Amaka comes out of the office & chats with Funmi at the reception. She thanks Funmi for staying back late to arrange the meeting especially in her condition. She asks when the wedding is & Funmi confirms it is at the end of the month. Amaka promises to keep the weekend free. Funmi then uses the opportunity to discuss their concerns in the office with Amaka. They know that Amaka just had a baby but the other directors rarely shows up & now this dispute with World Movies (WM). Amaka assures her that there is no problem with the company & their jobs are safe. How will Funmi get home? Her fiancee will pick her up.
Tare & Angela are all alone among the decorated house & birthday food. Angela wonders what could be holding back the guests? It must be the traffic she wonders. Tare tries to play down her bad things were by telling her that she was there. Amaka came too & left because no one was there. She left Angela a present which Tare hands her. Angela say that she may have stayed if she knew hat her father was coming.
Fred, Sheila & Phillip walk into the office & Amaka is at the reception to welcome them. Phillip straight-away tells her that the meeting is a mistake. Fred tells him to sit out the meeting if he cannot be civil during the meeting. They walk into the office with Sheila who is looking dazed bringing up the rear. Amaka asks her if she is okay & she says yes.
Tare is still stuck with Angela who wonders where her guests are. Tare asks after her therapists & Angela calls Dr. Ibrahim. He cannot stop by. She then calls her father. He is still stuck in Warri. His flight is delayed & it looks like he will not be able to make it. She fumes at him & tells him not to bother to come tomorrow if he cannot make it that night. She will simply take it like one of his numerous disappointments.

Amaka walks into Sheila’s office & meets her lost in thought staring at the wall. She asks her if she is ok. A startled Sheila says she is okay. When Amaka probes further, Sheila tells her that she does not know what Fred wants. What does that mean? Amaka asks. Sheila tells her that Fred wants them to repair their relationship. Amaka sees nothing wrong in that but Sheila asks her what else they should try when everything they have tried failed? Following Fred to the office and everywhere will not change anything about the state of their relationship.
TTK gets home & starts shouting from the door if Shalewa is home? Carol who collected her bag tells her that Shalewa is asleep. She screams that Shalewa is sleeping after she created a problem that she will spend the whole night fixing. Carol gives her a sign that they are not alone & as she walks in, Mrs. Collins, Sho’s mum was sitting there waiting for her. TTK asks Carol for a drink & tablets while she asks Mrs. Collins what her late night visit is all about & suggests she leaves as she did not call in advance. 
Fred is readin through The Flood Journals in his office & tells Phillip that he can see why he is excited about making the movie. However, they need to make a compromise. Phillip reminds him that he is the most uncompromising person he knows. Fred objects & says that he changes his position in the face of superior argument. Phillip talks about the issues in his father’s marriage. Freed is surprised how quickly the discussion devolved to his marriage. He thinks that Phillip is being callous & protective of his position & does not care if his sibling died. Phillip tells him that he is sorry, but he finds it difficult connecting emotionally to a foetus. Phillip is willing to give grounds to WM if only Fred will make a compromise.
Angela & Tare are still discussing what to do to the party without people when Emile knocks & enters. He immediately asks Angela what the guests did to make her throw them all out? As he jokes away, Tare tells him to slow down that Angela is bruised now. She however notices that Angela is smiling. She tells them that it is true that she may have thrown the guests out if they had been there. Tare gets up and leaves two of them to each other after telling Emile not to let Angela get rid of him. He should ensure that he stays for the real party. She tells them that some day, the two of them will tell her what is between them, and walks away. Emile confirms that the guests did not show up & tells Angela that the better alternative to a room full of party people is a party for two.
Mrs. Collins tells her that the visit is about Shalewa’s interview. As TTK was getting ready to receive another ear-full similar to Fred’s, Mrs. Collins surprised her with a hug. She goes into a long speech about how inspiring Shalewa’s act to go on the interview was. Dan acted to protect the honor of that poor actress who was raped. TTK reminds her that she did not like her conduct the last time they met in the police station. Sho’s mum replies that Shalewa’s brush with the law must have taught her a more civilized way to make her opinion known. She tellsTTK that they should build on the interview and get journalists rooting to free Dan. Who knows, he might be freed. TTK reminds her that even family is not interested in supporting Dan’s cause. Mrs. Collins tells her that The Ladies’s Wheel Club is interested in the case. TTK is surprised that she is a member. She informs TTk that she is a two-term secretary & will soon become the president. She however reminds TTk of how exclusive the circle is & TTK knows. She is however swept off her feet when Mrs. Collins tells her that she is there to invite her to be a member!
The meeting between WM & Reel Studios is in full swing. Lydia Haruna reels out her offer. Phillip will direct the movie & the distribution of the finished work will use Reel’s facilities. Phillip reminds her that he can insist on his rights to the movie & even if she wins in court, the case would have dragged for so long that people will no longer remember who Chris Okereke is. She understands that & asks him to get to his point. Phillip is not cool with this. He tells her that he is not willing to work with her, but Reel Studios is. Lydia understands that he is asking for a co-production & asks for the terms. Phillip asks to consult with Fred before they come back to her. She is not too keen to work with Reel Studios considering her previous experience with working with Fred but she is willing to hear it out & consult with her HQ.

As the meeting breaks up, everyone leaves except Fred & Lydia. He thanks her for attending the meeting & listening to their offer. She reminds him that she does not own her own company. She remarks that there is something different about him. It is unlike him to let another person run his meetings. She says that there is a sense of resignation around him which could only come from a deep personal problem. He acknowledged that he are personal issues which he is trying to sort out. He tells he that he is no longer that actively involved in the business, & only attended the meeting as a courtesy to her for attending. She then tells him that in return for the favour, she will give him an advice. At some age in life, one should be able to do or get whatever he wants.
Emi,e is telling Angela a silly tale about goats and yam and a near-nude woman. Angela asks him if he expects her to believe that fable. He tells her that her believing it is not important so long as it made her smile. Se then recounts her experience during her first birthday at Reel Studios. She was also working late& her boss stopped her when he realized that it was her birthday. He bought her a cake & took her out & asks about her social life. When she finished, Emile asks whether she is still in love with him. She tells him that he is dead now. He asks if ha is the man she had an affair with? She remarks that she sometimes has problems with boundaries.
Fred is in his study scattering papers. He eventually picks his phone & calls Laide. She picks up the phone & tells him that it is late. He begs her not to drop & asks her whether she has done anything about he baby. She tells him hat whatever she does with her baby is her choice alone. He remarks that it means that she has not done anything about it. Laide drops the phone while he was still talking. Phillip walks into his office & asks who he was talking to? Fred tells hi. Tha he was on the phone. Phillip wanted to know whether he is through with the manuscript, but Fred asks to leave it with him overnight. Phillip asks hi. What is wrong & he tells Phillip hat he wants to marry Laide.

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Kwame is eating in front of Telema who tells him that men’s lives are always entrusted to their women; as he eats that meal… Kwame stops his food half-way to his mouth & looks at the fork.