Phillip calls Sheila a serial bride & wonders why she married his dad if she knew she was not interested. She asked who told him& thinksit is the lawyer & he asks her whether it is a lie. She accuses him of double standards for supporting his sister to leave her husband in spite of her vows when the going got tough.he continued to attack her & she asks him to leave her house. He wonders how it has suddenly become her house when she wants to bail out. She gives him a heavy shove & rants about her being the only one that is expected to bear it when things are going wrong.
Eddy, Amaka’s lawyer is sitting with her in her sitting room & she tells him of her latest problem. He wonders how a journalist could tell  her that & tells her that she could sue. She tells him that is what she wants to do. He advises her against that but to try another option like going for an interview to clear her name.
The waiter that was ordered for Telema (what’s his name again) is leafing thru a magazine when Edet walks in & snatches it off him. They bicker over the magazine before they settle to watch someone on a bike. Dan breaks it up & sends them to attend to customers before grabbing the magazine himself & frowns as he flips through.
Phillip & Tare looks on gloomily in Tare’s office & both accuse the other of looking gloomy. Tare eventually opens up that she is worried about Telema’s wedding & would not attend as Telema has asked her not to come if she does not support the wedding. Phillip tells her that the last time he tried to stop a wedding by going away, it still went ahead & everyone was happy. He advises her not to meddle.
Eddy insists that litigation is not Amaka’s best option & advises her on how to control the TV interview & use it to her advantage. She eventually agrees to consider litigation last but refuses to do the interview.
Dan call TTK & raves about Shalewa being photographed on a power bike with Toks. TTK sees nothing in it & tries to calm him down. When he starts insisting that Shalewa will stay permanently with him to ensure he does not get into trouble, TTK tells him not to think of it.
Amaka meets Sheila on her way out. She comes in & tells Amaka that she went to see a divorce lawyer. Amaka wonders what happened to their discussion. Amaka tells Sheila of her own problems & that she is going to see Harriet’s new boss about the Mrs. Etuk video.
Dan is telling Shalewa why she should not take a ride on a power bike due to the dangers. She wonders why he is worried as she had done that over and again with her helmet strapped on. He tells her no more & places a call to Toks about the ride.
Fred welcomes Sheila home & asks her who Baba Goram is. He woke up & remembered the name. He makes to sit down withSheila on the same seat but Sheila shrinks away from him & he goes back to his usual seat. Sheila tells him that his doctor advised that he be assisted to recover his memory & not be reminded. He tells her what he remembers & eventually makes his way around her seat, but when he touched her, she shrinks away from him.
Amaka makes it to Ziggy’s to meet Martin who doubles as Harriet’s boss & fiancé. While they were exchanging bangers, he tells her he has another meeting @ Ziggy’s & next Harriet walks in. He introduces Harriet & Amaka & asks Harriet to give him a minute to finish with Amaka. Amaka tells him that one of his anchors is about to air Mrs. Etuk’s movie except she agrees to an interview. Harriet interrupts the meeting & two of them makes their case at the same time leaving Martins confused who to believe.

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