Today’s starts with Kwame practically dragging Telema into the house & by the time they got to the sofa, she snatched her hand away & tells him that she is fine. He shouts on John to get her water but she tells him that she is ok. He asks her what happened & she tells him that she was robbed, not beaten or harmed. He asks her if she had been drinking. 
Angela is sitting in a waiting room when her phone rings & Emile wants to know how she is doing. She tells him she knows it is him as she is not using cup & wire phone & she is doing fine. He asks her if she is still upset with him & she tells him that she does not care enough about him to be upset. She tells him to say what he wants. He tells her that he is through for the day & was wondering if she is free. She tells him she is about to go into a meeting. He asks her at that late hour? She clicks off. By then, the attendant/receptionist has come back & tells her to go for her treatment. She snaps at the woman that she does not know where to go to. Se tells her to enter inside there with a lot of attitude. They eye each other before Angela continues. 
Kwame asks Telema what happened. She was driving through a back street to get call credit, the car overheated, & when she stopped, boys came out of nowhere & pushed them out of the car & drove away. He asks her how they drove the car that was overheating away? She tells him they pushed the car. He tells her that he ought to have provided her with a driver. She reminds him that she can drive. Besides, Bimpe was in the car with her when it happened. Kwame scoffed at that & tells her Bimpe that could not even wait with her till he came to pick her. Telema tells him that Bimpe had work to do. He asks her if she was drinking before she went on that drive? She was taken aback & he tells her that she must have been either drunk or playing games to be driving in those parts of town. He tells her that anything could have happened to her there. What was she even doing there? She asks him how she is supposed to know that his car will overheat. 
Fred drives into Laide’s father’s house & suddenly becomes very nostalgic after parking. He asks Phillip who is flexing his neck if he ddi not sleep well in the hotel. Phillip yells him that after sleeping in the car & on the bare floor of the hotel, it will take more than one night in a hotel to be okay.  He tells Phillip of the times he sneaks away with Laide on her monthly trips to see her people. Phillip asks him how they could keep their affair away from everyone & Fred tells him that he used to be more discreet in those days. He tells Phillip how they used to steal moments together on their trips to locations, etc. He had never met anyone who could discuss movies as much as Laide. The way he was talking, Phillip asks him Dad, are you still in love with Laide? Before Fred could answer, Laide came out to meet them!  

Laide shows Fred & Phillip not the house & asks them to make themselves comfortable. Phillip asks to use the rest room  as the one in the hotels was not the best. Laide shows him he way & sits down with Fred on different seats. He tells her hat he has come to discuss the baby, he is ready to take up his responsibility. He suggested that the baby will school in Lagos & only go to see his mum during long holidays. She wonders what he is talking about. 
Kwame comes to meet Telema at the dining table. He asks her if she was drinking the previous day? She asks him if that is what this is all about now? She accepts that she had a glass of wine with lunch & that can hardly intoxicate her. She wonders what difference it makes if she drinks when he drinks occasionally too. He tells her that the difference is that he can control his own drink unlike her. She then asks him that now he wants to control what goes into her body too? She asks him what he wants her to be to him, a child or a wife? He gets tired of trying to eat& gets up to go to work. He tells her he is off, & if she needs anything, to call him. She tells him well, she Ma as well get it herself. 
Bimpe is in Mirage Spa & the receptionist is checking for her booking when Tare walks in. She asks Bimpe if she is aging truant & Bimpe tells her that Odyssey ought to pay her double for the way they have been using her like they did the previous day. Tare asks what she means & she tells her that if she knew what happened to her, Tare will give her a free makeover session. She says that she was robbed. Tare was surprised & asks if she is okay & how it happened. Bimpe tells her that she was with Telema when it happened. Ene asks Telema? What what happened & Bimpe tells her that it is Telema that was robbed. Tare took off & Bimpe asks where she was going & Tare tells her to find out what happened to her sister. Bimpe wonders what happens to her free session!
Phillip finds a drug in he bathroom when he finishes & was looking at his face in the mirror…
Tate calls Telema & asks her how she is. Telema tells her she is alright. Tate tells her ha she hopes she is not lying just to make her cool down. She tells Tare that she is okay Tare hen wonders why she told her people that she should not be disturbed. She asks what Tare means & Tare tells her that she was turned back when she came to her house. She drops he phone & screamsJohn’s name. John came & confirms that Tare came around but Kwame told them that nobody should disturb her. 

Laide serves Fred a meal which he says smells nice. They sit down to the food & he brings up the subject of the future of the baby again. Laide asks him what he means by tha he wants to play a part in his baby’s life? She tells him that after she was urned back from his house, she thought about it seriously & decided that it is her baby & that baby will have nothing to do with the Ade-Williams. Who even told hi. That it is a boy? He tells her that the baby’s gender is not important. 
Tare’s phone rings & she picks it & thinks it is Telema, but it is Angela. She asks Tare to come quickly. Tare wonders why she thinks she will leave everything she is doing & run along? She tells Angela that friendship is not a switch she can turn on and off at will. She says that she is not going except if it is a matter of life & death. Angela tells her to come that it is a matter of life & death. 
Kwame dictates a letter to Bimpe. As they were finishing, Telema walks in. Bimpe sits tight & mumbles drama under her breath. Telema ask her to leave them but she does not want that. Kwame asks her to leave. Telem then asks him why he told the domestic servant not to let anyone see her including her sister!he apologizes & says that he did not know Tare will choose that day to visit. She asks him why he is controlling every aspect of her life? He asks her what he is being accused of now? Hat everything he has done since the got married was to make her happy. She tells him that she will not get involved in his mind games as she knows that he will win. She is only asking him to stop!
Tare gets to Angela’s house & Angela comes to open the door with her face covered in a scarf. Tare asks her what he problem is but she kept on shouting that she is dying. Tare tells her to snap out of it & tell her what he problem is. She refuses until Tare advances to yank it off herself before she agrees to remove it calling Tare a terrorist. Her face is covered with welts & marks. 

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Fred does not believe hat he heard Laide right but she tells him that she has decided not to share her baby with the Ade-Williams.