenants. Ene chides her but she insists that she is telling the truth. Bimpe has also finished Ene’s cookies.
Amaka is showing Sheila some items for her party. She reminds him that Fred has paid someone to do that. As they were discussing that, Fred returns & tells them that he needs to go upstairs & rest. Sheila tells Amaka that Fred could not break it off with Laide. She can tell because he could not look her in the face.
Soji discusses his house issues with Eddie, the lawyer. Eddie tells him that the best option is to find another place & leave the house. The caretaker knows the game he is playing by sending him back-dated quit notices.
Titan & Mr. Akinjobi are in Angela’s office. They remind her that they are still waiting for her response to their question. Mr. Akinjobi tells her that he noticed that she worked better with Titan in the past and their agreement had no holes so he has decided to give Titan more room to negotiate the contract. He is willing to step out & allow them to discuss. Angela starts screaming& asks him whether Mrs. H sent them to trap her. Titan & his father look at each other!