Ziggy looks up in his office & sees members of Shally’s Angels protesting Dan’s arrest & their tango with the police. 
Phillip & Fred are still driving to Lokoja. They stop & fetch a shirt for Phillip from Fred’s bag before trip continues. 
Members of Shally’s Angels are in detention with the two mothers bickering over which child is the worse influence on the other. Det. Sankey comes in & threatens to slam all of them into detention including the bickering mothers. The Angels however keep up their chant to free Dan. 
Hope manages to assuage Toochi’s discomfort to the delight of Amaka & Ma Reginald. 
Shalewa & co are still chanting at the police station. Sankey however tells Segun to get them out of the station. Segun however hesitates & she asks him why he is dithering. He tells her that they have chained themselves together. Sho’s mum loudly complain about where the decision came from. 
Phillip is dressed in his new shirt & waiting for Fred to come back into the car for them to continue their trip. Fred’s phone rings & Phillip picks & it’s Amaka. She was looking to talk to Phillip about World Movies & Phillip tells her he has other things on his mind. She tries to push it & he tells her that al that effort by World Movies has strengthened his resolve to make the movie because World Movies would have gone to court if they had secured any rights over The Flood Plains. He tells her he is in no mood for all that talk now & that he will tell Fred she called to say hi & dropped the phone. Fred comes into the car & asks if it was Sheila. Phillip replies that it is Amaka calling to say hi. 
A sharply-dressed Angela walks into a restaurant & is met by the waitress. She tells her that she is come to meet someone but it looks like he is not there yet. She asks if there is a reservation for Emile Haruna. The waiter brightens up immediately & takes her to a table set complete with candles. Angela asks & was told that Emile requested for the candles. She asks them to leave it & asks for the wine menu. 
Members of Shally’s Angels are still chained together on the waist. They resume their chant as their mothers look on in disgust. The mothers ask whoever has the keys to produce them. Nneka then tells Sho to give them the key as she is tired & hungry. Sheo & Shalewa tell her to remain strong to their cause & keep up their chant. Sho’s mum then suggest they get a blacksmith to cut through the chain. She will pick up the cost. Sankey sends Segun to go look for a blacksmith. 
It’s getting late & Phillip & Fred are nowhere nearer Lokoja. Fred tells Philiip that they may not be able to make it to Lokoja same day. Phillip remark that he would not have missed the right turn if Fred was not distracting him & the traffic in the previous town did not help matters. Fred ask him about The Flood Plains & Phillip reminds him that when he wanted to talk about it, he said he is not interested. Fred reminds him that he had other things on his mind then & he also thought that Phillip has always wanted to be his own man & make his movies. He reminds Phillip that the can now see why he immersed himself in work when Phillip’s mum died, nut Phillip saw it as he does not care. He however thanked Phillip for saving him from himself by agreeing to take him to Lokoja. 
Angela is still all alone in the restaurant & has just finished a bottle of wine yet Emile was nowhere to be found. The waitress comes to suggest that she call Emile on his phone. Angela reminds her that she did not ask for her opinion. She however asks for her bill. Her phone rings & it’s Tare. She starts telling Tare about her dismal date but Tare cuts her off & tells her it is about Phillip. Tare refers Angela to that evening’s newspaper. Apparently the paper published an interview Phillip gave while he is on the run? Angela calls for a copy of the newspaper for herself. 
Ene is struggling to open her door from inside. Suddenly, there is noise from the other side & when the door opens, it was Shalewa. Ene attacks her for locking her in before TTK enters. Ene greets her but complains about Shalewa locking her in. TTK tells Ene that Shalewa insisted they stop by & let her out. She wonders what Salewa has got with keys & chains lately. Ene could not believe that Shalewa actually pulled off the protest  TTK’s phone rings & it was Dan’s lawyer. After speaking with him, TTK tells Shalewa that it is time for two of them to know who knows her father better. Dan has heard of the protest & has decided to see Shalewa. 
Angela has finished her drink & stood up to leave the restaurant when Emile walks in & apologizes for being very late. A vehicle fell & blocked the road & his phone battery was flat. He begs her to stay but she is ready to leave. Emile apologizes again for standing Angela up but begs her to at least have a drink with him. She sits down & ask him for the information on his mum he wanted to discuss. He would not have any of it. He wants them to order for drinks first. Angela indicate her now empty bottle of wine & ask them to give him a wine menu. 
Bimpe is rummaging through her massive handbag when her phone rings. She picks the call & it was Brenda on the other line. Brenda chews her for her bad phone manner as she struggles to get the right greeting out. After saying everything from good morning to good night, she asks Brenda what time it is in Ghana! Brenda brushes her off & asks after Kwame. She wants to know why Kwame has not been talking to her lately. Bimpe tells her that she is practically running the office as Kwame is easily distracted. Brenda asks her for the source of the distraction but Bimpe said nothing. Brenda then hopes that it is not Telema as she has heard rumours of his marring her. Bimpe says nothing. 
Emile has just finished telling Angela everything about his mum & says he is famished. Angela tells him to suit himself & stands up, to leave as she has already spent all of her own time waiting. 

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Phillip wakes up with Fred still sleeping beside him. He looks around mischievously & seemingly turns the car around to Lagos while his father slept. 
Amaka visits Sheila & is happy she has finally got a reliable nanny. Sheila is happy for her but will soon go upstairs & pack without waiting for the outcome of Fred’s trip to Lokoja.