Fred is still at the prison with Dan. He asks Dan if he is sure Laide went to Lokoja & Dan says that is what Laide said. Fred confirms that he has been to Laide’s family house in Lokoja in the past but worries that it is unlike Laide to take her problem home. She would normally bear her problems herself.
Amaka helps Mama Reginald cut oranges or something & tells her to relax for once. Mama Reginald asks her if she misses Reginald? Amaka says yes & that she thinks she misses what it is like to marry Reginald more than Reginald. Mama Reginald agrees with her that sometimes we become so involved in things that we no longer appreciate the nice things we share. She apologizes to Amaka for the way Reginald treated her.
Kwame comes home & meets Telema at home & asks for his shirt. She asks him what shirt & tells him that they need to talk. She asks him whether he sent texts to people pretending to be Varere the night Varere was murdered? He asks her who she has been talking to? Oh, she must have been talking to that detective? She asks him to answer her question, whether he sent a text to Dan & Tare as Varere asking them for a meeting after he has been roughened up by him & Soji? He tells her that he did not send any texts with his number & she tells him that he could not have been stupid enough to send them from a number that will be traced to him.
Angela & her colleagues come in for an emergency meeting & were wondering what the meeting is for when Mrs. Haruna comes in & shows them the evening newspaper. Phillip has just announced the timelines for the production of The Flood Plains. Angela sees the paper first & wonders what is wrong with Phillip. Mrs. Haruna asks her what she knows about it & tells the others to leave the meeting while she talks to Angela in private. Angela tells her that she ran into Phillip & how Phillip believes that Chris asked him to make the film by passing the Flood Plains manuscript to him. She tells Mrs. Haruna that she thought nothing if it as Phillip has nothing written other than a dying man’s suicide nite. Mrs. Haruna tells her to fix it, or forget about any promotion.
Mummy, mummy, we must hurry up!!!!
Kwame eventually accepts that he sent the texts but refuses to accept any blames for Dan’s decisions. Telema flares up & asks him what kind of man he is? She tells him that he is a stranger to telling the truth, he is selfish, self-centered & self-ritheous. She goes on an on and on.  She asks? She tells him that she knew the kind of man he was before she married him but was hoping that she will discover a good part of him. 
Mrs. Haruna calls Amaka & tells Amaka about the press conference held by Phillip to announce work on The Flood Plains.  Amaka confirms that she has not seen it, but promises to deal with it. Mrs. Haruna tells her to get on it so that their first meeting in person will not be in court. Mama Reginald walks in with Amaka looking all worried.
Fred is eating with Sheila. He tells Sheila that he plans to go to look for Laide in Lokoja. Sheila will have none of it. He explains that it is not to look for Laide but for the child as he is not ready to have another Brenda on his hands. To make the whole thing transparent & show it is not about Laide, he wants Sheila to come with him. Sheila refuses & tells him that the best thing is to leave Laide out of their life. Fred insists he will go if she won’t come & she tells him that if leaves for the trip, it will be over between them & walks away from the table.
Telema tells Kwame that her rape must have been the best thing that happened to him. He played on Dan & Tare’s love for her to coax them into doing what he could not do. He asks her whether he is now the coward? He reminds her that since she came into the house, he has always tried to make her happy. Even the unfortunate rape incident was due to his trying to make her happy. He tells her to go & get ready so that they go out & cool off at a dinner. She tells him to forget it & asks him if that is his way of sweeping the matter under the carpet. Who on earth are you, Kwame Mensah? He decides to go out for a walk & as he was leaving, she tells him that she has always known that their marriage was a farce but was hoping to be proved wrong. It is over& she wants a divorce. He stops in his tracks.
Mama Reginald asks Amaka what the problem is & she tells her that it is Phillip who has created another problem. Now she has to go and deal with it. Mama Reginald tells her to take things easy & her office people should also realize that she has a baby to care for & stop worrying her. While Amaka was getting worked up, Toochi starts to cry. Amaka makes to go & get him but Mama Teginald tells her to leave him that babies feel the mother’s anger. 
Kwame comes back to Telema & tells her that they are now married & he intends to keep it that way. He tells her that people get married for all kinds of reasons & make an effort to make the marriage work. She tells him that apart from lying to her, she should not have married him in the first place even for Soji’s sake. She should have looked for another way to solve her problem then as she has always suspected that he cannot be trusted. He reminds her that they made a vow that is bound by law which he is not ready to annul & tells her to get used to the marriage & picks his bag & went for a walk.
Mummy, mummy, we must hurry up…
Sheila goes to visit Phillip who asks her whether the harassment has started. She does not know what he is talking about. When he confirms that she was not sent by Amaka, he told her that he was expecting Amaka to come shouting about his press conference. Sheila tells him that she is not bothered by that. She came to talk to him about his father. 
Mama Reginald comes downstairs & sees Amaka adding the newspaper about Phillip’s press conference. She asks Amaka why she was still at home? The way Amaka was screaming, she was expecting her to have gone to Phillip’s house to show him pepper! She galls Mama that she decided to take her advice & defer going to confront Phillip till her anger goes down.
Kwame comes back to meet John the table. He asks where Telema is as her car is not in the driveway. John confirms that Telema has gone out & with a packed suitcase. She said she will come back for the rest. She did not say where she was going to. Kwame tries to call her but her phone was switched off. He tells John not to worry, that Telema will come back soon.
Phillip is not interested in talking about his father’s impending trip to Lokoja. Sheila try’s to goad him on, but he refuses. She tells him that if he does not stop his father from going after Laide, she will leave & if Laide gets into the house, only God knows how long it will take her to scheme  & corner all Fred’s properties for her child. Phillip is still not bothered. He wants to for once be known as Phillip Ade-Williams & not Fred Ade-Williams’ son. He tells Sheila to go home & talk to her husband. Sheila flared up & called him a coward & a spoilt brat. The only time his stubbornness is needed for common good, he is shying away from responsibility. He tells her to leave. She picks her bag up & walks close to him & delivers it: okay, I will leave but if I leave this marriage, I will make sure that I do not go down alone. I will tell Fred that while he suffered, his wife & son shared the same bed!

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Phillip is visiting his father & telling him that he cannot go to look for Laide!