Phillip walks into his father’s house & meets Sheila. He asks her how he is & she does not know. He asks her to make him happy & she asks how? Is that not what married people do, make each other happy? He asks. She still does not know how. He tells her to give him a baby as that is what this Laide business is all about. Sheila tells him that she is not going to get pregnant to trap a man & it is not every woman that wants to be a mother. Phillip asks if she made this side of her’s known to Fred. She replies that she has never hidden her true self from Fred. He tells her to try for the baby. She is not too old as he has seen a lot of older women get pregnant on TV. All she needs is fertility drugs. She reluctantly agrees to give it a try& he gets up to leave. At the door, he stops & tells her that when they were young, Monica & himself will do Charlie Chaplin impressions from films Fred liked & it always gets him to smile. Sheila asks whether she is to start Charlie Chaplin impressions just to make Fred happy? He tells her to just take the gist, & leaves.
Angela meets Mrs. Haruna who asks why most people are not at work. Angela reminds her that it is Workers’ Day & Mrs. H says which is compulsory for civil servants. Angela reminds her that everyone needs to rest once a while. Mrs. H remarks that for someone used to such liberties, Angela should know. Mrs. H reminds Angela of the need to project the right image. In World Movies (WM), everyone down to the janitor is expected to comport themselves well. Angela dkes not know what she is talking about. Mrs. H complains about Angela making herself the face of mental health challenges & declaring herself crazy in front of a room full of people. Crazy is not a brand they intend to push this year or the year after that. Angela tells her that her private life is off limits for her. Mrs. H asks what she means & Angela tells her that she has worked hard to ge to where she is now & nothing, not even Mrs. H’s office can take her back to where she came from. 
Shalewa calls Freddy who is in school. He is still angry at her for his Harry Porter book that disappeared with Shalewa. Shalewa is also not happy with him for saying that her father is guilty. He tells he that he only told her what everyone was saying. She apologizes & tells hi. That she is calling to tell him that the campaign to free her father is about to start again so she will need him to work on the social media efforts they talked about. He asks for details & she tells him to just do his part & stay close to a TV. Se also calls Peju & requests to interviewed on Juice with Peju to discuss freedom for her father.

Mrs. H push a file to Angela. WM is thinking of creating a home-grown star. They have chosen Titan, who the think will be a hugely successful cross-over star, as big as Justin Bieber of Hannah Montana. They are looking at multiple movie franchises and other big ideas. Angela does not think that this will be such a good idea due to various challenges & the difference in markets. Mrs. H asks her to get to work & come up with a feasibility study& generate data from as wide an area as is possible for them to build on. She wants the report by the end of the next day & wishes Angela a happy workers’ day.
Sheila meets Fred in his study reading a book. He thinks that the can relax by reading a book. She asks him if he has changed his mind about having more babies. He gets her drift & holding her hands across the table, assures he that she does not need to try & have a baby. He loves he the way she is. She asks after Laide & the chi,d & he tells her that they are a different issue to him. She does not understand where she stands if Laide comes back with the baby. Fred tells her that Laide & the baby are no longer a factor.  Their lives. Laide is going to get rid of the baby. What if she decides not to go through with it? She wanted to know.
TTK calls on Fan in jail & tells him that Salewa now knows. How did she find out, he wanted to know? She asked me pointedly in public & I didn’t have a choice. TTK responds. Dan asks how she is taking it & TTK tells him hard. He regrets that he has failed her. As he starts to cough again, TTK asks how he is doing & he tells her as well as someone in jail. She asks him what will happen if he leaves the prison? Dan does not understand what she is talking about. She uses her hands to demonstrate jail break but Dan does not get her drift. After three tries, she then tells him I’m going to bust you out of here. Dan asks her if she has gone nuts?
Fred & Sheila continue their discussion on their marriage. He tells her that he is married to her & is committed to the marriage. She then suggests that they get an outsider to help them with repairing their relationship. Fred will not hear of it. He believes that they are adults & can handle their issues without involving others. She tells him that she has tired & is tired. He then suggests that they concentrate on relation-building activities in their family going forward.
Omozele visits Angela’s office & as she walks in, Angela asks her what she wants as she has told her hat she will not be their representative. Omozele tells her ha she knows that she is busy but has to come & apologize to her personally. Angela wonders about what? Omozele tells her that some undercover journalists were planted in the hall & obtained the attendance list & also quoted some sections of Angela’s speech out of context. Angela is horrified & asks if that is not an invasion of privacy? Omozele informs her that they are already consulting their lawyers as some of the women whose names were published have not informed their employers about their mental status. Angela is so angry at what this will do to her career & throws Omozele out of her office.
Dan tells TTK to keep her fantasies about jail break in check. He asks her how she even came about the idea? She explains that Ziggy contributed some ideas. He tells her that two of them should keep their idea in check. Do they realize what is involved? As he starts to cough again, TTK asks him if he has good care? He tells her that he has syrup for his cough. She then tells him think of what will happen to Shalewa if he goes to a long spell in jail. Who will be there for herself? Dan asks, you? He eventually asks her that if she wants to help, she should look after Shalewa & ensure that she does not get into trouble.
Fred comes downstairs to meet the lawyer about Dan’s defense. He meets a different lawyer from the one he is used to. The new one tells him that he now heads the criminal department. They discuss Dan’s case & the lawyer tells Fred that there may be some loopholes they can exploit in Dan’s defence, but he needs to meet with Dan first. Fred agrees to arrange the meeting immediately.

Shalewa visits Eneh who is not happy to see her. Shalewa asks Eneh if she is still mad at her & Eneh says yes, after she was locked in her flat by Shalewa & her gang. Shalewa tells her that it was for her father & asks Eneh if her father can stay in her apartment if he leaves jail early. Eneh asks if she means like he gets a parole & Shalewa says no. When Eneh gets the gist, she asks Shalewa if she has gone mad? Of course, she will not be a part of her crazy scheme.
Angela gets a call from the Lagos Money journalist who interviewed her & Phillip. She wonders why it is only those she does not want to talk to that are calling her. He asks her if she has seen the newspapers & whether it is true that she went to acknowledge that she is crazy infant of a room-full of women? He wonders why she was angry when he wrote a few paragraphs about her. She tells him that he is not better than the writers of the article at some point, she wonders if he was behind the stories.
Shalewa begs Eneh to allow her father stay in her house. Eneh will have nothing to do with this. Besides, she is preparing for Chuks’s graduation from his course abroad & does not have time for Shalewa & her shenanigans.
Fred & the lawyer visit Dan in jail & he talks to them about his case. The lawyer thinks that they have a good case. The fact that Varere waved a gun in Dan’s face means that Dan acted in self defence. Also, Varere insulting him makes a case for aggravation. Dan however does not think that he has a good case especially as Varere had been weakened by then. The lawyer tells him to leave the defence to the professionals. Dan should make use of all the defence possibilities available to him. Dan tells him that he will continue with his own lawyers. Fred asks the lawyer to excuse them. He asks Dan if he is deliberately making it difficult to get him out of jail.

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TTK is in Ziggy’s office & tells him that she expect him to write the plot perfectly & execute their plot perfectly. Ziggy remind her that this is not drama but real life. TTK tells him that what he is suffering from is called jitters & she can help him with exercises to prevent that.